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OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes
Let's Meet Sonic/Transcript

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This is a transcript from the OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes episode, "Let's Meet Sonic".

[Scene: Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega, day.]

K.O.: Alright, Rad and Enid, are you ready for another action-packed day of protecting our hero plaza from evil robots?
Rad: Sorry, K.O., we stay up all night playing videos game. I'm so tired, I don't care what happens! I'm gonna sleep through all of it!
[Rad snores.]
Enid: Seconded.
[Enid snores.]
K.O.: Bu-but... working at Gar's means we must always be alert! You never know when a legendary hero might 3D blast through our doors!
[Genesis is chasing after Nanini, who has taken Genesis' Sonic comic book.]
Genesis: Give that back! Come on!
[Genesis and Nanini stop in front of the entrance to the bodega. Genesis whines while Nanini spanks her rear in front of Genesis. Suddenly, Sonic spins through the entrance, knocking Genesis and Nanini into the air. Sonic jumps into the air and uncurls, before landing on his feet. the frame freezes as the words "SONIC THE HEDGEHOG - FASTEST THING ALIVE" appears on the left side of Sonic. The frame then unfreezes as Tails files through the entrance and into the bodega, before landing next to Sonic. The frame freezes again as the words "MILES "TAILS" PROWER - GENIUS FOX SIDEKICK" appears above Tails. The shot cuts to K.O., who turns around like a statue with a stunned expression on his face. Upon seeing Sonic and Tails, K.O. gets an excited, starry-eyed expression.]
K.O.: [Drops his broom in shock] Uh... Uh... Uuuhhhh!

[Theme song plays.]

[Genesis falls on Tails, and Nanini falls on Sonic, who picks her up.]
Sonic: You be careful now kid. Can't have anyone getting hurt on my watch!
[Sonic shines blue sparkles while hearts emanate from Genesis and Nanini.]
Genesis and Nanini: It's really him!
[Genesis and Nanini squeal and run away.]
K.O.: [Gasp] Can it be? Are you the legendary Sonic the Hedgehog with a power level of Ring?
Sonic: The one and only... Yep.
[Sonic winks at K.O, who jumps up in excitement.]
K.O.: Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! [Pauses for a second] Oh, it's Tails! Wow! Wow wow wow! I can't believe I'm talking to the Sonic! I have a whole notebook of fanart I've made of you! This one shows when you destroyed the Death Egg, and this one is from when you fought the Ultimate Lifeform. This is when you won the Summer and Winter sports games!
Sonic: [A gold medal appears around his neck] Gold medal, baby! I really respect a kid with encyclopedic knowledge of my achievements. [Crosses his arms and looks annoyed] Not enough people like that in this world.
Tails: [Gets angry as a pair of crossed veins appear on his head and steam comes off his head] Um, hello?! What about me?!
Sonic: What's your name, kid?
K.O.: [Points to himself] I'm K.O.
Sonic: Well, K.O. How'd you like to be my new little buddy?
Tails: [Furiously] New little buddy?!
K.O.: [Grows a pair of angel wings on his back and floats in the air] Do you really mean it?!
Sonic: Yeah, sure.
K.O.: Wow-ee! [Laughs]
[Tails watches on in dismay.]
Tails: [Getting upset and muttering to himself] Nice to know I'm so easy to replace.
Sonic: But I have one condition. [K.O. stops floating] That you bring me one of Gar's famous chili dogs.
K.O.: [Starts sweating nervously] Ch-- Chilly... [Brings out Dogmun and shows him to Sonic] Dog?
Dogmun: Woof!
Sonic: Uh, not quite, kid.
Tails: [Suspiciously to Sonic] Are you sure this guy's little buddy material?
Sonic: Don't be weird, Tails.
[Sonic pushes him away. A life lost sound effect is played. Sonic brings out a flyer to K.O. Tails arrives on the scene again.]
Sonic: Look, this flyer here says that Gar's Bodega has the best chili dogs in the multiverse.
K.O.: Flyer? [K.O. peers closer at the flyer] Wait a minute. That's Darrell!
Darrell: [Protrudes from the flyer] That's right! We disguised ourselves as a two-dimensional image. And you fell for it! Bwa-ha-ha-haa! [Jumps over K.O., kidnaps Rad and Enid in a pink duvet which he uses as a bag and breaks through the door of the building along with Jethro.] Got 'em! So long, sucker!
K.O.: [Runs at the scene in shock] Rad! Enid!
[Tails and Sonic come in]
Sonic: So, you guys don't have chili dogs?
K.O.: Sonic! [Pulls his hand] You have to help me! [Lets go of his hand, falls on his head, gets up and runs after Darrell] They just took my friends!

