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The Last Utopia Zone boss is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It was a combat vehicle created by Dr. Robotnik. Powered by a Chaos Emerald, it was used by the doctor to combat Sonic.



The Last Utopia Zone boss is an oval-shaped hovercraft with a windshield, gray armor, and a round, green gem embedded on the vehicle's front. It is equipped with four small, gray rockets on its back, along with two massive robotic arms attached to its sides. Both of these arms have three fingers on their hands. The vehicle's forearms are bolted onto the main body and posses a small rocket hidden inside the elbow sockets. Also, on the vehicle's back, there is a gray circular receptacle to hold a Chaos Emerald. It also features a black underside, a red line below its nose, red upper arms, and red wristbands. It also has yellow and black hazard stripes on both its sides and its underside.

Powers and abilities

With a Chaos Emerald serving as its power source, the Last Utopia Zone boss is a powerful machine. It is capable of high-speed flight and can both detach its arms and fire them like rockets at their targets, allowing it to master both melee and ranged combat.


Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure

In Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure, while on the run from Sonic in Last Utopia Zone, Dr. Robotnik boarded the Last Utopia Zone boss and faced Sonic in a head-on battle. The doctor also inserted the purple Chaos Emerald that he stole from Knuckles in a previous encounter into his vehicle in order to empower it. Sonic eventually took back the Chaos Emerald from the vehicle though, which the hedgehog subsequently destroyed, and forced Robotnik to flee into space.


The Last Utopia Zone boss is the seventh and final standard boss of Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure. It is fought in Last Utopia Zone.

Boss guide

When entering Last Utopia Zone, Sonic chases after Dr. Robotnik, automatically collecting nine Rings along the way. When Sonic enters the arena, Robotnik will come out of hiding in the Last Utopia Zone boss, laughing as he holds the purple Chaos Emerald. Robotnik will then insert the Chaos Emerald into his vehicle, starting the boss battle.

The Last Utopia boss possesses three forms of attacks. First of all, it will charge at Sonic in an attempt to grab him. If successful, the boss will shake him violently in order to damage him. Its second form of attack includes shooting its forearms at Sonic like rockets when he is out of grabbing range. The final form of attack involves the boss stretching its arms out to the sides and spinning itself around across the arena like a top. This last attack is by far its most dangerous, as it covers a much greater range that its other two attacks.

To defeat this boss, the player has to hit the vehicle eight times. However, the player must be careful not to get hit by the boss when it is spinning or using its rocket-based forearms. To avoid these attacks, the player will have to either jump above the arms or, when they're being shot like rockets, duck underneath them.

To acquire the purple Chaos Emerald attached to the Last Utopia Zone boss, the player has to physically hit it. Once the player deals enough hits to the Chaos Emerald, it will fall off the boss, thus allowing the player to grab the Emerald and add it to their collection. This is an advisable strategy if the player has already acquired the other six Chaos Emeralds from the Special Stages.

After being defeated, the Last Utopia Zone boss will begin to blow up. If the player has collected all seven Chaos Emeralds by this point, Dr. Robotnik will flee into space in his Egg Mobile, leaving Sonic to pursue him to the edge of the Zone. He will then transform into Super Sonic and follow Robotnik into Chaotic Space Zone, where the game's true final boss awaits. On the other hand, if the player has not gotten all seven Chaos Emeralds, Robotnik will flee to the edge of the Zone in his Egg Mobile and beg Sonic not hit him. Attacking him at that point destroys the Egg Mobile, along with the rest of the Zone, and gives the player the bad ending of the game.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
N/A Maitaro 2:06


  • The background music during the Last Utopia Zone boss battle is a remix of the final boss theme from Sonic the Hedgehog 3.