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Sonic Advance 2
Leaf Forest
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Leaf Forest (リーフフォーレスト Rīfu Fōresuto?) is the first Zone of Sonic Advance 2. It is a hilly area near the ocean with floating geometrical formations.


The background of this place seems to have giant green formations, most likely strangely formed mountains covered in moss or some type of plant life, or some type of stone formation with green coloring on it.


Having learned that Dr. Eggman is once again kidnapping innocent Animals and turning them into robots for his empire, Sonic heads out to save the day and foil Eggman's scheme. Along the way, he confronts the mad doc in his EggHammerTankII with Cream the Rabbit and Cheese being held hostage. After successfully destroying the mech, Eggman makes his escape and Cream and Cheese are freed from captivity, where the young rabbit thanks Sonic for saving her and decides to join the hedgehog on his journey.



Act 1[]

Act 2[]


Main article: EggHammerTankII

This boss fight has the player battling Eggman in an upgraded version of his Egg Hammer Tank from Sonic Advance. From here, the player's character must run towards the mech and attack the cockpit while avoiding its hammer attacks. Once eight hits have been dealt, the EggHammerTankII explodes and the player wins, thus granting entry to the next Zone.

If the player defeats this boss for the first time as Sonic, then Cream will be unlocked and available for play.


  • The remixed soundtrack for this Zone appears in Sonic Generations.
  • A remix of music in Act 1 of Leaf Forest also appears as a purchasable song in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.
  • In Sonic Mega Collection, there's a preview for Sonic Advance 2. Leaf Forest Zone was given different music (beta), but it was never used in the final product.
  • This is the only Zone in Sonic Advance 2 that has underwater segments.
  • Even though the level is called "Leaf Forest", it does not appear to be themed after a forest; it is not covered with trees and no vegetation is present.




Level maps[]



Name Artist(s) Length Music track
Leaf Forest (Act 1) Teruhiko Nakagawa 2:29
Leaf Forest (Act 2) Teruhiko Nakagawa 2:35
N/A (Sonic Generations remix) 1:14
N/A (Beta) Teruhiko Nakagawa 1:36