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Lava Mountain is one of the three regular stages in Sonic Runners. It is first introduced in Episode 17 of Story Mode, "Goodbye Greenery". As a stage generally recommended for Power type characters, Knuckles the Echidna is unlocked when the stage becomes available. Lava Mountain appears regularly in Story Mode until Episode 40, where the stage selection becomes randomized. It is also available in Timed Mode.


Set in a volcanic area with magma flowing everywhere, it looks visually similar to its appearance in Sonic Lost World, but is implied to be set in Sonic's world instead of taking place on the Lost Hex. With the Badniks Crabmeat, Snail Blaster and Nebula running wild, Lava Mountain is also characterized for featuring one of Dr. Eggman's newer inventions, Super Badniks, which are hardier than regular Badniks and only characters with great physical can defeat.

Between each segment, the stage's background will alternate between a red, fiery and a dark sky.


This stage is ideal for the Power Type. With more Super Badniks than ordinary Badniks appearing, Super Nebula often form blockades in the sky which require powerful characters and their dash attacks to break through them, as other characters simply bounce of these types of enemies. Meanwhile, Snail Blaster and Crabmeat Badniks are waiting for the player on lower routes. While not featuring as many bottomless pits as Sky Road, there are a lot of spike traps in the form of corridors and breakable stone walls, requiring the characters to use their dash attacks at the exact right time.

As with all stages in Sonic Runners, Dr. Eggman will be confronted regularly between each segment and can be attacked in order to collect Rings and Red Star Rings before he gets away.

The Timed Mode version of this stage does not contain any spikeballs, giving the player more freedom in their movement and the chance to concentrate on the time limit and score.

Suitable characters for this stage are:


  • Lava Mountain is the only regular stage in Sonic Runners not to have a Special Stage based on it.






Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Power Ride" Tomoya Ohtani 2:46

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