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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Have you ever considered a career in the postal arts?

— Leroy the Turtle, "The Biggest Fan"

Leroy the Turtle is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. He is an anthropomorphic turtle who works as a mail carrier and postal worker on Seaside Island.[2] He also occasionally shows a profession as a DJ.[3][4]


Leroy is a short anthropomorphic turtle, about as tall as Tails. He has a somewhat round brown shell with a tan underside and a few yellow segments on the back. His arms and legs are both rather stubby while his head is slightly large with a thick neck. His attire consists of a brown Stetson with a yellow band, a short white neckerchief and reddish-brown shoes. When riding his mail cart, he wears a brown helmet with goggles.


TV series

Season one

Leroy with the Awardy Award.

Leroy was one of the many people nominated for the annual Awardy Award and was as such invited to the Awardy Awards at Mayor Fink's mansion. At this gala, Leroy helped Sticks, another nominee, with cutlery. At the end, Leroy was named the winner, but Dr. Eggman, who had cheated himself to be a nominee, was furious at the outcome and attacked Leroy and the others in vengeance. After Sticks and Team Sonic had dealt with Eggman, Leroy agreed with Sticks that she was the hero of the evening, though he intended to keep the Awardy Award, prompting Sticks to take it by force.[1]

During a raid of the Swifty the Shrew army, Leroy welcomed Sonic the Hedgehog back to the Unnamed Village from his banishment with a DJ performance.[3] While Knuckles served as deputy mayor, Leroy got him to approve a permit to build a tunnel in the Village, but ended up in an argument about his rights with other villagers with permits overlapping his.[5] On New Year's Eve, Leroy served as the DJ for the New Year's Eve party in the Village Center. During this, Dr. Eggman used his Slow Motion Machine to slow down time long enough for him to beat Sonic in something before New Year, though Leroy could not see Eggman's victory as it happened too fast for him to notice it.[4]

Leroy delivering mail.

Leroy later met Eggman at the post office, who wanted a package he had held onto when Eggman was not there to receive it. When Leroy refused to hand it over unless regulations were followed, Eggman had his Decimator Bot attack him. Ever calm, Leroy was saved by Team Sonic. He then had Eggman follow the office's troublesome policy, stirring up more issues for the doctor before handing over the package.[2] Continuing his job, Leroy later delivered a telegram to Amy Rose, only to get knocked over when Amy took his delivery. Once Leroy finally got back up though, he was knocked over again by an explosion from a stray missile.[6] Leroy would later come to the Robot Battle Royale, where he saw Eggman steal Tails' Hypnobot at the end.[7]

Season two

Hearing that an asteroid would impact the earth, Leroy showed up to buy a spot in Eggman's bunker to ride out the impending apocalypse in. Although Leroy did not get a spot, Team Sonic would stop the asteroid.[8] He later came to Career Day to give a speech about his career to the Village's youth. Leroy returned to the post office afterwards, where he would deal with Mark the Tapir, a Sonic fanboy trying to mail Sonic's postage-due package.[9] Another time, Leroy was out delivering mail, during which he unknowingly splashed Orbot and Cubot with mud.[10] Eventually, he would also pay a visit to Meh Burger where he impatiently waited for the staff to take his order.[11] Leroy later on came to Team Sonic's charity car wash to have his mail cart washed. There, he saw Eggman, Mighton and Bolts attack Team Sonic.[12] A few hours afterward, Leroy was delivering mail when Sonic asked him to keep the Cubot prototypes inside Tails' Workshop. Although Leroy accepted the task, he ditched it once the robots broke out.[13] Leroy later celebrated with the villagers when numerous hostile robots withdrew from the Village. However, he skipped out on the subsequent cleanup of the town.[14]

Leroy at "Eggman Towers".

Having checked into Dr. Eggman's Eggman Towers after it opened, Leroy would complain to Eggman when his pillows got stolen.[15] Back in the Village later on, Leroy got pulled into an anti-gravity field by Cubot, who was now crazy and able to control gravity, when he came through town. As Leroy was about to be saved by Team Sonic though, Cubot began taking him to space. While Leroy was brought down to earth again by Sonic and Tails before he died from asphyxia, he nearly got crushed by the increased gravity emanating from Cubot's gravity device. Thankfully, he was saved when Knuckles smashed the device.[16] Leroy soon after joined the auto race on Race Day. When Race Day arrived, Leroy used his mail cart for the competition. By the time he got onboard his cart though, the race was over. Regardless, Leroy still received a participation trophy.[17] Getting into Scrambler some time after, Leroy was able to attend an exclusive promotional event through it.[18]

Leroy was some time after caught by Dr. Eggman, who held him hostage alongside Fastidious Beaver to distract Sonic for his latest plan. When Sonic arrived however, he was able to free Leroy and Fastidious in no time at all.[19] Leroy later tried ordering ice cream from the local vendor, only for the vendor's new employee, D-Fekt, to mess up his order.[20]


Leroy remaining calm, even in the grip of Decimator Bot.

Leroy is normally formal and displays a rather calm demeanor; even when held in the grasp of Decimator Bot, he did not show the slightest distress. He also strongly follows his post office's policy, no matter how much trouble it means for others. In one case, he could have given Eggman his mail on several occasions, but did not do so in accordance to the rules, thus forcing Eggman through several tedious procedures. Even when threatened, he refuses to disregard the rules.[2] He also has a quite profound knowledge about formal table settings.[1]

Contrary to his mild demeanor, Leroy is a poor winner and somewhat of a glory hog. Such was the case when he openly gloated to the other nominees after winning the Awardy Award and refused to give the award up even after admitting there was someone who deserved it more than him.[1] Leroy is also rather irresponsible in specific ways; although he once accepted the task to keep an eye on Tails' Workshop to ensure the infected Cubot prototypes did not get out, he claimed it was "not his problem" once the prototypes escaped.[13]


Leroy having fallen on his back.

Should Leroy fall on the back of his shell, he will be rendered nearly immobile. Although he can get on his feet on his own, the effort is exhausting to him and takes a great deal of time.[6] Like his species would suggest, he is also incredibly slow.[17]


"It's your pre-salad, post-soup, mid-appetizer, post-post-cocktail tertiary thimble fork."
—Leroy giving advice on cutlery, "My Fair Sticksy"
"Yes! Yahoo! Score one for Leroy!"
—Leroy showing an unexpected case of gloating, "My Fair Sticksy"
"Yes. But I won the award."
—Leroy's argument for keeping the Awardy Award after admitting Sticks had earned it, "My Fair Sticksy"
"You only have to sign for it at home. To pick it up here, you need the note that we left. Why are you complicating this, sir? It's a very simple policy."
—Leroy's response to Eggman's complains about the postal service, "Tails' Crush"
"Thuggery will not get you your package any sooner, sir."
—Leroy when threatened to be decimated, "Tails' Crush"


  • Leroy owns a pet cat.[6]
  • Leroy owns a small scooter with a postal cart to make deliveries.[2][10]





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