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Sonic Boom
Let's Play Musical Friends (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic Boom episode, "Let's Play Musical Friends".

[Scene: Dr. Eggman's Lair, daytime.]

[Dr. Eggman is looking at a monitor and laughing. He types something on the keyboard, and continues laughing.]
Dr. Eggman: Oh, that is so true!
[Orbot is attempting to fix a Motobug, but is shocked when he touches the screwdriver to the mechanical bug's carapace. Orbot is sent flying backwards and comes to a halt near Dr. Eggman.]
Dr. Eggman: Everything okay?
Orbot: Nothing a little solder and a kind word couldn't fix!
Dr. Eggman: Not you, you idiot!
Orbot: I feel better already...
Dr. Eggman: Quit clanking your bolts! I'm chatting with my new buddy! Who, unlike you, is very intelligent.
[Cubot hovers up next to Dr. Eggman.]
Cubot: Hey, you told me you forgot the wi-fi password! Were you also lying when you said cartoons would rot our...head... think... boxes?!
Dr. Eggman: Nominatus, meet my hopelessly incompetent robots! Wave at him.
[Orbot and Cubot wave at Nominatus, who is displayed on the computer screen as a video feed amongst other windows.]
Nominatus: Pathetic!
[Dr. Eggman and Nominatus laugh evilly to each other.]
Dr. Eggman: LOL!
[Dr. Eggman and Nominatus continue to laugh as Orbot and Cubot skulk off, dejectedly.]

[Scene Change: Dr. Eggman's Lair, later.]

[Orbot is packing a suitcase with various items, including a baseball cap, a toothbrush, a photo of himself, Dr. Eggman, and Cubot on a roller coaster, and a baguette.]
Orbot: I'm sick of being unappreciated. It's time to venture out on our own!
Cubot: Yeah! Can we venture out on our own together?
Orbot: Of course! We'll make new friends!
[Orbot picks up his suitcase and hovers over to a Motobug, a Bee Bot, and a Crab Bot, all of whom are standing nearby.]
Orbot: Motobug, stay strong. Titanium Bee Bot, keep buzzing the good buzz. And Robot Crab, see a doctor before that thing spreads. A real doctor, not Dr. Eggman.
[Over in Dr. Eggman's computer room, the Doctor and Nominatus are still chatting.]
Dr. Eggman: ...So I said, "reprogram you? I hardly know you!"
Nominatus: That story gets funnier every time you tell it!
Dr. Eggman: I know, right? Ooh, ooh, before I forget, I want to show you the schematics for the new lair defense system. Prepare to be impressed!
[Orbot and Cubot hover in, holding suitcases.]
Cubot: Goodbye, boss! We're leaving!
Orbot: Don't try to talk us out of it!
Dr. Eggman: Huh? No, no, I'm fine. No lunch for me. So, uh, where were we? It's all controlled from the central hub.
[Cubot steals Dr. Eggman's coffee mug from his desk.]
Dr. Eggman: I painted the access panel purple. You think it's too much?

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, daytime.]

[Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks are sitting at a table. Sonic, Knuckles and Sticks are eating burgers and Amy eating is eating a chili dog. Orbot and Cubot come up to them.]
Cubot: Hey, dudes!
Sonic: What are you two doing here?
Orbot: We're hoping for service, despite the fact that we have neither shoes nor shirt.
Sonic: What's Eggman up to?
Cubot: Aw, we're done with Eggman! I swear!
Orbot: We'll prove it! By revealing something Eggman wouldn't want you to know!
Cubot: Yeah, uh, let's see... He sleeps with an evil night light, he sings in the shower, there's a hole in the lair's defenses below the-
Sonic: Stop.
Cubot: He's bald!
Sonic: They're telling the truth. I knew about that hole in the lair's defenses.
Knuckles: And I knew he was bald.
Amy: Alright, you guys can stay.
Cubot: Yes!
Orbot: So, who's up for charades?
[Orbot holds up three fingers and makes a chopping motion on his arm.]
Sonic: Oh, that reminds me, I gotta chop my arm off!
[Sonic runs off.]
Amy: Sonic, you forgot your axe!
[Amy picks up a pepper dispenser and runs after Sonic.]
Sticks: I have to go build traps for when you ultimately betray us all.
[Sticks runs off.]
Knuckles: Sorry, guys, I've gotta go think of an excuse not to hang out with you.
[Knuckles runs off, leaving Orbot and Cubot to stare at Tails.]
Tails: Uh-oh.

[Scene Change: Tails' House, daytime.]

