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When the Badniks attacked my hometown, I was terrified. I never wanted to feel so helpless or unprepared again. I didn't want anyone to have to feel that way.

— Lanolin the Sheep, Sonic the Hedgehog #58

Lanolin the Sheep[4] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is an anthropomorphic sheep from Riverside and a member of the Restoration. She is responsible for the creation of the second generation of Diamond Cutters.

Concept and creation[]

Lanolin was created by Adam Bryce Thomas as a background character in Sonic the Hedgehog #2. Thomas would continue to draw Lanolin in subsequent issues he illustrated, usually with a new look. Writer Ian Flynn would later confirm Lanolin's name.[5]


Lanolin is an anthropomorphic sheep with cloudy white wool on her head for hair, a light tan muzzle with a black/salmon nose, and slate blue eyes with light powder blue sclera and two eyelashes on each one. She possesses black/brown pointy and stubby horns on top of her head, droopy medium-long ears with light tan canals, and black/brown hoof stubs for fingertips. She also has a large tuft of wool on her forehead while the rest of her hair is kept in four buns.

Lanolin has worn many outfits over time. Initially, she wore an amber dress with a teal/green sash tied in a ribbon at the back, teal/green hairbands, and brown shoes with straps or brown Mary Jane shoes with gray buttons, golden jingle bells and tan soles.[6] When Lanolin was working at Restoration HQ, she wore an orange long-sleeved dress with collar under a green long-sleeved shirt, black hairbands, pearl earrings, white gloves, and lilac and white shoes.[7] While assisting the Restoration during the Metal Virus evacuations, she wore a red, pink and black jumpsuit with black knee, elbow and shoulder pads, red hairbands, red fingerless gloves, red and pink shoes with white toes and dark gray soles, and a pair of goggles with pink lenses, red frames and black straps on her head.[8] On Angel Island, Lanolin wore a black tank top, green pants with red belt, black hairbands, orange and white sneakers, orange fingerless gloves, and white socks. She also wore black knee, elbow and shoulder pads, and goggles with light blue lenses, gray frames and black straps on her head with this outfit.[9] At the party in Spiral Hill Village, she wore a green blouse, a short orange skirt, green socks, and brown loafers with gray soles.[10] For cold weathers, she wore a tan oversized sweater, olive green leggings, cream snug warm boots with white Harrison cuffs and dark gray soles, and had no hairbands.[11] Her latest outfit has her with a black sports bra, orange/yellow tank top, green cargo pants, a brown belt with a golden buckle, brown and tan combat boots with zipper sliders, orange/yellow hairbands, black elbow sleeves, and brown fingerless gloves.[12]

For the most part, Lanolin wears a bronze cowbell hanging in a green choker with a gold clip around her neck. She later wears the Golden Bell, her personal custom bell Wispon, hanging in a gray choker with a gold clip around her neck.[4]



Lanolin arrives

Lanolin arriving to alert Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #2.

When Sonic was defending Riverside from Badniks, Lanolin alerted him and Amy Rose of an invasion force coming in from the west side of town. Sonic, Amy, and the local militia disposed of this invasion force immediately after.[6] Lanolin was terrified of the invasion and didn't want anyone to feel so helpless and unprepared like she was.[2]


Inspired by Sonic's heroism,[4] Lanolin joined the Restoration and assisted with the operations at Restoration HQ.[7]

Crisis City[]

As the Metal Virus pandemic escalated, Lanolin continued with her duties at the Restoration HQ.[13]

The Last Minute and Big's Big Adventure[]

Lanolin was busy checking notes on a clipboard when Big visited Restoration HQ in search of Froggy. She paid little attention to the cat, even as one of her co-workers struggled to drag him back in line after Gemerl denied him entry. Restoration HQ fell to the Metal Virus soon afterward, with only a handful of survivors, including Lanolin, managing to escape in a rescue shuttle.[14] She later joined in on the evacuation of Spiral Hill Village after the Metal Virus was dumped there.[8]

All or Nothing[]

After escaping from Spiral Hill Village, the survivors went to Angel Island. Lanolin was in the rescue shuttle's cockpit when Rouge contacted the Restoration from aboard the Faceship. While Amy took the call, Lanolin nervously glanced up at an infected Sonic as he sat atop her seat.[15] Later, she helped the Restoration set up camp on the island with the remaining uninfected.[9]

