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Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
Lava Lair

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Lava Lair is a course in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing that is based on the Billy Hatcher series. It is the third and final of three courses Billy Hatcher series, the other two being Icicle Valley and Rampart Road, respectively. It is the second course in the Monkey Cup.


It is a hazardous course set in a volcano. Much of the course's challenge stems from its environmental hazards, such as molten fireballs and seas of lava, as well as its length. About halfway through the course is a long wooden ramp. This ramp gradually curves as it ascends. As fireballs rain over the course, the path will take some unexpected turns. This can throw off the player and cause him to lose ground.

Afterwards, the player enters a long valley. The track crosses a sea of lava that requires the utmost care to cross without falling into the lava. To the left is an item box, but the path to get it can cause the player to lose ground.


For this Dino Mountain-located track, these are the following tracks selectable for the course: 

  • Tumbling Xylophone
  • Billy's Courage
  • A Jack-in-the-Box!
  • Bossa Nova of Briny Air
  • Volcanic Orchestra


  • Strangely, it says it is in Blizzard Castle in the announcement when it is actually in Dino Mountain. This is because it says the same thing for all of the courses in the same gameplay (for the Sonic ones, it depends on the location).
    • This might be because of Dino Mountain's close proximity to Blizzard Castle.




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