[Scene Change: Lakewood Plaza Turbo, day]

K.O.: We're coming for you!
Sonic: [While walking] Okay, K.O., who exactly are we going after now?
K.O.: [Panting] These guys work for Lord Boxman. [Struggles to catch up and sweats] He's an... evil man... who makes... robots.
Sonic: Huh. Sounds like a certain egghead we know, huh, Tails?
Tails: [Laughs] Eggs-actly!
Sonic: Yeah, [Sings in a high pitch] He's the worst.
[They both laugh]
K.O: What did you say?!
[Tails sighs and stops over to carry an exhausted K.O. while Sonic carries on chasing after Darrell.]
Tails: Sonic, what should we do?
Sonic: How about a classic Homing Attack?
K.O: A what?
Sonic: It's easy. Check this out.
[Sonic Homing Attacks Darrell.]
Darrell: Ugh! Hey!
[Darrell configures the speed setting from sound to light and dashes his way into the Boxmore building with the shutters coming down.]
K.O.: Oh, no! They're getting away!
Sonic: No sweat, little buddy. We'll do a Light Speed Dash. [To Tails] Tails!
Tails: On it!
[Tails deploys some Rings that mark a trail towards the Boxmore building. Sonic grabs hold of Tails whom is holding K.O.]
Sonic: Got to Light Speed, Keed!
[Sonic Light Speed Dashes through the trail of Rings and makes it into the building just before the shutters close completely. Sonic and Tails watch on while K.O. falls flat on his face.]

[Scene Change: Boxmore]

Darrell: [Laughs] We caught them for you, Daddy!
Lord Boxman: Excellent! Promotions are in order. [Laughs briefly but stops and bangs his fist on the desk in horror as soon as he sees Sonic] WHAT?! SONIC?!
Sonic: The most famous hedgehog.
Lord Boxman: Well, then. Who is ins-- [Unravels the bag to find a sleeping Rad and Enid] WHAT?! [His face turns red] I SAID BLUE HEDGEHOG, YOU DUMBOTS! THESE ARE JUST THOSE PLAZA TEENS!
Darrell: Why do you want to capture Sonic the Hedgehog anyway? He doesn't even go here.
Lord Boxman: [Angrily while stamping] Because no one respects me as a villain! [Normal tone] But they'll have to once I control the fastest thing alive. [Rummages in his back pocket and displays a flyer of his plan to Darrell, then puts his feet up with hands behind his back.] Plus, some egghead I went to college with is always trying to do it. So anyway, if you ever want to see your little friends again, [To Sonic and Tails] the only way out of this room is through this loop-de-loop! [He flicks a switch. A loop-de-loop emerges down onto the floor. He cackles and moves off.]
Tails: He's not kidding. [Brings out his Miles Electric, which reads "1 EXIT"] We're stuck if we can't reach that exit.
Sonic: [Scoffs] No big deal. [Prepares a Super Peel Out] Lucky for you, I'm a pro at loop-de-loop--
[K.O. grabs Sonic's foot.]
K.O.: Wait! It's a trap. Boxman is trying to catch you, Sonic. And I can't let that happen to the fastest [Kisses Sonic's foot] -- mwah! -- bluest -- mwah! -- greatest -- mwah! -- hero of all time!
[Tails rolls his eyes]
K.O.: So please! Please! Let me go first!
[K.O. growls and runs up the loop-de-loop. However he falls on his face and slides back down.]
Sonic: Uh, why don't you try a Spin Dash? Like this!
[Sonic and Tails Spin Dash around K.O.]
Sonic: Easy.
K.O.: Hm...
[K.O. tries a Spin Dash with Sonic and Tails watching over him. He explodes. Sonic and Tails gasp in horror. K.O. re-appears singed from the explosion.]
K.O.: [Croaky voice] Would you mind explaining your technique?
Sonic: I don't know, you just... Do it! It's just one of those things that can't be explained. Like me. [Smiles with twinkles around his face. K.O. whimpers.] But hey! [Pats his head] You're my little buddy, remember?
[K.O. floats in excitement and laughs. Appearing with a rocket behind his back, he zooms through the loop-de-loop, breaking the ramp and colliding into a wall.]
K.O.: Sonic.
[Sonic is then seen relaxing on a deckchair slurping a drink.]
Sonic: Hm? Oh, yeah. Just holler when you figure it out!
[Tails watches over K.O. practicing a Spin Dash. He drops his ears and groans.]
Tails: [Sighs] This poor kid has no idea how to be a sidekick. [Walks over to K.O.] You know, something that helps me Spin Dash is to visualize a finish line.
K.O.: Finish line?
Tails: Yeah, like a reason to keep moving forward. It can be anything, really. For me...

