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"Lair On Lockdown"[2] is the ninety-eighth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 22 September 2017 in France and on 7 October 2017 in the United States.


After accidentally triggering lockdown protocol during a battle, the gang gets trapped in Eggman's lair with Eggman, Cubot and Orbot.[3]






One morning at Dr. Eggman's lair, Dr. Eggman is regaling in his new evil online ticket selling business when Team Sonic arrives to stop him due to his high prices. In response, Eggman sics his Badniks on the team. In the process, a bladed weapon from a Mantis Bot gets knocked back by Sticks and strikes Eggman's control panel, engaging the lair's occupant sorting process. Eggman and Knuckles, Amy and Tails, and Sticks and Orbot are all set to different parts of the lair, while Sonic and Cubot hold on long enough to shut down the process. However, Sonic's random button pushing also sends the lair into lockdown for a 48-hour duration. Sonic quickly goes mad with impatience and tries to undo it, only to find it requires a verbal password to unlock.

Tails and Amy, in the basement, try communicating for help to no avail since the lockdown blocks all radio signals, so Amy decides to spend the time cleaning. Meanwhile in the living room, Orbot tries to make small talk with Sticks, only for her robo-phobia to keep him away. At the same time in the storage room, Eggman bemoans his situation, with Knuckles' attempts to make him feel better not helping. During the cleaning, Amy discovers a stash of Mootonium. Tails is certain they will be fine as long as the Mootonium stays cool, though it does not deter them from moving across the room. Meanwhile, Sonic and Cubot stumble upon Eggman's password, "chili dog", by accident. Sonic fumbles with the control panel, only to turn off the lights. This leads to Orbot using his built-in lights, which leads to the discovery of an AC vent they can use to escape. In the store room, Eggman waxes nostalgic about his old inventions to Knuckles, including his first robot, Zippie, who Knuckles finds.

Back in the living room, Orbot and Sticks remove the AC grate, but to get through the vents, they need to shut down the air flow. Sticks simply deactivates the AC for the whole building, leaving Amy and Tails to desperately try and keep the Mootonium cold before Sticks and Orbot drop in on them through the ventilation. In the storage room, Eggman talks about how Zippie's simple A.I. means he can only use Morse Code. However, this gives him the idea to send Morse Code through the pipes to communicate with the other rooms. The message reaches the basement, and Eggman and Orbot use Morse Code to update each other. Eggman then sends instructions on how to override the lockdown.

The message is relayed to the HQ room and, through Cubot's translation, Sonic manages to undo the lockdown and everyone escapes before the lair explodes due to the Mootonium. In the aftermath, Sticks and Orbot make peace and Knuckles reveals he saved Zippie for Eggman to cheer the doctor up.



  • In the scenes where Team Sonic, Dr. Eggman and Orbot get sucked into the lair's tubes, the HQ room is shown being littered with robot parts. In the following scenes however, the robot parts have vanished.
  • When Sonic first uses the HQ room's control desk in an attempt to escape the lair, the hole in the touchscreen interface made by a Mantis Bot's claw earlier on vanishes without explanation.
  • In the first shot of the basement that is shown after the air conditioning is shot off, the barrels of Mootonium are not glowing.
  • In some of the scenes, Orbot's black colors are much brighter than normal.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French État d'urgence au repaire State of emergency at the lair





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