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Sonic Lost World
Lava Mountain

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Things heat up in Lava Mountain as Sonic must avoid deadly fire pits, navigate the inside of volcanoes and escape the path of massive cannons.

Sonic Lost World Website[1]

Lava Mountain (ラバーマウンテン Rabā Maunten?) is the seventh and final world in the main game of Wii U version, PC version and Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Lost World. Located on the Lost Hex, it is a volcanic zone. The Extractor, built by Dr. Eggman, is found here.

In all versions of the game, Lava Mountain primarily serves as a gauntlet, in which Sonic must re-fight the Deadly Six. In the Wii U and PC versions, the fights are completely different and interspersed with actual Zones, whereas the 3DS version leaves the fights virtually unchanged and splits them into pairs.

In the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Lost World, the player can find Red Material in the Zones if they finish them successfully. Notably, this version also adds green lighting to the World's aesthetic during Hard Mode, even coloring the lava lime green.


Wii U/PC version

Zone 1

This Act takes place on a small planetoid, and is merely a fight against Zazz, Zomom and Master Zik, in a gauntlet fashion. Each time the player defeats one of the Zeti, the planetoid crumbles, revealing lava pits beneath and should the player fall into one, it is instant death.

Red Star Rings locations

Red Star Rings 1-5: This entire level consists of a single battle spanning a one giant, spherical area. All five Red Star Rings are dropped via falling rocks throughout the fight. Be on the lookout and cover the area thoroughly as you're fighting the three characters and you'll snatch all of them.

Time Attack Rank requirements
Rank Time (minutes:seconds)
S 01:10.00
A 01:30.00
B 02:20.00
C 04:20.00
D 08:20.00

Zone 2

The second zone in Lava Mountain sends Sonic grinding on rails inside a water tube throughout the entire level; almost identical to Tropical Coast Zone 3. Minecarts, both golden and normal, are scattered about the zone, and some karts contain bombs that instantly kills Sonic upon contact, even in his super transformation. The zone features a great amount of two-dimensional platforming and short-length rails that requires Sonic to perform a series of quick, well-timed jumps and avoid an ever-increasing number of endless falls. Mantas also appear, flying over the rails Sonic is grinding on, as the Badniks release fire that push towards Sonic. The player also has to avoid colliding with moving walls, as that also constitutes instant death.

Red Star Rings locations
  • During the side-scrolling sequence at the beginning of the level, you'll need to jump across three circular railways in a row. The first Red Star Ring is resting on the third.
  • When the game switches back to a 3D perspective again for the first time, a couple of flying enemies will begin dropping bombs on you. Keep to the rightmost rail to hit a jump pad that will launch you to the next Red Star Ring.
  • During the second side-scrolling sequence, after jumping a number of bomb carts, you'll need to jump a couple of gaps by chaining attacks on several groups of blue insects. Shortly after, you'll come to a large dip. The Red Star Ring is situated on an elevated platform. You'll miss it if you stick to the main path, so jump from the rail midway through the incline.
  • Near the end of the second side-scrolling sequence, you'll come to another set of circular railways. There's a Red Star Ring on the large one, trailing behind one of the bomb carts. Time your jumps in such a way that you can immediately leap off after snagging it, as hitting the bomb cart will result in instant death.
  • When you come to the final stretch, you'll pass through an area in which you'll collect numbered rings while large doors close. As you're exiting the room, stay on the green rail opposite the "1" ring. This will take you to the final Red Star Ring.
Time Attack Rank requirements
Rank Time (minutes:seconds)
S 04:10.00
A 04:15.00
B 04:25.00
C 05:05.00
D 08:50.00

Zone 3

The third zone takes place in and out of a huge castle filled with rising lava, gears, spikes and elevators. The Green Hover also appears here. The last three remaining Zeti; Zeena, Zor and Zavok are encountered at each tier of the zone. Once Zavok is defeated, he will transform into Giant Zavok and chase the player up the stage spitting fire/lasers at him/her. A craftily placed Slicer is at mid-point, however, it is the only one in the entire mountain.