[Tails is sitting on the couch as Orbot and Cubot stare at him awkwardly. Tails looks at them, and down at his wrist, which has nothing on it.]
Tails: Oh, look at the time! I gotta go do something... Somewhere else.
Orbot: What should we do in your absence?
Cubot: Yeah, and what're we gonna do when you're gone?
[Tails walks over, holding a laptop computer. He places it on the coffee table and turns it on.]
Tails: Try this video game! You run, roll, and collect rings as fast as you can!
Cubot: Aw, that sounds terrible!
[Tails shrugs and walks off. Once Tails has left the house, Orbot and Cubot both grab the computer and begin to fight over it.]
Cubot: Rock-Donut-Thursday?
[Orbot and Cubot put down the computer.]
Orbot and Cubot: Rock, donut, Thursday, shoot!
[The two robots both extend their hands. Cubot is making an "O"-shape with his thumb and forefinger, while Orbot has clenched his hand into a fist.]
Orbot: I win! Rock smashes donut!
Cubot: No, no! Donut makes rock delicious!
[Orbot and Cubot glare at each other and continue fighting over the computer. Suddenly, the laptop makes a sound, causing them to place it on the floor.]
Computer: Virus detected. Virus detected.
[Orbot types something into the computer, and the screen cuts to a feed of Dr. Eggman's Lair. Dr. Eggman is nowhere to be found, but Nominatus is still on the screen. Nominatus glances around, pulls up the defense schematics for the lair, and hacks into the system while cackling evilly. Nominatus then takes control of Burnbot, a Moto Bug, a Bee Bot, and a Crab Bot, causing their eyes to turn red. Nominatus continues to chortle, but then hears Dr. Eggman returning, and relinquishes control of the robots. Dr. Eggman walks into the room, stretches, and yawns.]
Dr. Eggman: You were right! I did need an evil nap!
[Nominatus looks at the Doctor, then emits a speech bubble with a smiley face emoticon in it.]
Orbot: Oh! We've got to go warn Dr. Eggman!
[The two robots run off. Cubot returns, picks up Eggman's coffee mug from the table, and leaves again.]

[Scene Change: Dr. Eggman's Lair, daytime.]

[Orbot and Cubot come rushing into the computer room.]
Orbot: Dr. Eggman! Your friend is evil!
Dr. Eggman: Yeah? So am I. Goes with the territory of being an evil genius.
[Dr. Eggman and Nominatus cackle to each other.]
Orbot: He's plotting against you!
Cubot: And he stole your coffee mug! ...Which I then found, and am not lying about right now!
[A laser hits the coffee mug, shattering it.]
Dr. Eggman: Who fired my laser?
[A wall-mounted laser begins firing at Orbot and Cubot.]
Nominatus: Your underlings are correct! You should never have trusted me! Now I've taken complete control of your lair!
Dr. Eggman: But I love my lair! It's where I do all my lair things!
Nominatus: Your world is so illogical, so messy! I'm eliminating all life forms! And I'm using your tech to do it!
[A Moto Bug, a Bee Bot, and a Crab Bot, all under Nominatus' control, run into the room.]
Orbot: Robot Crab, I told you to see a doctor! Now you've got pink eye, too!
[The lair's alarm goes off as Dr. Eggman frantically attempts to regain control. Nominatus laughs evilly, and a skull-and-crossbones symbol appears on the screen. The robots draw closer to Orbot and Cubot, and Orbot grabs Cubot and runs away.]
Dr. Eggman: Wait, come back! I'm in a vulnerable emotional state!
[Nominatus cackles gleefully as Dr. Eggman looks around, panicking.]

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, outside.]

[Team Sonic is sitting at a table, drinking milkshakes.]
Cubot: An evil virus is taking control of Eggman's lair, and he's about to destroy the entire world!
Sticks: And why should we believe you?
[Cubot points up at Dr. Eggman, who is attempting to escape from a horde of Bee Bots in his Eggmobile.]
Sticks: That'll work.
[Team Sonic jumps into action as Eggman lands the Eggmobile. The Doctor emerges from the hovercraft and attempts to hide behind Sonic. The swarm of Bee Bots draws closer, and Sonic attempts to hit them with a Homing Attack. Team Sonic begins fighting off the Bee Bots, who have begun a full-on assault.]
Sonic: How many of these things are there?
Dr. Eggman: Too many! We need to go directly after the virus.
Amy: You mean like a cyber attack?
Tails: I can do that from my computer! Hold them off as long as you can!
[Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks continue to fight the Bee Bots as Tails, Dr. Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot run into Tails' Workshop.]
Cubot: Yeah, and no slacking! I'll be back to check on you when the battle's over!
[Inside the workshop, Tails opens the computer. A loud pinging sound is heard.]
Tails: Ooh! I've got mail!
Dr. Eggman: And you're the smart one.
Tails: It's no good! I can't neutralize the virus from outside your firewall!
Dr. Eggman: We need to get inside the computer. But there's no way to do that!
Tails: There is, if you have an artificial brain!
[Orbot and Cubot jump back in surprise.]
Dr. Eggman: They're artificial, but they don't have a brain between them.

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, later.]

