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Sonic Boom
Let's Play Musical Friends

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"Let's Play Musical Friends" is the twenty-third episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 11 March 2015 in France and on 25 April 2015 in the United States.


When a living computer virus takes over all of Dr. Eggman's technology, Orbot and Cubot must enter the cyber world in order to defeat it.



Races and species:





At his lair, Dr. Eggman is enjoying himself on his computer, while Orbot is fixing a Motobug nearby. Orbot is electrocuted, and believes Eggman's following response was directed at him. Eggman insults Orbot and clarifies that he was speaking with his new online friend Nominatus, a computer virus. When introduced to Orbot and Cubot, Nominatus is unimpressed, and he and Eggman laugh in agreement as the two robots dejectedly leave the room. Fed up with their creator's callousness, Orbot and Cubot prepare to leave to find better friends. As the duo try to bid Eggman farewell, Eggman brushes them off, preferring to show off his lair defense system schematics to Nominatus instead.

Team Sonic is enjoying another meal at Meh Burger when Orbot and Cubot appear in hopes of befriending them. The group is suspicious, but the robots prove they have cut ties with Eggman. The group accepts them, but as Orbot offers a game of Charades, they change their minds. Sonic, Amy, Sticks, and Knuckles make up excuses to leave, leaving only Tails to deal with the robots. At his house, where the robots wait for him to do something, Tails provides Orbot and Cubot with his laptop with a video game on it to occupy themselves with so he can leave. The duo start fighting over the laptop, until Cubot suggests they play a game of "Rock-Donut-Thursday" to determine who goes first, but they cannot decide who won. As they continue fumbling, they accidentally activate the laptop's surveillance system which show Eggman's office and revealing Nominatus taking over Eggman's robots, but this is quickly hidden from Eggman as he returns from a nap. Orbot and Cubot thus return to Eggman to warn him.

Back at the lair, Orbot and Cubot attempt to warn Eggman of his friend's treachery, until a laser turret fires at them, much to Eggman's confusion. Soon Eggman is fired upon as well, and Nominatus announces his betrayal. He then reveals his motive for the takeover: to destroy all life forms on the planet for being "illogical and messy" using Eggman's robots, and confront the three, causing Orbot and Cubot to flee without Eggman. The two head back to Tails' house, where Team Sonic is enjoying milkshakes, and tell what has happened. Sticks is skeptical, but the team leap into action once they see Eggman being chased by a swarm of his own Bee Bots in his Eggmobile. Team Sonic destroys a handful of them, but they are too many, so Eggman say they must destroy the virus. Tails, Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot thus run inside the workshop while the others hold off the Bee Bots.

Inside Tails' Workshop, Tails uses his laptop to hack into Eggman's systems, but cannot pass its firewall. The only option left is to infiltrate the computer, which only Orbot and Cubot can do since they have artificial intelligence. The duo are hooked up to the laptop and have their minds loaded into it, landing in a 16-bit world. After some traveling, they come upon a virtual version of Tails' Plane and rides it; in doing so, they activate the real plane and cause it to fly haphazardly, endangering everyone outside. The two soon crash near a palace which they enter and finds button that Orbot presses. This not only deploys Burnbot to battle Team Sonic, but also traps the two in a room with the walls closing in on them. With no visible way of escape, Orbot asks for Cubot's final words. Miraculously, Cubot says a cheat code that saves them from being crushed, and allows them to finally confront Nominatus.

Nominus is eager for combat, but Orbot and Cubot are too cowardly to engage him. Once again, they play "Rock-Donut-Thursday" to determine which of them has to fight. Upon witnessing the spectacle, Nominatus is left baffled at the stupidity of the game; further observation confuses him so much that his head explodes from logical errors. With Nominatus' defeat, Eggman's robots are deactivated and everyone celebrates victory. Weary from battle, Sonic and Eggman decide to fight some other time. The two schedule a battle for next week, and Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot leave in the Eggmobile to make preparations.



  • When Tails kicks away a Bee Bot from the first Bee Bot swarm arriving on his property, his leg stretches out to further lengths than normal.
  • In the scene where Sticks and Amy fight the Bee Bots, just after Tails comes up with the plan to sent Orbot and Cubot into cyberspace, a number of animation errors appear for a split second:
    • When bringing her hammer down, Amy's arms pass through her head.
    • While jumping, Amy's legs pass through her dress.
    • When landing from her jump, Sticks' hair passes through her left arm twice.
  • Just after the robots shut down from Nominatus' destruction, one of the Bee Bot's mouths is colored cyan instead of grey.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 跟好朋友玩吧 Play with a Good Friend
Finnish Uusi ystävä New Friend
French Nominatus Nominatus
German Wie wärs mit Musical? How about musical?
Hungarian Nominatus Nominatus
Hebrew חבר ממחשב אחר A Friend from Another Computer
Italian Amici virtuali Virtual friends
Japanese サイバースペースでジャンケン Rock-Paper-Scissors in Cyber Space
Korean 위험한 친구 Dangerous Friend
Persian ویرو نفوذ ویروس رایانه ای Computer virus penetration virus
Polish A może w coś zagramy? Or maybe we'll play something?
Portuguese (Brazil) Batalha Cibernética Cyber Battle
Portuguese (Portugal) Vamos Jogar Todos Juntos Let's Play All Together
Romanian Să ne jucăm de-a scaunele muzicale Let's play Musical Chairs
Russian Слаженные действия Concerted action
Spanish (Latin America) Juguemos a Los Amigos Musicales Let's Play Musical Friends
Spanish (Spain) Juguemos a Las Sillas Musicales Let's Play Musical Chairs
Turkish Bilgisayar Oyunu Computer game
Ukrainian Поставимо мюзикл, друзі Put a musical, friends


  • In this episode, Cubot mentions two references to other video game subjects:
    • Cubot said the phrase "What if the princess is in another castle?" which is a reference to the famous phrase said by Toad in the original Super Mario Bros.
    • Cubot used the Konami Code when he and Orbot were trapped between crushing walls (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start).
  • This episode's title is a reference to the children's game musical chairs, where players move around and keep changing the chairs they are sitting on. In this case, Orbot and Cubot were moving around looking for new friends.
  • Orbot mentioning the 16-bit animation when they enter cyberspace is possibly a reference to the 16-bit graphics for the early games in the Sonic the Hedgehog series for the Sega Mega Drive.
  • The objectives in the video game that Tails describes for Orbot and Cubot are a nod to the early games in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
    • Contrary to popular belief, Cubot's negative response to the game is actually about the Sonic Boom TV series' staff poking fun at themselves[4] rather than a reference to the more mediocre games in the Sonic series.
  • The reason Orbot was taking a French bread with him when he packed his back was to make fun of the cliche that whenever someone brings home groceries, there is always a French bread sticking out the top to show that the bag is full.[5]
  • When Orbot and Cubot first enter the digital world, they encounter a fish robot. The robot looks extremely similar to the Chopper enemies which debuted in the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Mega Drive.
  • This episode aired in Finland as the thirteenth episode in the series.
  • Concept artwork for this episode appeared in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.


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