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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Leeta Wolf[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. She is a Mobian wolf and Lyco's twin sister. As refugees from one of the many wolf packs scattered by Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Leeta and her sister were taken in by Lupe Wolf and became official members of her Wolf Pack as they followed her in settling their people's ancestral lands and founded the new Wolf Pack Nation. As time passed though, the relative peace of their home caused a restlessness in the twins, who craved adventure and excitement. This eventually led to Leeta becoming an agent of the Secret Freedom Fighters under the call-sign "Queen of Diamonds."


Being a twin to Lyco, Leeta bears an exact resemblance to her sister, having the same pink fur (which is lighter around the face, ear insides, and tail tip) dreadlock-styled hair which was originally light purple/lilac and in recent issues brown, and blue irises. Leeta dresses in a bodysuit resembling her sister's, but hers is green and wears sandals and a hairband of the same color. As a member of the Secret Freedom Fighters, Leeta's uniform is leotard-styled and is mostly black with parts of it being green. Like most of the field members (Lyco included), Leeta wears goggles and a mouth covering.


Joining the Wolf Pack

Like many of the wolves, Leeta and her sister Lyco were separated from their people during the First Robotnik War, but in its aftermath the two found and joined up with Lupe and her Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters. Thus, they were with the group when it began the journey home. With the others, they crossed a raging river and took shelter in an abandoned city for several days while a severe storm passed. There, the pack took in two Overlander children, Aerial and Athena, before continuing on. When the pack finally found their city, they found it in ruin and seemingly abandoned, only for them to fall prey to a gas attack. Knocked unconscious, they awoke as prisoners of the roboticized Sir Charles Hedgehog, who in turn forced Lupe to submit to roboticization. However, the Robian Lupe retained enough free will to allow the rest of the pack a chance to escape.

Resumed Journey

Leeta and the others eventually made their way back to Knothole where they were reunited with Lupe and her family, who, while still Robians, had regained their free will. When the Robians were restored by the Bem's mass deroboticization, the pack resumed its travels. While in the woods, they were nearly consumed by the nanites spread by A.D.A.M. but managed to escape.

Settling in a New Home

Leeta (right) with her sister Lyco

The scattered wolves were eventually resettled in the southern hemisphere, forming the new Wolf Pack Nation. Leeta was among those to greet Sally Acorn and Sonic the Hedgehog when they arrived in the nation, forgiving the latter when he mistook her for her twin sister. Both sisters later joined a war party led by Lupe into the territory of the Felidae, whom the Wolves believed had stolen their sacred Ancient Onyx. After Sonic managed to defuse the tension, he led his allies and the Felidae to the Mystic Ruins, where the Wolves were quick to attack the Dark Egg Legion chapter they found there. Leeta was then shocked to discover that several Wolves were members of the group, including an ex-boyfriend of hers who mistook Lyco for her and had apparently had relationships with both. Following the Legion's defeat and a peaceful settlement between the two sides, Leeta welcomed Sonic, Sally, and their surprise Felidae ally Big the Cat into the Wolf Pack.

When the roboticized Princess Sally, Mecha Sally, kidnapped both Lupe and Queen Hathor, tension between the Wolves and the Felidae rose anew. Team Freedom arrived to warn the locals of the Death Egg Mark 2, only to find Leeta and her sister, along with Lupe's children, secretly attempting to listen in on a meeting between the pack leaders who blamed the Felidae for Lupe's disappearance. After being informed of Sally's roboticization and the Death Egg's arrival, the group concluded that they would have to seek answers on their own. Leeta and Lyco agreed to lead Team Fighters to the local DEL's current base of operations, the Temple of Shazamazon. The pair revealed that since the founding of the nation, they had felt useless, and had a desire to help the world at large. However, while making their way through the Great Rainforest, they came across not only Legionnaires, bu Queen Hathor. After fighting off the DEL, the group listened as Hathor explained that she and Lupe had both been held captive at the Temple, but Lupe had enabled Hathor to escape in order to try to find help.

Upon arriving at the temple, the group broke into two: Leeta, Amy Rose and Sonic stayed outside to keep the Legionnaires occupied while the others entered the temple to rescue Lupe. Leeta and Amy combated the DEL, Leeta unable to believe that so many Wolves had betrayed their packs to join the Eggman Empire. The second team succeeded in rescuing Lupe just before the Death Egg launched, and Hathor managed to rally the remaining Wolves and Felidae to fight off the Legion while they escaped back to their respective territories. With the Grand Chief and Queen safe and the Death Egg on the move, Team Fighters quickly left—leaving Leeta and Lyco to envy them having the ability to fight the Eggman Empire to make a difference to the world. Hearing this, Lupe explained that just before she'd been abducted, she'd received a particular request, and wanted to know if the twins would be interested in a secret mission.

Pair of Queens

Leeta with Lyco joining the Secret Freedom Fighters, requested by Harvey Who.

