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Sonic Runners Adventure
Lava Mountain

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Lava Mountain is the third playable stage in Sonic Runners Adventure. This stage is a re-imagination of Lava Mountain from Sonic Lost World.


Lava Mountain is a volcanic area with a dark red sky. Covering the horizon in the background are numerous baren mountains, many of which are active volcanos. In front of these mountains is a massive lava lake with islands made of hexagon-shaped rocks in it. On some of these islands are even a few miniature volcanos. The main playable path also has a few half-molten rocks and plant sprouts along it.


Arriving at Lava Mountain with Knuckles during their hunt for Dr. Eggman, Sonic and Tails find the environment too hostile for their taste. Not being bothered by Lava Mountain in the least, Knuckles decides to take the lead. Eventually spotting an Eggman facility in the distance, Knuckles decides to head there, saving a village from Badniks along the way. Arriving at the facility, Knuckles has Tails do some recon. When Tails reports back that the facility is, in fact, a massive Extractor, Knuckles shuts down its core, during which he defeats Eggman as the doctor tries to stop him. However, Team Sonic is left to chase after Eggman again when the doctor makes another retreat.


Like other levels in Sonic Runners Adventure, levels in Lava Mountain have the playable characters running down a path ridden with obstacles, gimmicks and enemies non-stop, and it is the player's job to keep themselves alive until they reach the goal. Along the way, the player can complete certain mission objectives (a few of which are needed to complete the level). The stage is ideal for Power Type characters.


The following levels and their mission goals are found in Lava Mountain:

Level Star
Name Level type Favored type Mission goals
1 2 3
25 N/A A Helping Hand Finite Power Defeat 20 Badniks using a Power Type character Defeat 25 Badniks using a Power Type character Defeat 30 Badniks using a Power Type character
26 N/A Megalomania Looped Power Collect 440 Rings using a Power Type character Collect 520 Rings using a Power Type character Collect 600 Rings using a Power Type character
27 N/A Hot as Heck Looped Power Defeat 40 Badniks Defeat 50 Badniks Defeat 60 Badniks
28 N/A Saving Private Rabbit Finite Power Defeat 75 Badniks Collect 1,385 Rings Finish the level with no damage
29 N/A The Shelter Looped Power Defeat 75 Badniks Collect 750 Rings Collect 800 Rings using Vector
30 N/A Recon Finite Power Collect 1,740 Rings Collect 2,320 Rings Collect 2,600 Rings
31 N/A The Extractor Looped Power Collect 830 Rings Defeat 110 Badniks Finish the level with no damage
32 N/A A Day at the Breach Looped Power Defeat 105 Badniks using Omega Collect 795 Rings Collect all Rings using Vector
33 N/A The Core Finite Power Defeat 120 Badniks within 190 seconds Defeat 180 Badniks within 190 seconds Defeat 230 Badniks within 190 seconds
34 67 Ringfall Infinite Power Collect 2,050 Rings within 220 seconds Reach 3,700 meters within 220 seconds Defeat 210 Badniks within 220 seconds using Omega
35 80 Eggman's Treasures Infinite Power Reach 2,575 meters within 230 seconds Reach 3,200 meters within 230 seconds Reach 3,385 meters within 230 seconds
36 N/A Blackout Boss N/A Collect 345 Rings within 180 seconds Defeat the boss within 180 seconds using a Power Type character Defeat the boss with no damage within 140 seconds using a Fly Type character




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