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Lazar's Spell Computer

Lazar's computer.

Lazaar's Computer is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It is a crystalline repository of countless forms of magic, created by the once-dark wizard Lazaar. Spells, curses, and other such powers are contained within the device, making it a dangerous tool. Even more dangerous is the fact that, were the computer destroyed, it would unleash unspeakable evil.


Lazaar made the computer to house his vast knowledge before placing himself in stasis. Protected by an arsenal of booby traps and his Guardian, it remained untouched for years. Eventually, however, Dr. Robotnik proved evil enough to bypass the defenses, enabling him to claim the computer. Tapping into the vast array of magic contained in the device, Robotnik used a teleportation spell to abduct Sally and Bunnie Rabbot. Using a spell of submission, he then turned them into his obedient slaves.

Lazaar, who had awakened to find his computer gone, initially blamed Sonic. Once convinced of the Hedgehog's innocence, Lazaar revealed that years of slumber had changed him; he no longer had a desire to do evil. Stripping Sonic of his speed, he dispatched the Freedom Fighter to retrieve his computer. Freeing Sally and Bunnie, Sonic was able to do so, returning the device to Lazaar. Grateful, the wizard returned Sonic's speed before departing, taking his fortress somewhere where neither it nor the computer would ever be found.

Known spells and victims

  • Teleports: Sally Acorn, Bunnie Rabbot, Sonic (though first attempt failed due to him being out of range)
  • Submission: Bunnie, Sally
  • Amulets: (no known victims)
  • Bones: (no known victims)
  • Cages: (no known victims)
  • Curses: (no known victims)
  • Ravens: (no known victims)
  • Rings: (no known victims)
  • Slavery: (no known victims)


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