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Lazaar's Computer[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It is a hand-held computer used by the wizard Lazaar.



Lazaar's Computer takes the form of a single blue crystal pin which is sharpened on the top and bottom. A purple computer device with a lens is also attached to it. The computer itself is also surrounded by a golden aura.

Features and traits

Lazaar has programmed a number of dangerous spells and curses on the computer that can be cast upon voice command. Moreover, if the computer was to be destroyed, it would release unspeakable evils into the world. The computer can likewise cast spells with virtually no restrictions, unless the targets of those spells are already under the influence of Lazaar's spells or if the target is out of range.[1]


TV series


The once evil wizard Lazaar used his computer to store his knowledge and powerful magics in it. When he fell into a deep sleep for centuries, he left his computer next to his resting place in the Forbidden Zone.[1]

Season one

Robotnik steals Lazaar's computer

Dr. Robotnik steals Lazaar's Computer.

In the present day, Dr. Robotnik turned out to be evil enough to be permitted entrance to Lazaar's resting place in the Forbidden Zone. Upon arriving there, Robotnik promptly stole Lazaar's Computer, activating an alarm in the process. Regardless, Robotnik returned to his headquarters in Robotropolis with Lazaar's Computer, and after analyzing the available spells, he had it teleport Sally to him. He then did the same to Bunnie. After that, he used the computer's submission spell to hypnotize the girls into his service. Robotnik also tried to teleport Sonic to him, only to learn that Sonic was out of range. When Sonic showed up in Robotropolis however, Robotnik managed to teleport the hedgehog to him. He then told Sally and Bunnie to put him in the Roboticizer. Sonic, however, escaped and took the computer. Although Cluck tore the device from him, Sonic recovered it before it fell into the hands of Robotnik. He then used it to cancel the hypnosis spell on Sally and Bunnie, with whom he managed to escape from Robotnik's headquarters with. Sonic later gave the computer back to Lazaar, and in return, the wizard returned Sonic's speed to him after having taken it away. Lazaar then took his fortress somewhere where neither it nor the computer would ever be found.[1]

Known spells

  • Amulets
  • Bones
  • Cages
  • Curses
  • Ravens
  • Rings
  • Slavery
  • Submission
  • Teleports



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