[Scene Change: Emerald Hill Zone, flashback]

[Tails appears sat on the grass upset. Sonic pats his head. Tails stops crying and looks at him.]
Tails: was Sonic.
[Sonic runs onward. Tails tries to catch up with Sonic but sweats and gets exhausted.]
Tails: When I first met him, I wanted to catch up to him more than anything else in the world. [As Sonic leaves, Tails jumps and Spin Dashes, catching up to Sonic. He jumps again and flies on his two tails.] It seemed impossible, but I found that when I cleared my thoughts of everything except Sonic at the finish line, the rest came naturally.

[Scene Change: Boxmore.]

K.O.: My finish line... I'll try that.
[K.O. curls into a ball and tries a Spin Dash.]
K.O.: My finish line is... My friends! Hyah!
[K.O. takes off in a puff of smoke. Tails flies up and punches the air in excitement.]
Tails: You got it!
[K.O. rolls over the loop-de-loop, collecting all the Rings, and lands beside the "EXIT" sign at the top of the ramp.]
K.O.: [Waves at Tails] Thanks for the help, Tails!
[He runs and flips the sign. The "EXIT" sign is swapped for a picture of K.O. winking.]
Tails: He really is gonna make a great sidekick.
Sonic: [Gets up] Ooh... uh... what now?
[Meanwhile, in the next room, K.O. gasps as he notices a 200 ton trap hanging directly above a bag containing Rad and Enid.]
K.O.: My friends! Don't worry, guys. I'll save --
[Suddenly, he is grabbed by a claw from the Roboty-Makey-Machine and pulled in with a glass dome covering him.]
K.O.: Nooo!
Lord Boxman: [Excitedly] Ooh, I have got you now, Sonic -- [Finally notices K.O. inside the machine and groans. He then rapidly shakes his head] K.O.?!
[Sonic and Tails arrive on the scene]
Sonic: Looking for me, Boxbrain?!
Tails: [Points up to the Master Emerald] Sonic, look! Isn't that the Master Emerald on top of that machine?
Lord Boxman: Oh, this old thing, rodent? I convinced a little red fellow that I needed to borrow it for a museum exhibit. He sure was gullible.
Sonic: Uhh, you don't say.
Lord Boxman: It works wonders powering my latest evil contraption -- the Robot-y... make-y machine. You'll never guess what it does.
Tails: Does it make robots?
Lord Boxman: [Breaks down and flings his arms] Gah! you ruined my surprise!
[He bangs a button that powers up the machine.]
K.O.: Wait! Uh, let me out! Nooo!
[The machine flashes turquoise. Sonic and Tails cover their eyes. As soon as the flashing stops. They both open their eyes. Red glowing eyes appear from the smoke inside the machine. The smoke eventually clears to reveal a roboticized version of K.O. As Sonic and Tails stare in shock, the words "METAL K-0" appear next to the robot.]
Lord Boxman: Destroy them!
[Metal K-0 powers up in a purple flame and charges at the duo.]
Sonic: K.O. has been roboticized! [Does a Super Peel Out and tries to runs away from Metal K-0, leaving Tails behind.]
Tails: Sonic!
Sonic: Come on, little buddy. Cut it out, will you?
[Metal K-0 locates its crosshairs at Sonic. As they both chase each other down the road, Metal K-0 Spin Attacks the floor, taking a tile and Sonic with it. Sonic uses the tile as a skateboard to slide down a pipe.]
Sonic: Hey, you can't use my own moves against me.
[Metal K-0 fires pink bullets at Sonic. He jumps and dodges them, lands back on the tile and jumps free. He lands and runs on a turquoise pipe, eventually doing another Super Peel Out. Suddenly, Metal K-0 appears again and fires a laser, forcing Sonic to stall.]
Sonic: No!
[Sonic runs across a loop-de-loop onto an orange road. As soon as Metal K-0. emerges again, Sonic performs a Spin dash and takes off. Metal K-0 does the same and chases Sonic. The camera zooms out to show they are on two different roads that cross over each other. They both fall into warp tubes and continue their chase. Afterwards, Metal K-0 tries to grab Sonic. As soon as a trail of Rings appear, the frame slows down and Sonic Light Speed Dashes through each trail inside a hexagonal tunnel. Lord Boxman tries to find them with his binoculars.]
Lord Boxman: W-Where'd they go?! It's like they're traveling at light speed!
Sonic: Maybe I trained you just a little too well, K.O. You might know all my moves. [The screen shines to white. Sonic and K.O. both teleport out] but you'll never outsmart the real --
[He stops and realizes. Dramatic music plays as he is standing on the edge of springboard into a pool of water.] Oh. Water?
Metal K-0: Sonic cannot swim.
[He prepares his arm cannon.]
Sonic: Guess K.O. really does know everything about me, huh?
[Tails grabs Sonic away from the springboard.]
Metal K-0: Wuzzat?
Sonic: All right, Tails! Nice save!
Tails: Yeah, I guess it was "little buddy" worthy.
Sonic: [Interrupting and panicking as Metal K-0 approaches them] Tails! We've got incoming!
Tails: Don't worry, Sonic! Everything will be okay!
[Sonic is tossed towards the robot and kicks it. Metal K-0 electrocutes as it hits the water.]
Sonic: K.O.! [Jumps onto the edge of the springboard and offers a hand.] Take my hand!
Tails: Careful, Sonic! He'll drag you down with him!
[Sonic grunts as he stretches he tries to grab Metal K-0. However, the robot's hand knocks his hand back. Dramatic music plays again.]
Sonic: Huh?
Metal K-0: There is only one "little buddy".
Sonic: K.OOOO.!
[Metal K-0 drowns in the water. Sonic Spin Jumps into the water.]
Tails: [Screaming with hands on his head] Sonic, no!
[Sonic Spin Attacks Metal K-0, turning him back to normal. He holds one of his hands, holds his breath and tries a Super Peel Out to get out, but to no effect. He raises his other hand while still holding his breath. Luckily, Tails dives in to grab Sonic's other hand and drags both him and K.O. out of the water.]
Sonic: All right, Tails! You're the greatest sidekick a guy could ask for.
Tails: [Muttering] I thought K.O. was your sidekick now.
Sonic: Dude, what? K.O.'s my little buddy. You know, like Cream the Rabbit.
K.O.: [Gasps with his eyes gleaming] I love her!
Sonic: You're the only one I can call my best friend, Tails.
Tails: Ha. I-I knew that.
Lord Boxman: [Clenching his fists angrily] NO! NO! NO! [Normal tone] Whatever. I'll still crush your friends.
[The camera cuts to a view of him with the 200 ton trap. He presses a button on his remote control, but nothing happens.]
Lord Boxman: Huh?
[He jumps down and walks underneath the trap.]
Lord Boxman: Why isn't this thing working?
Tails: Because I'm overriding your remote with my own!
[He shows his Miles Electric - with the word "CRUSH" displayed - at Lord Boxman.]
Lord Boxman: What?
[Sonic grabs the bag with Rad and Enid, spinning Lord Boxman around and revealing his underwear. Tails presses the "CRUSH" button on the Miles Electric. The 200 ton trap lands on him and he is flattened.]
Lord Boxman: Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! CURSE THOSE HEROES! I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!
[The camera cuts to Sonic and K.O. celebrating with Tails. Rad and Enid both get up simultaneously and bang their heads with each other.]
Rad and Enid: Wha!

