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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Lara-Su is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. She is Knuckles' and Julie-Su's daughter from the future timeline known as Light Mobius.


Lara-Su is a mobian echidna with red fur that covers most of her body, peach skin on her muzzle, and violet eyes, she also has several dreadlock-like spines around the sides and back of her head with a tuft of pink hair in her forehead. For attire Lara-Su wear a grey jacket, grey shirt, grey belt, grey boots, and white gloves, she is one of the few characters to use glasses.


Unaltered Timeline

Due to his own bad experiences in the position of Guardian, Knuckles refused to allow Lara-Su to begin training to become a Guardian, even though she wanted to follow in his footsteps. This continued until she was sixteen and had her unveiling, a ceremony in which adolescent female Echidnas are introduced to adult society. Lara continued badgering her father to let her become a Guardian, leaving them both irritable to the point where Lara attacked her cousin Rutan in a school class that they shared. Despite her discontent with her father's wishes, Lara-Su agreed to go through with the ceremony, sharing a dance with Knuckles and with Vector the Crocodile's son Argyle. Afterwards, she spoke with her mother about her father's stubbornness, but Julie-Su supported Knuckles in his decision. Unbeknownst to either of them, Knuckles was meeting with Rotor of the Kingdom of Acorn, who had discovered that Mobius was in grave peril unless Knuckles and Sonic, who had long ceased to be on good terms and argued constantly when together, put aside their quarrels and joined the resources of Angel Island and the Kingdom.

Blissfully unaware of the events unfolding around her, Lara-Su was more concerned with her social life. As the royal family prepared to visit, she learned that Sonic and Sally Acorn's son Manik had a crush on her, the thought of which horrified her, especially the idea of Rutan finding out and using it against her. She begged her aunt Lien-Da, with whom she was quite friendly, to swear secrecy, to which Lien-Da agreed with amusement. Soon afterwards Sonic, Sally, Manik, and Lara-Su's best friend from off Angel Island, Sonia, arrived for their stay with the Guardian family. While Lara and the other youngsters tried to enjoy the get together with some other friends on the island, Espio the Chameleon's daughter Salma and an Echidna named Riki-Le-their parents found themselves reeling with what Rotor and his Dark Legion counterpart, Cobar, had to tell them about Mobius' impending doom. Oblivious, Lara and her friends-together with Sally and Julie-Su enjoyed a sleepover. Finally, though, Knuckles relented to her request for Guardian training after paying a visit to the grave of her grandfather, Locke. Before he could begin training her, though, Knuckles said he had an errand to run, in fact, he was accompanying Sonic on a mission that would hopefully stabilize Mobius and prevent its destruction. Showing that she was her parents' daughter, Lara-Su stowed away aboard the vessel that her father and the king boarded, only to disappear into thin air just as Sonic was being sent back in time.

Altered Timeline

Lara-Su defeats King Shadow using Chaos Control

Whatever Sonic did in the past drastically altered the future that Lara-Su hailed from. Shadow the Hedgehog replaced Sonic as Sally's husband and the king of Mobius; Manik and Sonia ceased to exist; and Knuckles served as Shadow's enforcer with the Dark Legion backing him and Lien-Da serving as the king's adviser. Despite these negative consequences, Lara-Su found herself being trained as a Guardian, which she greatly enjoyed as her powers continued to develop. However, the arrival of Tails, her father's childhood friend who had also protected his memories and those of his family from the temporal alterations, brought an end to her acceptance of this timeline. When Knuckles seemingly refused to help Tails, Lara-Su agreed to, missing her now non-existent friends and wanting to end Shadow's regime. The two found "King" Sonic homeless in an alley in the Echidna city of Portal, only to be caught and arrested by the Enforcer Knuckles and the local authorities.

Knuckles then revealed that the whole thing had been a setup: his own memories of the original future remained, and he had been planning to overthrow Shadow for some time. To her dismay, Lara-Su was left with the task of escorting an injured Rotor to safety while her father, Sonic, and Tails launched their attack to defeat Shadow and rescue Sally. When Sonic was defeated in battle as her father escorted Sally to safety, Lara-Su stepped in to confront Shadow herself. After a brief but intense contest in which Lara suffered an injury from Shadow's Chaos Spear, she was able to imprison him using Chaos Control. As Sonic and Sally were reunited, she then left on the arm of her proud father.

For some reason, Lara-Su's unveiling was shown to have happened in 3262 in Sonic Universe #5, whereas in the unaltered timeline it was shown to have happened in 3261 in Sonic the Hedgehog #132. It is possible that due to King Sonic altering history her unveiling happened a year later. It is also possible that the dance shown in SU #5 simply had similar characteristics to Lara-Su's unveiling but was a different event altogether.

Five Years Later

Five years after this, now a fully fledged Guardian, her mother and father leave Lara in charge of things while they are away, and Lara reassures them both by saying that she is "ready for anything".

