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Sonic Boom
Late Fees (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic Boom episode, "Late Fees".

[Scene: Tails' Workshop, Interior.]

[Tails is working on a device. Sonic runs in.]
Sonic: Tails, I need jumper cables.
[Tails reaches into his toolbox without looking and grabs a pair of jumper cables, which he holds up. Sonic grabs them and runs off. Tails goes back to work. Sonic runs back.]
Sonic: You got any duct tape?
[Tails once again reaches into his toolbox, and holds up a roll of duct tape. Sonic grabs it and runs off, but comes right back again.]
Sonic: How about a battery?
Tails: Antimatter or self-generating?
Sonic: I don't know. Something with a lot of juice.
Tails: Antimatter's on the top shelf, behind the video games.
Sonic: Thanks.
[Sonic runs over, grabs two batteries, then runs off again. Tails looks up from his work, then wonders what's going on. Tails runs outside.]

[Scene Change: Outside Tails' Workshop, daytime.]

[Tails stops short, seeing the Tailsmobile wedged between some rocks, the fan pointing upwards. Knuckles is sitting on top, in a bucket that's duct-taped to the fan, while Sonic is next to a battery, holding the jumper cables.]
Sonic: Ha! Initiate "Spinning Blades of Death"!
Knuckles: "Spinning Blades of Death"? I guess that sounds safe.
[Sonic connects the jumper cables to the battery. The fan begins to spin, spinning Knuckles with it.]
Knuckles: Whoo-hoo-hoo!
Sonic: Activating Hyper Mode.
[Sonic flips a switch on the side of the battery. The fan starts spinning even faster.]
Knuckles: Yeaaaaah!
Sonic: [hears his Communicator beep] Oh. [activates it] Sonic here.

[Scene Change: Amy's House, interior.]

Amy: Sonic, did you return the book I lent you to the library?

[Scene Change: Outside Tails' Workshop, daytime.]

Sonic: Um... not... yet?
[Knuckles goes flying off the fan in the background]

[Scene Change: Amy's House, interior.]

Amy: It's due today! If you don't return it on time, I'll have to pay late fees, Sonic!

[Scene Change: Outside Tails' Workshop, daytime.]

Amy: [over the Communicator] Late fees!
[Sonic holds the Communicator away and cringes as Amy yells over it.]
Sonic: Slam on your worry brakes, Amy. I'm all over this! Not a problem! [turns off the Communicator] Problem.
[Knuckles dizzily walks over, then collapses into the sand]
Sonic: I can't remember where the book is.
Tails: When I can't find something, I retrace my steps.
Sonic: Okay. What did I do yesterday?
[Flashback Montage: Sonic and Doctor Eggman are fighting in his Eggmobile. They bail out as it crashes into a tree and explodes. Cut to Sonic and Amy taking a selfie on top of Eggman's Lair, then they run and jump off of it as the satellite dish on top explodes. Cut to Sonic doing the limbo in the Gogoba Village. After Sonic successfully passes under the bar, the bar randomly explodes. Cut to Sonic reading a book outside his shack. He puts the book on a table and slides off the chair, walking away. The scene lingers for a bit, but nothing happens.]
Sonic: Oh yeah, that's where I left it. [runs off]

[Scene Change: Outside Sonic's Shack, daytime.]

[Sonic runs in, grabs the book, then runs off. The lounge chair explodes just as he leaves]

[Scene Change: Outside Tails' Workshop, daytime.]

[Tails is helping Knuckles up. Sonic runs up with the book]
Sonic: Got it! [holds out his hand for a five]
Tails: Nice. [gives Sonic five, dropping Knuckles, who falls back into the sand] But why'd you bring it back here instead of taking it straight to the library?
Sonic: Because you're part of the team that helped me track it down, and I wanted you to share in the glory of this victory. ...And I didn't think of that.
Tails: I feel glorious. And victorious. Now get going, the library closes in... [checks his Communicator watch] seven minutes!
Sonic: Plenty of time! Not a problem. [runs off]
Knuckles: I feel glorious too! Nope, wait, that's nauseous.

[Scene Change: Village Center, daytime.]