Out of the Blue[]

Later on, Lanolin attended the party at Spiral Hill Village to celebrate the end of the Metal Virus pandemic.[10]

Chao Bases and Badnik Races[]

At some point, Lanolin took a trip to the White Park Grand Chateau.[11]

Test Run![]

Lanolin eventually returned to the Restoration, working on the day-to-day operations of the new Restoration HQ. There, she showed Belle to the Machine Shop after being asked to do so by Jewel. Lanolin would greet the Chief Mechanic and introduce him to Belle, only for the Chief to remind Lanolin about her formalities and needing to relax. Embarrassed, Lanolin leaves Belle in the Chief's care.[12]

Zeti Hunt![]

While in Restoration HQ, Lanolin met Vector, who informed her that the Chaotix had come at the request of Jewel. Embarrassed, Lanolin called Jewel loudly on the walkie-talkie, then made her departure.[16]

Trial by Fire[]

While at the Forest Ridge Zone Campground, Lanolin would scamper around among the scared campers while a forest fire was going on around them.[17]

Urban Warfare[]

Lanolin proposed to Jewel for the Restoration to have a rapid-response team to both protect people and act against threats before they cause damage. Jewel approved the idea and Lanolin searched for volunteers. She was able to get Tangle and Whisper to join the team. Lanolin then heard about Eggman's new base and wanted to take the team in to explore it. Sonic met with the new team and Lanolin explained the situation. Sonic agreed to help and asked if the team had a name. Tangle suggested Diamond Cutters and Lanolin agreed to the name. Lanolin told Sonic she has been looking forward to working with him for a long time. Sonic said he didn't remember meeting her, and Lanolin said it was briefly when her town was saved by him. She told Sonic he was the inspiration for her to join the Restoration. Sonic said it was a pleasure to met her again and they shook hands. Lanolin then said they could leave whenever he was ready.

Lanolin and Whisper scouted the Eggperial City, but when they saw no major defenses or traps, Sonic and Tangle rushed in, much to the shock of Lanolin. She complained about them being so reckless and said they can't beat the odds forever. Lanolin to Whisper joined in to defeat the wave of Badniks Sonic and Tangle, with Lanolin using Maggie to fight. Once the Badniks were destroyed, Lanolin yelled at Sonic for rushing in and not being stealthy. Sonic said slow wasn't his thing and Tangle apologized for still getting used to team dynamics. Sonic then asked what they should do next, and Lanolin used Whisper's Green Wisp to scout the city. She concluded the city has gotten bigger, which made Tangle wonder how since there was no visible construction equipment. Sonic then transformed into Green Hover to survey more of the city. When he came back, Sonic told Lanolin she was right the city was growing, and it was healing itself. Lanolin wondered where it was getting the resources to grow and repair itself. Tangle speculated they were mining underground, and Sonic remembered Belle saw a tunnel network under the city. Lanolin agreed to check them out, but with caution.

The team went into the tunnels and quietly took out Badniks as they descended, with Lanolin using Maggie to take out several of them. When they reached the lowest point, Whisper blew a hole into the floor with her Variable Wispon and Tangle and Lanolin rappelled inside to look around. Using Maggie as a light, they discovered the ground had been stripped mined empty. They got out and Lanolin relayed this to Sonic, who concluded Eggman was making a city that would grow itself until it covered the entire planet. Lanolin said they needed to return to HQ to get backup and march on the city. Sonic countered that they should do it now. Lanolin was against the idea, as their team was untested, and they needed more help. Sonic countered the city was only going to get bigger if they fall back, but Lanolin said it would grow unopposed if they got taken out today