Those "things", however, involved Lara-Su babysitting Manik and Sonia Acorn, the children of King Sonic the Hedgehog and Queen Sally Acorn, but Lara-Su seemed happy to do it, saying that she was perfectly capable of handling the two children. But she soon found out just how wrong she was. Within hours, the two children had managed to knock over all the furniture in the living room while speeding around, and Lara had to resort to using Chaos Control in order to make them stop and go to bed and read them quite a few stories. She then contacted her parents via a video-phone to talk about how things were going with the Mazuri Seperatists, and gave them her love before Sonia and Manik managed to run out of their room and engaged the two in a pillow fight. Unbeknownst to the young Guardian, the Dark Presence's spy unit, the Dark Eyes, were keeping watch on her. The next day at the celebration of King Sonic's five year rule, Lara-Su was feeling nervous about going on her first big mission without her parents or the Chaotix to back her up, but Miles assured her that after completing an incredibly difficult task like defeating King Shadow, that everyone on Mobius would be confident in her keeping them safe. While performing a sweep of the city, Lara noticed a couple of Dark Hands setting up a bazooka to attack King Sonic with, but Lara quickly subdued them, only to see that the bazooka wasn't loaded and realized that it was merely a diversion. Her aunt Lien-Da, who was wielding the loaded weapon, then fired on King Sonic and his family, only for the projectile to be caught in the psychokinetic grip of Silver the Hedgehog.

Lara-Su later confronted Rutan about what Lien-Da is up to, which almost resulted in fisticuffs between them. But Dimitri broke up the fight and recommended that Rutan contact Salma. Lara-Su then headed to Lien-Da's castle to blow off steam, but chose to head to Castle Mobius to assist Sonic. Lara-Su came at a bad time, though, as the Dark Presence hacked the security system and she and King Sonic barely escaped a laser barrage. Outside, they found Skye and Melody Prower on the street, and try their best to calm them down. Lara-Su then told Sonic that Argyle had a safe place for them to hide, and so the four of them headed to Argyle's. Dismissing any inconvenience to himself, Argyle welcomed them, at the same time revealing other guests who might be useful allies against Shadow: Jacques and Belle D'Coolette. Joining the new Future Freedom Fighters, she went to attack Castle Mobius, teaming up with Melody and Skye to take on the Dark Presence. The team defeated their enemies, only to be met by a fusion of Tikal and Chaos known as Tikhaos, which Shadow had released and evolved into perfect form.

Lara-Su then explained the Elemental War and how Tikhaos came to be. She then proposed an idea: if they can weaken and contain Perfect Tikhaos, she can subdue her with the "Tikal's Prayer" ritual. While the King went to rescue Silver and his family, Lara-Su was put in charge. Though she was nervous, she instructed Jacques and Belle to attack the entity while Skye and Melody distract it. She tried to initiate the ritual, but was hit down by Perfect Tikhaos. With the help of Silver, Sonic, Manik, Sonia, and the rest of the team, she was able to revert her to normal.


In Silver's future, the time-traveling hedgehog did research for who the traitor to the Freedom Fighters might be in a library on Onyx Island. The building was also home to a portrait of the Future Freedom Fighters, including Lara-Su. Later, as Silver made use of one of the Time Stones to travel back in time and engage the traitor he had apparently identified, he did so from the top of a statue resembling Lara-Su.


Lara-Su possessed exceptional determination and dedication, no doubt taught to them by her father. In either form, Lara often finds herself utterly confused by a number of situations, and she has a rather vulnerable nature at times. This has led her parents in both futures to mislead her or deny her certain privileges, but in the end they did it out of love. Lara-Su is also shown to have her parents' gung-ho fighting style and somewhat smug attitude.

Powers and abilities

As Knuckles' daughter, Lara-Su commands Chaos energy through a link to the Master Emerald. She has been trained by Knuckles in the use of her powers and thus is even more proficient, capable of matching Shadow's use of Chaos Spear and Chaos Control and even surpassing them. She also commands Knuckles's strength, and has fist spurs similar to his, which she can retract at will. She has received training in other areas as well, notably learning stealth techniques from Espio, flight from Charmy, and strength training with Mighty the Armadillo and Vector.


While Lara hasn't shown any romantic interest in anyone herself, she was the object of a crush from Prince Manik in the unaltered timeline. Vector's son, Argyle, may have also been interested in her judging by how he wished to dance with her at her unveiling. It is also possible that Skye Prower has a crush on her as well, as he seemed a little nervous (even more than usual) around her.

In Sonic Universe during the Silver storyline (SU #25) Edmund (the last guardian) makes a comment while looking over the Vector Prelate saying “Makes me think of my poppa.” Then in the same page says “I remember the stories my Mother used to tell me, and she didn’t have it half as bad as my Granddaddy.” This is a possible hint that Lara-Su and Argyle end up together and that Edmund is their son, making Edmund, Knuckles' grandson.

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