[Outside, Team Sonic is fending off the Bee Bots. Back in the workshop, Orbot and Cubot are hooked up to Tails' computer.]
Cubot: Is this massage Swedish or deep-circuit?
[An electric shock goes through Cubot, causing him to twitch.]
Cubot: Ooh, shiatsu!
[Cubot passes out as Tails transfers the two robots' brains into the digital world. Tails' computer screen displays several wireframes and other digital imagery, and pixellated versions of Orbot and Cubot fall down from the sky into a pixellated landscape.]
Orbot: Cubot, might I say, you look dashing in sixteen-bit!
Cubot: Actually, it's seventeen-bit!
[A large robotic fish resembling a Chopper comes up to Cubot and gnashes its teeth. Orbot and Cubot run away from the robot, which chases after them, continuing to gnash its teeth. Outside, Team Sonic is attempting to fight the Bee Bots. Knuckles punches one of the robotic insects, smashing it to pieces.]
Knuckles: Next time, you should "bee" more careful!
Amy: That wasn't funny the first sixty-seven times you said it.
[A Crab Bot saunters over to Amy, and she crushes it with her hammer.]
Knuckles: Next time, he should "crab" more careful!
Amy: Okay, now you're just trying to annoy me.
[Back in the digital world, Orbot and Cubot are running through the digital landscape and come across a digital version of Tails' Plane.]
Orbot: You thinking what I'm thinking?
Cubot: Yeah, what if the Princess is in another castle?
Orbot: Get in the plane!
[Orbot pulls Cubot into the digital plane, and it takes off. Back in the real world, Tails' Plane also takes off. Orbot and Cubot make the digital plane do a barrel roll, which causes the plane to do the same in the real world. The plane flies back down towards Tails' Workshop, nearly avoiding running into Knuckles and Amy. Orbot and Cubot do another barrel roll, causing the real plane to knock Sticks out of a tree. In the digital world, Orbot and Cubot crash the plane into a tree, causing it to explode in a cloud of smoke. The two fall out of the plane, collect themselves, and continue down the path. They enter a digital arcade, which has a bright red button in the center of the room.]
Cubot: Button!
[Orbot presses the button, causing Burnbot to activate its jet boosters and fly off into the sky. Large brick walls appear around Orbot and Cubot and begin closing in. The duo tries to push the walls away, but to no avail. Back in the real world, Orbot and Cubot's bodies start to twitch as Burnbot lands in front of Team Sonic. Cubot hops up and down on the button, causing Burnbot to fire lasers from its eyes. As the walls are about to close in on Orbot and Cubot, the two dejectedly attempt to push the walls one final time.]
Orbot: Any last words, friend?
Cubot: Yes! Up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-B-A-start!
[A beeping sound is heard, and the floor beneath Orbot and Cubot disappears, dropping the two into the area where Nominatus is stationed. Nominatus laughs maniacally as a burst of flame appears behind him, and gets into a fighting pose.]
Cubot: I ain't fightin' him!
Orbot: Neither am I!
[Nominatus laughs once again and beckons for the robots to face him.]
Cubot: Rock-Donut-Thursday?
Orbot and Cubot: Rock, donut, Thursday, shoot!
[Cubot makes another "O" shape with his fingers, while Orbot displays an open palm.]
Cubot: I win! Donuts are half-price on Thursday!
[Nominatus drops his fighting stance and looks on in confusion, a speech bubble with an upside-down question mark and exclamation mark appearing beside his head.]
Orbot: No, the donut store's closed on Thursday!
[Nominatus continues his confusion, with another speech bubble with hand performing the "Thursday" sign popping up next to him, followed by a hand doing the "donut" sign.]
Nominatus: This game... It makes no sense!
[Back in the real world, a swarm of Bee Bots attempts to surround Sonic, but the hedgehog dashes out of the way. The swarm begins to circle around Sonic, trapping him.]
Orbot and Cubot: Rock, donut, Thursday, shoot!
[Orbot and Cubot extend their hands again, with Orbot performing the "rock" sign while Cubot performs the "Thursday" sign.]
Orbot: Rock smashes Thursday!
Nominatus: You can't use Thursday! It's not an object!
Cubot: Ooh, nice move! But you forgot about Leap Year!
Nominatus: Logical reasoning impossible... Game incredibly stupid... Too stupid... Fatal error...
[Numerous speech bubbles appear as Nominatus' head explodes. All the robots attacking Tails' Workshop deactivate and fall to the ground. Dr. Eggman and Tails cry out in joy and hug each other, but realize what they are doing, stop, and walk away awkwardly whistling. Orbot regains consciousness and gets up.]
Orbot: Once again, I've led us to victory!
Cubot: Hey! There's no "I" in "multiplayer"!
[Tails, the Doctor, and the two robots emerge from the workshop, coming face-to-face with Team Sonic. Eggman crosses his arms.]
Dr. Eggman: So, I guess we should fight?
Sonic: Eh, I'm all fight-ed out.
Dr. Eggman: Me too. I'm going home to prepare a new diabolical plan while you give me a sponge bath!
[Eggman points at Orbot and Cubot, who huddle together and shudder in disgust.]
Dr. Eggman: As for you, I will destroy you! Mmm... Let's see...[Pulls out a black and red schedule book with his logo on it.] How about next week? Does next week work for you?
[Sonic is looking at a blue notepad that is shaped like his head.]
Sonic: Yeah, I'm open.
Dr. Eggman: Great! Destroy you then.
[Dr. Eggman boards the Eggmobile and takes off. Orbot and Cubot grab onto the bottom of the hovercraft, and the three of them fly off.]