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Larry Lynx is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is a mobian lynx and the leader of the Substitute Freedom Fighters and "Agent Joker" of the Secret Freedom Fighters. Also, he is known for causing strings of luck to affect himself and anyone nearby - and he often cannot control whether it is good or bad luck, or whether it affects his friends or foes.


Larry has traditionally been depicted as a mobian short Lynx, almost domestic cat-like in his appearance. He has brown fur with black stripes, which continues onto a long tail, and a patch of white fur on his belly. His ears, initially small, became larger and with obvious black-tipping following his redesign.

Larry typically wears no clothing, except when the situation calls for it. He was seen dressed up at Bunnie and Antoine's wedding. As a member of the Secret Freedom Fighters, he wears a black jumpsuit with yellow markings, as well as yellow-tinted goggles. His suit also comes equipped with claw-shaped blades on his wrists.


Meeting the Freedom Fighters

Sonic the Hedgehog and the Knothole Freedom Fighters made his acquaintance during what should have been a routine mission, but turned into a disaster when Larry's bad luck caused them all to be captured except Sonic. Sonic was then able to turn the situation around by using Larry as a "good" luck charm against the SWATbots, destroying them, and rescuing the rest of the Freedom Fighters. [1]

Substitute Leader


Larry in his original appearance.

Larry returned when the Freedom Fighters were captured during a mission that involved a video game system from the real world that somehow interfaced with Mobius Prime. While Sonic was off in another universe fighting Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Larry desperately gathered the Substitute Freedom Fighters and launched a daring raid on Robotropolis that allowed them to rescue a captive Princess Sally and the other Knothole Freedom Fighters. After the mission, the Substitute Freedom Fighters were declared an official group and Larry was made their leader. He would later lead them in several other missions, including helping Sonic once when the Hedgehog temporarily lost his speed. [2]

Joker's Wild

Larry Lynx SFF 01

Larry before joining the Secret Freedom Fighters.

When Harvey Who decided to make a team called the Secret Freedom Fighters to stop Naugus' plans, Larry was moping on a stump when suddenly he fell into the Freedom HQ. Harvey then told Larry that he may join the Secret Freedom Fighters, no matter how bad his luck is. [3]

Larry and Lyco had went to Feral Forest during Eggman's invasion there. They were there to get Elias, as he was the one who came up with the idea of the Secret Freedom Fighters. After getting Elias, Larry, Elias, and Lyco were caught by Tails. As Elias told Tails not to worry about it, the three Secret Freedom Fighters had escaped with Tails' protecting them. They are successful at getting to New Mobotropolis, but they had saw the Death Egg hovering around the city.[4]

Larry had helped Team Freedom during Eggman's invasion in New Mobotropolis. [5]


Because of the bad luck which befell anyone in his presence, Larry had a very negative outlook when he first met the Freedom Fighters. He practically demanded that they leave him behind despite approaching SWATbots, and didn't complain when Sonic sent him to his apparent doom facing them. However, his initial victory boosted his confidence, enabling him to take command of the Substitute Freedom Fighters. Unfortunately, when the team saw little use and was later disbanded, Larry again fell into a depression, feeling a lack of direction in life. He tends to try his best in most situations, and has a brave streak; his tendency towards bad luck simply affects his outlook on most events.

Powers and abilities

A self-proclaimed "super jinx", Larry possesses an incredibly powerful bad luck aura that lets him alter probability, which is manifested in bad luck occurring to himself or those around him.[6] However, he has virtually no control over this ability and it is used largely unconsciously. Though this ability causes Larry all kinds of hardships, it can also be used in his favor when it negatively affects others or puts him into unusual situations.


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