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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) continuity.
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Lazaar is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is an ancient wizard who was once evil, but has since been reformed. He also possesses a special crystal that serves as a computer and can cast spells.


Lazaar is a pretty thin and tall human-like being. He has bushy grey hair and eyebrows, and a long beard that almost reaches the ground. He also has a long crooked nose and elf-like ears. For attire, he wears a maroon colored robe and a yellow and green ‘magic belt’ around his waist.


TV series


Many centuries ago, Lazaar was once evil. For reasons unknown, he entered a deep sleep for hundreds of years inside his large fortress located in the Forbidden Zone, waiting for somebody vile enough to awaken him while his guardian protected him. However, after dreaming for centuries, he began to regret his actions and decided to give up his evil ways.[1]

Season one

Lazaar holding Sonic imprisoned in a bubble.

While Lazaar slept, Dr. Robotnik stole Lazaar's Computer from the Forbidden Zone. When Lazaar later woke up, he met Sonic, whom he suspected of being a thief. As such, Lazaar imprisoned Sonic in a magic bubble. Some time after though, Lazaar sensed that Robotnik was using the power of his computer. When Sonic promised to return his computer though, Lazaar decided to trust Sonic. Lazaar thus freed Sonic from the bubble. However, Lazaar took away Sonic's speed away with his magic to ensure that Sonic would keep his word. He subsequently promised to return Sonic's speed after he had brought back his computer, meaning Sonic was forced to rely on his wits to get the computer back. After Sonic, Sally and Bunnie returned the computer to Lazaar, he thanked them and gave Sonic his speed back. Sonic offered Lazaar to join the Freedom Fighters, but Lazaar opted to remain and guard his computer from those seeking to use it, as he could not destroy it without releasing the evils within it. Then, together with his guardian, Lazaar returned to his fortress in the Forbidden Zone, which subsequently shrunk down until it disappeared.[1]


Once an evil wizard, Lazaar regrets his evil doings of his past after having slept for centuries, and now hopes that good will triumph. He is slightly distrusting of strangers and forces them to earn his trust. Once they do though, he is kind and friendly towards them.[1]

Powers and abilities

Lazaar is capable of magic casting spells using either his portable computer or the magical belt around his waist. When others use his magic, it takes away his strength and power, making him weak. He can cast his spells very quickly, making it impossible for his victims to avoid them.[1]

With his magic, Lazaar can, for example, traps his targets in magical bubbles, take away their superpowers (such as super speed), or make his entire fortress disappear.[1]





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