[Sonic is running through the Village, book in hand]
Sonic: Seven minutes? I'll get this to the library in ten seconds. Then I'll have six minutes and fifty seconds to eat a chili dog, kick back on the beach and read a book. Which I'll no longer have, but still.
[Sonic is forced to stop short as he sees Old Monkey crossing in front of him.]
Old Monkey: After you!
Sonic: No, please, after you! I have all the time in the world.
Old Monkey: I thought the same thing when I was your age, sonny.
[Old Monkey begins to slowly walk past. Sonic smiles for a bit, but soon starts getting impatient.]
Old Monkey: Did I ever tell you about the time I got a soda out of the vending machine without putting money in?
Sonic: Uh, no. We just met.
Old Monkey: Oh, it was the best day of my life!
[Old Monkey continues walking. Sonic continues to wait. Once he's far enough, Sonic starts running again, but stops short again, seeing Sticks walking in front of him, dragging a net.]
Sonic: Going fishing?
Sticks: For aliens! I dreamnt about badminton and teacups last night. And you know what that means!
Sonic: Let's pretend for a second that I don't.
Sticks: It means aliens are coming! Or I'm going to a badminton tea party. But I'm not taking any chances.
Sonic: Well... good luck with that.
[Sticks moves on. Sonic starts running again, but sees Meh Burger.]
Sonic: Don't mind if I do.
[Sonic runs up to the Meh Burger counter. Fastidious Beaver is already there.]
Fastidious: Actually, I'm not sure what I want. There are so many choices. Should I have a Meh Burger, or a Meh Burger with cheese? Or a double Meh Burger? Or a double Meh Burger with cheese? Or a Super Meh Burger? Or a Super Meh Burger with cheese?
[Sonic is getting more and more impatient.]
Fastidious: I know. [Sonic brightens] I'll have a hot dog. But... [Sonic's face falls again] should I have a hot dog with sauerkraut? Or a hot dog with onions? Or a hot dog with mustard? Or a hot dog wi--
Sonic: [cutting in] How about a chili dog?
Fastidious: Actually, a chili dog sounds delicious.
Dave: Would you like something to drink with that?
Fastidious: Something to drink? Hmm... [Sonic's face falls again] Should I have a soda? Or a water? Or a shake? Or a juice?
Sonic: [cuts in, annoyed] Juice! Have juice! Everyone loves juice!
Fastidious: [beat] I'll have juice.
Dave: Would you like to have--
Sonic: [frantically cutting Dave off] He doesn't want anything else!
[Dave hands Fastidious the bag with his order. Fastidious pays and leaves. Sonic raises his hand and is about to say his order, but is interrupted by a Moto Bug revving up.]
Eggman: [walks up] You cut in front of Moto Bug! He was holding my place while I was in the little villain's room.
Sonic: Oh, sorry, Egghead. I didn't see him. Go ahead.
Eggman: No, no, please! You're Sonic the Hedgehog. You deserve to be next! Go on! I insist!
Sonic: Well, I am in kind of a hurry. Thanks, Egghead. One chili dog, please.
[Dave hands Sonic a chili dog. Sonic takes a bite out of it.]
Eggman: I'd like a chili dog with extra relish.
Dave: Sorry, we're sold out.
[Eggman glares at Sonic. Sonic holds up his half-eaten chili dog.]
Sonic: Want a bite?
Eggman: No, I don't want a bite! I want my own!
Dave: We have some at the warehouse two villages over.
[Eggman looks at Sonic again. Sonic sighs, and gulps down the rest of the chili dog.]
Sonic: Be right back.
[Sonic runs off again, but is forced to stop short as Old Monkey is crossing in front of him again.]
Old Monkey: Did I ever tell you about the time I got a free soda?
Sonic: [frustrated] Yes!
[Old Monkey moves on. Sonic runs off again.]
[Montage: Sonic is running across various locales of Seaside Island.]

[Scene Change: In front of Meh Burger Warehouse, daytime.]

Sonic: There it is.
[Sonic is forced to stop short yet again as Mrs. Vandersnout crosses in front of him.]
Sonic: Do you mind if I go first? I'm in kind of a--
Mrs. Vandersnout: Did I ever tell you about the time I found some money on the street?
Sonic: [under his breath] You gotta be... [normal voice] No, we just met.
Mrs. Vandersnout: I used the monkey to buy a soda. So it was like the soda was free.
[Sonic gives an ingratiating grin. Mrs. Vandersnout continues walking. Sonic runs into the Meh Burger warehouse, then out again.]
Mrs. Vandersnout: I wish I liked soda.
[Montage: Sonic is running back through the various locales of Seaside Island.]

[Scene Change: Village Center, daytime.]