After some more arguing, a portal device appeared in front of them. Sonic and Tangle recognized it from Eggman's Tower when they were put in a cyber realm. Sonic ran off while Tangle held onto him, with her holding Lanolin and Whisper with her tail. Just as they got out of the elevator shaft, a Zoomer broke Sonic and Tangle's grip, causing Tangle, Whisper, and Lanolin to fall into the portal.[4] The trio was then taken into a parallel world where they could see and hear others, but could not interact or be seen by anyone. Lanolin was sitting with her head in her knees when Tangle asked her if she had a plan, but she told her she wasn't the boss. Tangle said she had the traits to be one and her and Whisper can't do it. Lanolin said she wasn't cut out for this and when Tangle asked why she created the team, Lanolin said desperation. She still remembered how her home town was attacked and didn't want anyone to feel the helplessness she felt. She called the mission a failure and blamed herself for it. Tangle tried to cheer her up by saying they failed together, which didn't help. Tangle went on to say she's made a lot of mistakes, but Jewel always helped her get back up. She said they will get out of this stronger and smarter. This got Lanolin to stand up and ask how she can be so sure. Tangle said because they're awesome and never give up.

Tangle looked to Whisper for encouragement, but Whisper asked why she named the team after the crew of friends she lost. Lanolin thought Whisper's old team disbanded after the war. Whisper clarified they were betrayed and destroyed. Tangle profusely apologized to Whisper for naming the team Diamond Cutters and said she only had good intentions. Lanolin said they can change the name. Whisper admitted her old team were there for her and now only their Wisps are what's left of them. Whisper says she has been walking away from the people trying to help her. She realizes the only person not trying to help her is herself. Lanolin said she understands if Whisper can't trust people after being betrayed. Whisper clarified only one person took her life away from her and she isn't going to let his fear rule her life anymore. Whisper apologized for being a bad friend and asked for patience for her to move on. Lanolin then asked for her to be patient with her being bossy and inexperienced.

They joined hands and Whisper told them they can remain the Diamond Cutters, saying their old team would be honored by it. Tangle then brought the two in for a group hug, with Lanolin asking for a limit on group hugs. Breaking the hug, Lanolin asked Whisper how her hold team would handle their situation. Whisper says their was no chain of command and they relied on their skills to figure out what to do. She said they would ask Claire for insight, which led to Tangle asking Whisper to scout for them. Lanolin then realized no Badnik can attack them since they can barely interact with the world. So they could scout the city bypassing security and relay the information to Sonic once they returned them to normal. Tangle teased that she made a plan, and Lanolin said it was some direction at least. Whisper suggested they head to the central tower and Lanolin lead the group to head out.[2]

The Diamond Cutters made it into the command room of the tower where they saw Eggman with Orbot and Cubot overseeing the attack on the other heroes who arrived. Lanolin tried to stop Tangle from touching Metal Sonic, saying it isn't how they do things. Tangle said they aren't going to spot them, and Lanolin gave up and told them to find some useful information. They then saw on a monitor Shadow Androids attacking Sonic and the others. This caused Whisper's trauma of her friends' deaths to come back. Tangle comforted Whisper and Lanolin joined her.

The team saw Eggman restart the city's power because of a power surge caused by Shadow. As he expressed his anger that he can't see where the Restoration members on, Lanolin tells Tangle that surge nearly disabled the entire city. She speculated if they trigger a bigger one, and stop Eggman from throttling it, they can destroy the city. Tangle agreed to the idea, but they suddenly started to become visual to the real world again. Lanolin told them not to panic and they froze when Eggman sees them.

Eggman said he had seen them before and they ran into his Spatial-Displacement Trap. Eggman says they almost escaped when the power dipped, but revealed his new models that can shatter their atoms into oblivion. Whisper shoots Eggman with her Wispon, but it goes right through him. Eggman says her Wispon has been separated from normal space and she can't hurt him. The hexagonal trap surrounds Whisper and closes around her. Another trap started to surround Tangle, but Lanolin shoved her out of the way. Lanolin commanded her to find the others and tell them what to do. Before she could give more instructions, the trap closed in on her as Tangle looked on in horror.[18]

Thanks to the efforts of Tangle, Sonic and Amy, Tails was able to disable the computer system that had Lanolin and Whisper trapped. Lanolin and Whisper made it to the main tower where Eggman was holding Tangle at gunpoint. Lanolin came in an introduced the Diamond Cutters to Eggman, with Whisper hitting the doctor on her cue. Tangle cried tears of joy for their return, but Lanolin said all that mattered was they were back and they needed to leave. She then took her Golden Bell and transformed it to damage the glass wall around the control room with a concentric sound wave. Once Sonic kicked Metal Sonic out of the tower, she and the rest of the Diamond Cutters left. They made their way to the Giant Fake Chaos Emerald tower Shadow created, with Lanolin having trouble getting on it. She watched on as Tangle and Whisper helped Sonic destroy the main tower. Lanolin and the other heroes on the tower were then protected by Silver as some Giant Emeralds began to explode.[19]


