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The Launch Base Zone is a location that appears in Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It was a man-made Zone on the Floating Island constructed by Dr. Ivo Robotnik to repair the Death Egg II.


Initially, the Launch Base Zone was complete with checkered walls and yellow floors. However, as the Death Egg II prepared to launch, all that seemed to remain were the turrets holding the ship in place. Large enough to fit all of Robotnik's robots and the construction, the Launch Base Zone could be seen from as far as the Sandopolis Zone.[1]


The Launch Base Zone's sole purpose was to facilitate the repair of the Death Egg II after it crash-landed on top of the Lava Reef Zone.[2][3]

For the majority of the Launch Base Zone's existence, Dr. Ivo Robotnik and Grimer actually resided on the Death Egg, with Troopers patrolling the area.[3][4][5][1] The only person to enter the Zone was Knuckles the Echidna who, in an attempt to rid his island of all Robotnik's influence, broke his way into the main control room, took Grimer hostage and forced him to tell Robotnik that the echidna was dead.[2]

After the launch of the Death Egg II, the Launch Base Zone was destroyed by the ship's main thrusters, blowing the scaffolding apart.[6]

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