The Laser Walker[1] (キラーターキィ号[2] Kirātākyi-gō?, lit. "Killer Turkey-gou") is the sixth and final Master Robot boss of Sonic Chaos, piloted by Dr. Robotnik. The player will encounter the Laser Walker in the end of Electric Egg Zone Act 3. The Laser Walker has two phases and forms during the battle, while the mobile itself takes seventeen hits in total to be destroyed completely.

Boss guide

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When the player passes through the laser traps or fast underground pipe section at Electric Egg Zone Act 3, the player enters a large hall, where Dr. Robotnik arrives in his Laser Walker. Robotnik has three main attacks patterns, while it moves forward and backs down. He can pilot the Laser Walker to duck down and shoot small energy projectiles that spread widely after shooting. If the player jumps behind the Laser Walker, Robotnik then shoots other types of projectiles, that rebound to other side of the arena and disappears after a while. The Laser Walker also can jump high, if the player attacks him from side.

The player has to be patient during the battle, as once jumping into Robotnik to do few hits, he/she has to watch out for rebounding projectiles at the same time. If the player gets crammed into a dead-end, the player has to jump over to avoid being crushed. The player has to do sixteen hits into Robotnik's cockpit. After the Laser Walker begins to explode, Robotnik ditches the leg attachment and flies to the right side of the hall, where he lies in wait for the player.

The Laser Walker's second form.

After being followed, the Laser Walker inflates its shape, then floats to the left to prepare for the final strike. In his final attempt to rid himself of Sonic or Tails, Robotnik tries to ram into the player with his machine. This is an all-or-nothing offensive; while only one last hit is required to defeat Robotnik, touching the Laser Walker anywhere else besides its vulnerable area will result in instant loss of life (regardless of Rings). When the player has performed the final hit by Spin Jumping from behind or below it, Robotnik will proceed to flee from the scene.

Depending on whether or not the player has collected all of the Chaos Emeralds, there will be different conclusions. In the bad ending, Sonic will lose track of Robotnik while chasing him, allowing the scientist to escape with the Red Chaos Emerald while the familiar words "Try Again" pop up to the screen. However, in the good ending, even though Robotnik manages to escape on a platform, he drops the final Emerald, restoring peace to South Island when combined with all of the other emeralds. Meanwhile, Tails only has one ending, as he cannot enter Special Stages.


  • The Laser Walker was originally unnamed in the Master System manual; however, in a Sonic The Comic Q Zone that covered the game, it was alternatively dubbed Robotnik - The Final Encounter?[3]
  • The final boss can be hard due to the lower screen resolution in the Game Gear version of the game, while the Master System version has a larger arena to fight.
  • The theme that plays at Electric Egg Zone Act 3 is the music from opening scene of the game. This music is also a remix of the intro/Scrambled Egg Zone's music from the Sega Master System/Sega Game Gear version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  • If the player chooses underground pipe pathway, if the player chooses downward way, while transporting at pipes, the below pipe leads to room with Super Ring monitor at it, which can be helpful during the final boss.





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