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Late Fees

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"Late Fees" is the twenty-fourth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 1 April 2015 in France and on 2 May 2015 in the United States.


Sonic realizes he has 7 minutes to return Amy's library book and ends up racing the clock as he battles slow senior citizens, burger cravings, and an angry Eggman.



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As Tails is working on an invention inside his workshop, Sonic repeatedly appears, asking for jumper cables, duct tape, and batteries, which Tails absentmindedly provides. After finishing his work, Tails goes outside to see what Sonic needed his tools for. There, he finds to his shock that his Tailsmobile is being used for a foolish stunt by Sonic and Knuckles, which Sonic dubs the "Spinning Blades of Death". With Sonic using the battery to juice up the Tailsmobile's fan, Knuckles rides its propeller in a bucket ducktaped to it as it begins to spin. Just as Sonic increases the fan's speed though, Amy contacts him from her house via their Communicators to hear if Sonic has returned the library book he borrowed from her. As Sonic admits he has not (during which Knuckles is thrown off the Tailsmobile's fan), Amy tells him that the book must be returned today, lest she suffers late fees. Sonic assures Amy that he will return the book on time, but quickly admits to Tails and Knuckles that he has misplaced the book.

Advising Sonic based on his own experiences, Tails suggests that he should retrace his steps and Sonic recalls the events that occurred yesterday: battling Dr. Eggman, taking a selfie with Amy on top of Eggman's lair, doing the Limbo with the Gogobas in Gogoba Village, and reading Amy's book outside of his shack. Sonic swiftly retrieves the book from his shack and returns to Tails. Tails points out he should have gone straight for the library instead, but Sonic tries miserably to cover up his forgetfulness by telling Tails that he wanted to share this victory with Tails since he helped. Feigning excitement, Tails urges Sonic to go to the library before it closes in seven minutes, though Sonic is confident he can make it in even less time.

Entering the Unnamed Village, Sonic brags to himself about how fast he can return the book, but is forced to stop for the Old Monkey. Trying to be polite, Sonic lets the Old Monkey cross the street first after a brief argument, which he does so at a snail's pace while making smalltalk. After running for a short distance, Sonic notices Sticks dragging a net along the ground and stops to ask her if she is going fishing. She explains that the net is for capturing aliens which she was warned about were coming in her dreams (or that she was going to a tea party). Wanting no part in Sticks' paranoid actions, Sonic lets her go.

Soon after, Sonic is distracted yet again and heads to Meh Burger for a chili dog, but is forced to wait in line as the Fastidious Beaver struggles with deciding on his order; losing patience, Sonic helps the beaver make his choice to Dave with increasing assertiveness. Just as Sonic makes his order though, Eggman appears, accusing Sonic of cutting in front of his Motobug placeholder while he went to the "little villains room". Sonic offers to wait, but Eggman lets him go first, albeit in a patronizing manner. When Sonic gets his chili dog, Eggman orders one as well, but Dave notes the item is now sold out, angering him. Despite Sonic's offer to share his, Eggman declines, wanting his own. Dave mentions there are more at the Meh Burger warehouse two villages over, so Sonic heads there to appease Eggman after being pressured by the doctor.

On the way out of the Village, Sonic is held back by the Old Monkey again as the senior citizen is making another slow trek across the street while making useless smalltalk. Speeding along Seaside Island, Sonic spots the warehouse but is stopped by Mrs. Vandersnout who gets in his way; like the Old Monkey, she makes pointless small talk and moves away very slowly. Eventually, Sonic grabs a chili dog from the warehouse and brings it back to Eggman, who is displeased about it not having the exact topping he wanted. No longer caring, Sonic tries to head for the library.

On his way, Sonic again encounters the Old Monkey who slows him down just before. Sonic quickly takes off again after the Old Monkey has passed, but is suddenly caught in a trap. Sticks then reappears, having set up the trap to catch aliens. Once Sticks realizes who she caught, she unlocks the cage, though not after going through several keys in the process. Sonic takes off again, but is again slowed down by the Old Monkey, as he crosses the street again, much to his frustration. As Sonic nears his destination, he is stopped by the Gogoba Chief, who asks for Sonic to fix the broken wheel on his cart immediately. Sonic tries to decline, but is quickly guilt-tripped into complying. Once he is done though, Sonic finds the chief reading his book and takes it back.

With the library in sight, Sonic continues onward but is attacked by Eggman in his Eggmobile, who is completely ungrateful for Sonic's efforts and want revenge for forgetting his topping. Sonic tries to run away, but trips due to lasers from the Eggmobile and gets surrounded by Badniks and Fire Bots. Fortunately, Sonic's teammates arrive to assist him, with Sticks using her trap and Tails' his Tailsmobile, and together they destroy the robots and make Eggman crash in his Eggmobile. Amy is annoyed that Sonic still has not returned the book, but he remains calm despite having thirty seconds left and spending twenty of them to find the book, having dropped it during the battle, only to find Knuckles looking at its pictures. Unfortunately, when Sonic gets to the library, the librarian, Fastidious, has closed early so he and his assistant could go buy more chili dogs. The mention of "chili dogs", however, prompts Eggman to fire parting shots at Team Sonic with his Eggmobile, one of which blows a hole into the library. Sonic takes this opportunity to hand the book to Fastidious through the hole, thus succeeding in his task.


  • As Sonic runs towards Meh Burger, the same restaurant can be seen in the background just before he enters it in the next scene.
  • When Sonic first arrives at Meh Burger, the Fastidious Beaver is seen sitting at one of the tables, but in the next scene, he is standing at the front counter.
  • While Eggman gets angry at Sonic for cutting the Motobug, Sonic's holding Amy’s book in one shot. But the next shot, he is holding nothing.
  • When Sonic walks up to the Gogoba Chief's cart, the wheel on the other side of the cart has vanished.
  • The left arm of the Motobug at Meh Burger is colored grey instead of yellow.
  • When Sticks blinks while figuring out which key she has to use to open her cage, her eyelashes vanish for a split-second.
  • When the Fire Bots surround Sonic, the hoses that two of the Fire Bot wield are held up despite the robots not holding onto them.
  • The door on the library's door does not have a keyhole carved into it, despite having a keyhole cap.
  • As Amy dodges Eggman's final attack on the library, her eyelashes vanish for a split-second.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 滞纳金 Late Fees
Finnish Myöhästymismaksu Late fee
French Pénalités de retard Late Penalties
German Später Lohn Later Wages
Hungarian A késedelmi díj The Late Fee
Italian Tutto il tempo del mondo All the time in the world
Japanese 図書館に急げ! Hurry to the Library!
Korean 책 반납일 The Book's Due Date
Persian دیر نرسان Late Nurse
Polish Zdążyć przed zamknięciem Make it before closing time
Portuguese (Brazil) Sem Atrasos No Delays
Portuguese (Portugal) Penalização Por Atraso Penalty for Delay
Romanian Taxă de întârziere Delay fee
Russian Штраф Penalty
Spanish (Latin America) Cargos por Retraso Late Fees
Spanish (Spain) La Multa The Fee
Ukrainian (Pixel TV) Плата за спізнення Fee for lateness
Ukrainian (PlusPlus) Штраф за прострочення Penalty for delay



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