Red Star Rings locations
  • At the very start of the level, you'll come to a fork at the metal grates. The right side is guarded by spikes. Take that path, jump over a couple of platforms and find the Red Star Ring at the top.
  • In the zone's second 2D segment, you'll come to a point at which you'll need to dodge spiky balls on conveyor belts. Look for the Red Star Ring in the wall on the right side. There's an entrance to the hidden path directly below it.
  • After defeating the zone's second boss, the Red Star Ring is hanging between two massive, vertical grates directly in front of you. You get reach it either with skilled wall-running between the two grates of with assistant from one of the floating power-ups in this area.
  • Immediately after the last one, you'll find two more vertical grates with another Red Star Ring suspended between them. This time, you can use the jump pads in the area to start a successful wall-run and grab it.
  • At the very end of the final 3D segment, you'll pass through an area in which many large cannons are firing at you. The Red Star Ring is atop the second-to-last cannon on your left. Use the jump pad on the cannon immediately before it to launch yourself over.
Time Attack Rank requirements
Rank Time (minutes:seconds)
S 06:50.00
A 07:20.00
B 08:50.00
C 11:50.00
D 16:39.00

Zone 4

This zone is where the player battles Eggman with the Eggrobo as the final boss battle of the game. Automically running along a narrow platform, the player must be careful not to fall off the platform into the lava while dodging the Eggrobo's attacks. Super Sonic cannot be used for this fight even if the player has collected 50 Rings.

Red Star Rings locations

Red Star Rings 1-5: All five can be found on ground level while fighting the final boss. It can be easy to miss them if you're attacking, so it's suggested that you focus on collecting all five Red Star Rings before trying to beat the boss, since they all appear at specific locations throughout the run.

Time Attack Rank requirements
Rank Time (minutes:seconds)
S 01:40.00
A 02:20.00
B 03:10.00
C 04:00.00
D 08:20.00

Nintendo 3DS version

Zone 1

In Zone 1 of Lava Mountain, the player fights Zazz and Zomom in a rematch. The boss fights are exactly like their previous fights in Windy Hill and Desert Ruins, respectively, except they take less damage per hit, and both gain a new attack. When Zazz is one more hit away from defeat, he will ride his Moon Mech like a circus ball and try to run Sonic over. As Zazz slows down, Sonic can Homing Attack him to finish him off. Zomom goes underground and tries to hit Sonic from below, while also leaving the Totem Mech's weak point invulnerable for the duration of the attack. The Red Burst Color Power is unlocked in this Zone, during Zazz' rematch; this can be useful for increasing the amount of damage dealt, and stunning Zazz during his desperation attack.

Zone 2

In Zone Two of Lava Mountain, the player fights Zeena and Zor in a rematch. The boss fights are exactly like their previous fights in Frozen Factory and Silent Forest, respectively, except they take less damage per hit, and their attacks are harder to avoid. In Zeena's case, she goes in down in three hits instead of two, and she will blow Sonic away more frequently than she did in Frozen Factory.

Zone 3

In Zone 3 of Lava Mountain, the player fights against Master Zik and Zavok in a rematch. Their boss fights are exactly like their previous fights in Tropical Coast and Sky Road, respectively, except they take less damage per hit, and their attacks are harder to avoid. Master Zik also gains a new attack, in which he charges up with a green aura and speeds around the arena; he also regenerates his fruit shield at a higher frequency than before.

Extra Zone

Since there are no Red Star Rings in the 3DS version of Lava Mountain, this level is instead unlocked by collecting the Red Star Rings from all the previous Extra Zones. It is a harder version of the Eggrobo fight, as he now takes a slightly lowered amount of damage per hit, and some of his attack patterns are either switched up or used more frequently.

Other game appearances

Sonic Runners

In Sonic Runners, Lava Mountain appears as a course available after clearing Episode 17, or any time it is available in Ranking's mode. The area is best suited for Power Type characters. It looks visually similar to its appearance in Sonic Lost World.

Sonic Runners Adventure

In Sonic Runners Adventure Lava Mountain appears as the third playable stage in the game. Here, Dr. Eggman has set up a massive Extractor, but Team Sonic manages to foil his plans.

In other media

IDW Publishing

Main article: Lava Mountain Zone

Lava Mountain Zone, from Sonic the Hedgehog #21.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing, Lava Mountain is called Lava Mountain Zone. In this media, it is a volcanic area found on the Lost Hex. Its past is virtually identical to its game counterpart's, up until after the events of Sonic Forces. The headquarters of the Deadly Six, the Zeti Castle, is located here.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
Boss Rushes Tomoya Ohtani 2:13
Lava Mountain (Wii U/PC version only) Tomoya Ohtani 3:17
Boss Rushes (Guitar ver.) Tomoya Ohtani 2:15
Sea Bottom Segue (Wii U/PC version only) Tomoya Ohtani 5:43
Battle With Zavok (referred to as "Battle with Master Zik and Zavok" in the Nintendo 3DS version) Tomoya Ohtani 4:54
Dr. Eggman Showdown Tomoya Ohtani 3:47


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