Accepting their new mission, Leeta and Lyco journeyed to New Mobotropolis and met with the Council of Acorn, who informed them that they had not sent the summons. After being dismissed by King Ixis Naugus, the pair were escorted out by Sir Charles Hedgehog, who revealed to them that the call that had brought them there originated with Harvey Who. The pair were to join a new team of Secret Freedom Fighters and accepted without hesitation.

Working separately from her sister, Leeta went with new teammate Larry Lynx to Feral Forest, where they found Elias Acorn. The trio unexpectedly encountered Tails, whom they convinced not to speak of their presence and departed. Making their way back to New Mobotropolis, they found the city under attack by the Death Egg following its drop of a strike force in Feral Forest. Using the assault as a distraction, they made their way to Secret HQ and met up with the rest of their new team: Lyco, Silver the Hedgehog, and the rebuilt Metal Sonic known as Shard the Metal Sonic. Despite Elias' skepticism regarding his new team, Harvey extolled the virtues of the group, noting Leeta and her sister as "two of the finest young warriors on Mobius". The pair got the chance to prove their prowess as the team was dispatched to aid Team Freedom, tag-teaming SWATbots in defense of the city. Elias afterward acknowledged that he had been wrong about his new team, though the Wolf sisters looked unconvinced regarding his sincerity.

Leeta and her sister - assigned the codenames "Queen of Diamonds" and "Queen of Hearts" respectively - were soon dispatched on another mission in company with Elias. The trio followed the wizard into a crater left by the destruction of Castle Acorn using wingsuits - an experience that terrified Leeta - and discovered a hidden tunnel leading into the depths of the city. The pair and Elias had a dispute, with Leeta and Lyco pointedly reminding Elias of his rude dismissal of their commitment upon first meeting them. Leaving their commander to set an explosive to ensure their exit, the pair followed the tunnel to Ixis Naugus' hidden Ixis Ritual Chamber. Startled by the wizard undergoing a monstrous transformation, the pair were discovered and regrouped with Elias. The tunnel network became warped due to Ixis Naugus' magic, and the trio found their way out only for Ixis Naugus to shoot them down with a cyclone. Thanks to their wingsuits, they landed on the floor of the crater unharmed, but with no backup. Help arrived in the form of their other teammates, who had been sent to follow Geoffrey St. John to Soumerca. The two groups debriefed each other, unaware that they were being observed by Geoffrey from the shadows. Elias suggested that they find the skunk in order to obtain information from him, which Leeta was more than willing to go along with, only for Silver to instead propose asking for his help. Elias reluctantly agreed, but on the condition that the group would ambush Geoffrey if he proved uncooperative. Geoffrey surprised them all by informing them of Ixis Naugus' plan to brainwash the council with a magical spell, and following the skunk's departure, Leeta and her sister emerged from the treetop where they had been waiting to strike.

The pair joined Elias, Silver, and Shard in a daring strike on Ixis Naugus' chamber, engaging Geoffrey in order to distract him and prevent him from giving Ixis Naugus his Chaos Emerald wand. Geoffrey managed to get it past Leeta's guard, only for it to be intercepted by Silver. Geoffrey then broke off his battle with the Wolf twins after complimenting their tag-team style and briefly engaged Elias, uncovering his identity only to return his face mask and take on both Agent "King" and the "Queens." Shard brought the battle to an end by taking out the remains of Ixis Vale used by Ixis Ixis Naugus to augment his spell, and Leeta and her sister knocked Ixis Naugus off his feet to finish the job. Elias set the explosives, and Shard carried Leeta and Lyco to the entrance of the tunnel. He then smashed through a crystal barrier erected by Ixis Naugus, allowing Silver to carry the rest of the group to safety, their mission accomplished at last.


Leeta greatly enjoys adventure and is extremely loyal to Lupe; however, she has a strong fear of heights, even disliking climbing on ladders. She and her sister both have a strong sense of justice and a desire to help out, which fueled their drive to join the Secret Freedom Fighters. However, Leeta is also a strong-willed individual, not willing to be treated with disrespect when trying to do what is right.



Leeta and Lyco confront their legionized ex-boyfriend.

At some point, Leeta was romantically involved with a male wolf from another pack. However, he was unfaithful and tried to two-time on her with her sister Lyco, taking advantage of them being twins to avoid suspicion. Leeta eventually caught onto this as did Lyco, causing both of them to reject him. Much to the twins' shock, they later found him among the local Dark Egg Legion chapter. He then used the excuse that their rejection of him caused him to end up where he was, even though it was his cheating ways that were the root of it all.


  • Leeta (and her sister) have been shown having light purple hair in many of their appearances; however, in the more recent issues, Leeta's hair has grown long and is now brown as well as Lyco's, although, in the raw version of the Off Panel that they appeared in, they were both shown with their original light purple hair color.
  • Leeta has a fear of heights, as seen in Sonic Universe #42.
    • Also, she is the second character who has a fear of heights, the first being Blaze the Cat.




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