In a meeting with the Diamond Cutters at Restoration HQ, Lanolin told her teammates their first mission was technically a success but was almost a disaster and they had work to do. She asked Whisper how her old team organized themselves, and Whisper said they were all volunteers initially. Tangle asked if she has been thinking of recruiting and Lanolin told her they need to diversify their options. They would have more ideas, skills, and options if there are multiple threats with more people. Lanolin took away the paddle board Tangle was playing with while she was talking. Duo the Cat then walked in on their meeting and Lanolin asked if he needed anything. Duo asked if their team was accepting volunteers and made a pitch for him to join the team. He sat down for questions and Lanolin asked if he had any special skills or prior experience he could bring to the team. She pushed away the paddle board before Tangle could grab it while she asked. Duo said he was good with computers and could handle a Wispon. Tangle thought they should give him a chance and Whisper said it was better to start recruiting during peacetime. Lanolin said she was happy to have him on the team and his training would be his trial assessment. Lanolin asked if he lived nearby, and Duo said he didn't think about where he would live. Lanolin asked Tangle to find a place for him to stay and the lemur left with Duo.[20]

Lanolin would later bring the Diamond Cutters to Green Hill for a training exercise, which included newcomers Duo and Silver. She told them their mission was to work on coordinating moves and communication. She headed to the bottom of the Canyon with Tangle and Whisper, while Silver raised some rocks. Lanolin asked Silver to bring the rocks to her, but Duo kicked Silver, causing him to lose hold of the rocks, letting them fall their way. Suddenly, a Giant Chopper broke out of the canyon wall and started to flood the valley. She asked Whisper to fly them out, but Whisper said it would be too slow. Tangle used her tail as a grapple and they swung out of there. She told them to split up and she flew with Whisper, using her Wispon to destroy the rocks. They reached higher ground and she asked where the boys were. They found Duo next to the Chopper and asked were Silver was. Duo was about to explain when Silver escaped the Badnik and threw it aside. He accused Duo of ditching him. Lanolin told him not to point fingers and she expected better control from him. Silver said it was an accident, but she didn't accept the excuse and told him to do better.[21]

Later, Lanolin would catch Silver and Whisper spying on Duo and save the cat from falling over a railing. She called for them to come out from hiding and asked Silver what he was trying to do. Whisper said they were spying on Duo because he was Mimic in disguise. Lanolin demanded proof, but Whisper said they would later and she already saw some tells he was. Lanolin defended Duo, saying Whisper was harassing a teammate. Whisper tried to push her aside, but Lanolin pushed her to the ground and was disappointed Whisper couldn't control herself. She told they needed to talk about problems as a team, but Whisper kept fighting her. During their tussle, Silver seemingly hurt Duo, shocking the crowd including Lanolin. Jewel came to the scene and asked who started this. Lanolin pointed to Silver and said, until he could act more responsibly, Silver should be off the team. Whisper agreed, and after shooting a look at Tangle, the lemur also voted him off.[22] Lanolin was present with the Diamond Cutters when Surge and Kit were introduced to them by Sonic and Amy. She expressed concern for them possibly joining their team but was willing to allow it if Amy recommended them joining. Amy did not appreciate the comment.[23]

Clean Sweepstakes[]

Lanolin was among those who joined the Clean Sweepstakes race, as she's a Diamond Cutter, she was in the Diamond Cutters team.