[Sonic runs up to Eggman, giving him the chili dog.]
Eggman: [looks at the chili dog] I asked for extra relish.
[Sonic gives Eggman a dirty look, then runs off, but is once again cut off by Old Monkey]
Old Monkey: You got me thinking, sonny. Today's the day! I'm heading home to drink my soda!
[Sonic shrugs, then runs past Old Monkey again. However, he ends up getting caught in a net and a cage.]
Sticks: Aha! Gotcha, alien!
[Sonic just looks at Sticks in annoyance]
Sticks: You're not an alien.
Sonic: [sarcastic] Really? You think? [annoyed] Get me out of here, Sticks!
Sticks: Umm... okay. [holds up a large keyring] Now which one was it again?
Sonic: You've gotta be kidding me!
[Sticks tries a few keys, none of which open the lock. Sonic groans. Sticks tries a few more keys, and finally opens the cage. Sonic runs off again.]
Sticks: [calling after Sonic] You're welcome!
Sonic: Plenty of time! Oh, come on!
[Sonic stops short for Old Monkey yet again.]
Old Monkey: Heh. I need a straw.
[Sonic runs off again. As he does, he runs past the Gogoba Chief.]
Gogoba Chief: Sonic! Sonic!
[Sonic puts the brakes on and looks back.]
Gogoba Chief: [standing next to a cart, which had a wheel fall off] I have a flat tire and I'm late getting back to my home to feed my children. Can you help me fix it?
Sonic: Um, I have a book to return, then I'll come back! I promise! Two minutes, tops!
Gogoba Chief: Oh, that's okay. Growing children don't need nutrition. It just keeps them healthy and stops their bones from getting brittle. I'll just fix this flat myself. My sciatica's flaring up, but I'm sure I'll only be laid up for a week or so. You go return your book while I struggle painfully and injure myself.
[Sonic sighs and turns back. Handing the book to the Gogoba Chief, he picks up the wheel and puts it back on the cart.]
Sonic: Done! [sees the Gogoba Chief reading the book] Book, please.
[Sonic runs off for the library, but laser blasts hit around him, causing him to dive forward and hit the dirt.]
Eggman: Eat this, you lying, cutting, relish-forgetting rodent!
Sonic: [spits out some dirt] I ran to the warehouse and got you your own chili dog! Doesn't that count for anything?
Eggman: No! You ruined my chili dog moment!
Sonic: [stands up, dusting himself off] Okay, fine. I'm happy to battle you over this, but can you give me a second to return this library book first?
Eggman: I'll show you exactly the same consideration you showed me.
[The Eggmobile flies up and starts firing at Sonic again as he runs off]
Eggman: None! None consideration!
[A near miss makes Sonic drop the book and go sprawling. As he sits up, he finds himself surrounded by Moto Bugs, Bee Bots, Crab Bots, and Fire Bots.]
Sonic: All this over a chili dog?
Eggman: It's the principle! Besides, I'm sure you'll think twice about cutting in line next time.
Sonic: [mockingly] Oh, did someone get pushed to the back of the line one too many times in elementary school?
Eggman: It was middle school. And those girls were vicious! Minions, attack!
[The robots close in around Sonic. Suddenly, Amy is seen rolling up in a cart pushed by Knuckles.]
Amy: Sonic! We've got your back!
[Knuckles rams the cart into a Moto Bug and a Crab Bot. Amy jumps out and smashes a Bee Bot with her hammer. Knuckles smashes another Moto Bug, while another Moto Bug is caught up in Sticks' net. Tails drives up in the Tailsmobile, turns it around, and switches it into hyper mode. The spinning fan blows away the rest of Eggman's robots. One of the Bee Bots explodes against the Eggmobile, sending it flying away. Sonic and Amy high five each other.]
Sonic: [checks his Communicator watch] Still plenty of time to get to the library. Okay, where's the book?
Amy: You mean my book? The one you were supposed to return that you said was not a problem?!
Sonic: I still have thirty seconds! We're fine!
[Team Sonic, except for Knuckles, start searching for the book, Sonic spots it in Knuckles' hands and runs up to him.]
Sonic: Give me that!
Knuckles: But... pictures!
Sonic: [snatches the book] See? And ten seconds to spare!
[Sonic walks up to the library doors and knocks.]
Fastidious: [from inside] We're closed.
Sonic: No you're not! There's seven seconds left!
Fastidious: We closed early. I'm taking my assistant to get some of those chili dogs.
Eggman: [offscreen] Chili dogs?!
[Eggman swoops back in, angrily blasting lasers from his Eggmobile. He blows a hole in the library wall before flying off again]
Sonic: Thanks, Egghead!
[Sonic runs up to the newly formed hole in the wall and passes the book in to Fastidious Beaver.]
Sonic: Told you I'd get it here on time!

[The episode ends]