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Sonic Advance 2
Leaf Forest

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Leaf Forest is the first Zone of Sonic Advance 2. Being the first Zone of the game, it has a Green Hill-like theme that is a recurring feature in the first stages of most Sonic video games.


The background of this place seems to have giant green formations, most likely strangely formed mountains covered in moss or some type of plant life, or some type of stone formation with green coloring on it.




Act 1

Act 2


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  • The remixed soundtrack appeared in Sonic Generations.
  • In Sonic Mega Collection, there's a preview for Sonic Advance 2. Leaf Forest Zone was given different music (beta), but it was never used in the final product.
  • This is the only Zone in Sonic Advance 2 that has underwater segments.
  • Even though the level is called "Leaf Forest", it is not themed after a forest: it is not covered with trees and there's no vegetation.
  • A remix of Leaf Forest Act 1's music appears as a purchasable song in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.




Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
Leaf Forest (Act 1) Teruhiko Nakagawa 2:29
Leaf Forest Act 1
Leaf Forest (Act 2) Teruhiko Nakagawa 2:35
Leaf Forest Act 2
N/A (Sonic Generations remix) 1:14
Leaf Forest (Sonic Generations remix)
N/A (Leaf Forest Beta) Teruhiko Nakagawa 1:36
Leaf Forest (Beta)


Sonic Advance 2 (GBA) Leaf Forest Zone

Sonic Advance 2 (GBA) Leaf Forest Zone

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