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Goal Rings in Legacy Missions.

Reach for the Goal.

— Objective description, Sonic and the Black Knight

Legacy Missions are a brand of missions in Sonic and the Black Knight. They include special courses different from the normal variety in the game.


In Legacy Missions, unique elements from Sonic and the Black Knight are replaced with more traditional elements from the main series of Sonic games. The following replaced elements include:

Knights of the Underworld Flappers
Yellow fairies Rings & Rich Rings
Blue fairies Springs
Turquoise fairies Dash Panels
Wooden Goal Plate Goal Ring

Each area in Sonic and Black Knight includes one Legacy Mission, except Faraway Avalon and Dark Hollow. These missions consist more of jumping over Spike Traps, and the Homing Dash is used more than other attacks and Skills. These missions reward the player with valuable and unique items such as the Medal of Sonic or World Rings in their Treasury.

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