[Scene Change: Lakewood Plaza Turbo, day]

[The camera cuts to the Master Emerald attached to Sonic's Tornado.]
K.O.: Whoo! Oh, man, Tails, you just, like, hacked Boxman's machine like that remote!
Tails: It was nothing, really.
K.O.: Oh, don't be so modest. You're [The speech marks, "WAY PAST COOL!!" appear above Sonic and Tails' heads.] way past co-o-ool!
Sonic: [Yawns and gets annoyed] Yawn! All right, I think we're done here. Let's go, Tails.
Tails: Coming, Sonic! [To K.O.] It was fun hanging out, K.O. Sorry for getting jealous earlier.
K.O.: That's okay, Tails. Live and learn, right?
Tails: I'll see you around.
[Tails flies into the Tornado's cockpit.]
Sonic: Well, it's been real, little buddy. Stay cool. Oh, and stock some chili dogs for me next time, yeah? [He winks and gives K.O. a thumb up.]
K.O.: I still don't know what that is, but okay! Bye, Sonic! Bye, Tails! I love you! [The screen crops on him, but reverts. He gasps.] Wait! I forgot to learn a valuable lesson.

Sonic Sez

[A notepad page turns over the screen. On a Notepad, K.O. writes "SONIC SEZ". The page turns over again and Sonic appears in color along with K.O. in the background holding a mop with Rad and Enid sleeping, the latter three of whom are drawn in pen.]
Sonic: Hey, kids! Does this look like fun to you? [An ice cream store with customers and the Ice Cream Lady appear in the background behind them] Even now? [The store is replaced with Raymond on a stage and crowd cheering.] Or now? [He jumps. A page turns over and he starts running.] Life's an adventure. Don't sleep through it. Or you might miss the chance to meet... [Lies on his hips] Me! And that's no good. [He wags his finger. The screen fades to black.]

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