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Landslide Limbo

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Landslide Limbo is the fifth zone in SegaSonic the Hedgehog.


Right as the level begins, one of the gear-like cylinders from Trap Tower will burst out through the tower's exit and cause the pathways to crumble. As such, the playable characters must be quick on their feet to avoid falling off while also avoiding boulders, fireballs, and a Looney Tunes-style scenery painting that they can potentially crash into. Catapults and specially marked wooden platforms launch the player(s) across gaps.

At the end of the level, the player(s) must destroy a buzzsaw contraption in an "arena" marked by electrical barriers. The machine will launch two buzzsaws at the player(s), then reload to launch more, which is the best chance to attack the machine with a Spin Jump. The machine is also outfitted with flamethrowers that cover the sides of the arena, making avoiding the buzzsaws more difficult. Once the player lands enough hits, the machine explodes, and the level is cleared.


  • In the Revision A prototype of the game, this level is simply known as "Landslide Zone", and appears as the third playable level.




Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
N/A Hiroshi Kawaguchi, Keitaro Hanada, Naoki Tokiwa 3:30
SegaSonic the Hedgehog Volcanic Vault


SegaSonic the Hedgehog - Landslide Limbo

SegaSonic the Hedgehog - Landslide Limbo

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