As the Babylon Rogues catch up with Sonic, Tails, and Amy, the Diamond Cutters literally blow in the middle of conversation, and they begin arguing with them. Suddenly, Amy, Tails and Sonic's Extreme Gears malfunctioned, causing the crash. During the equipment malfunction, Tails and Sonic hold on to Amy, but then suddenly she lets her board go, leaving the trio on the road. Lanolin then tells the trio to leave the race, as they're as much as a hazard as their Extreme Gear. Tangle then yells at Lanolin, telling her that it's their friends, but "Duo" agrees with Lanolin.[24]

In the second race, when the Phantom Rider would cause trouble on the track, Lanolin demanded to Duo to call for the Clean Sweepstakes Security for backup, saying how the Phantom Rider is going down. Later once the security arrived, they would surround the Phantom Rider. Lanolin used her wispon, causing the track to break. Lanolin, along with Tangle and Whisper, would help people get to safety.[25]


Lanolin has a helpful and hardworking mindset, as she is willing to do many tasks for the Restoration. She is good at following orders but is very formal about it. As such, Jewel and others have to remind her to not act so official while greeting them.[12] Lanolin also appears to get startled easily, whether it is from Badniks to being called by her boss.[6][12] She also prefers to make sure she and her group are prepared and have a plan ready before going in for an assault against their enemies, and is therefore easily flabbergasted by the blatant recklessness of heroes like Sonic and Tangle. Lanolin prefers to do things that do not have a lot of risk but is willing to put herself in danger when needed.[4] Lanolin recognizes when other is hurting and is willing to adjust hand help them. She has also admitted to having an issue with being bossy.[2]

Lanolin is described that just as Tangle, she was inspired by Sonic's acts of heroism, causing her to join the Restoration. However, she started to grow frustrated in secret over how the organization started to focus on humanitarian efforts and how Sonic his friends dealt with Eggman, wanting them to focus in dealing with attacks from criminals with a direct approach, instead of waiting for them to strike first. She takes her duties as a new member of the Diamond Cutters seriously, but unfortunately due to stress with organizing the team, she comes across as cold and abrasive, despite having good intentions, such as not checking on her friends well being. She also has some difficulty listening to her team, not looking into Silver or Whisper's accusations and concerns or how Team Sonic's boards mysteriously malfunctioned, as well as having a sense for being stubborn which makes her react wrong to how certain people act.[26]

Powers and abilities[]


The Golden Bell worn around her neck is her Wispon. When her Magenta Wisp, Maggie, enters it, the clacker will glow magenta. Lanolin can fire concentrated sonic waves when the bell is struck. The bell can also be rung as an alarm or distress bell.[4] When transformed, ringing the bell releases massive, concentric sound waves, leveling everything in their wake. Directing this attack requires considerable skill and concentration, making it potentially dangerous to a novice user.[26]


Sonic the Hedgehog[]

Lanolin respects Sonic the Hedgehog for his experience and is grateful for him saving her hometown from a Badnik attack. She accredits Sonic as her inspiration to join the Restoration. On the other hand, she takes issue with his impatience and leap-before-you-look attitude.[4]


It is unknown how Lanolin met Maggie, but she has grown close to the Magenta Wisp. She uses the Wisp whenever she is in a combat situation, and Maggie is quick to respond to help. Lanolin also has Maggie out of the Golden Bell when she stressed or is relaxing, usually with her resting on her right hand.[4]

Tangle the Lemur[]

Lanolin has an issue with Tangle the Lemur being reckless and not thinking about the team first. However, she sees her as an equal on the team and has grown to see that she has some insight.[4][2]

Whisper the Wolf[]





IDW StH 30 A LineArt

Lanolin (bottom left) on an early cover of Sonic the Hedgehog #30.

  • Lanolin appears on an early draft of Sonic the Hedgehog #30's A cover, which was done by Adam Bryce Thomas. However, she was edited out of the final version.[27]
  • The outfit that she wore during her first days of work at the Restoration HQ is slightly similar to Amy's outfit when she was younger.
  • According to Ian, the reason why Lanolin has a supporting role in story arcs starting with Sonic the Hedgehog #57 was mostly due to how Lanolin's appearances has evolved until she started gaining a role in the story.[28]
  • Lanolin shares her name with Lanolin Sheep, a secondary character of the comic strip U.S. Acres who is perhaps best-known for her appearances in the Garfield and Friends TV show.
    • The reason for the two characters sharing this name is because lanolin is a type of "wool grease" secreted by real-world sheep, which keeps the sheep's skin moist, moisturized, and helps the sheep's skin heal after being sheared.


Model sheets[]

Concept artwork[]



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