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Lazaar's Guardian is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is the guardian of the resting place of the wizard Lazaar in the Forbidden Zone.


Lazaar's Guardian is a tall humanoid. His face is white and resembles a skull with red eyes. For attire, he wears a dark brown and brown robe with red insides and a hood.


TV series


Many centuries ago, the Guardian would begin protecting Lazaar, who had fallen into a deep sleep inside his lair in the Forbidden Zone, awaiting the day when someone vile enough would show up to wake up his master.[1]

Season one

Lazaar's Guardian showing Robotnik the way to Lazaar's lair.

Eventually, Lazaara's Guardian destroyed a Swat-Bot after it had pursued Sally into the Forbidden Zone. He then ordered Sally to leave without attacking her. Some time later, Snively came to him and asked him to speak with Dr. Robotnik. Following Snively to Robotnik, the Guardian heard that the doctor wanted to enter the Forbidden Zone and meet Lazaar. At first, the Guardian refused to let him in, fearing that Robotnik would bring harm to his master. However, he eventually agreed to letting Robotnik enter the Zone after sensing the evil emanating from him. When Sonic later arrived at Lazar's resting place in the Forbidden Zone, the Guardian attacked him with his heat vision. Sonic, however, managed to confuse him by circling around him, before knocking him down with a Super Spin. Later, after Sonic returned Lazaar's Computer, which had been stolen by Dr. Robotnik, to Lazaar, the Guardian appeared to say goodbye to Sonic, Sally, and Bunnie. He and Lazaar then entered Lazaar's lair in the Forbidden Zone, which subsequently shrunk down until it disappeared.[1]


Lazaar's Guardian is extremely committed to his duties and boundlessly loyal to Lazaar, even turning down bribery attempts by Robotnik when he attempted to persuade the Guardian to reveal the location of his master's lair. He is likewise aggressive towards all intruders. The only interloper the Guardian did not show any aggression towards was Princess Sally; vaporizing a Swat-Bot pursuing her while almost completely ignoring Sally, likely because the Guardian considered the Swat-Bot to be the more immediate threat.[1]

Powers and abilities

Lazaar's guardian has the ability to shoot red laser beams from his eyes. By charging them up and then firing them, the Guardian can fire lasers powerful enough to disintegrate a Swat-Bot. His eyes can also project holographic images. The Guardian also seems to have the power to sense the amount of good or evil in someone's heart, as demonstrated by his evaluation of Dr. Robotnik.[1]





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