Quotation1 Percival’s favored weapon, a rapier. Quotation2
— Description, Sonic and the Black Knight[2]

Laevatein (レーヴァティン Rēvu~atin?) is an item that appears in Sonic and the Black Knight. It is one of the unlockable weapons in the game that can only be equipped to and wielded by Sir Percival. It is Percival's signature weapon and one of the sacred swords from the world of Camelot. Laevatein is also known as the rapier of the Holy Knight. It is the third sword that Sonic collects in the Adventure Mode of the game.



In terms of sword types, Laevatein resembles a rapier. It has a long, thin double-edged silver blade. Like most other traditional raipers, Laevatein has a golden cup hilt decorated with lines and a golden knuckle bow extending from the rim of the cup hilt to the sword pummel, which is golden as well and pointy. It also has a white and straight grip.


In Sonic and the Black Knight Laevatein had been in the possession of Sir Percival for an unprecedented amount of time. It is possible, though, that Laevatein might have originally been a part of the legendary sword Excalibur, but was then divided into Laevatein and the other sacred swords when Excalibur's light was lost.

Shortly after Sonic the Hedgehog's arrival in the arthurian realm, Percival was sent out on a mission by King Arthur to find both Sonic and Merlina the Wizard and kill them on sight. Sonic eventually sought out Percival himself in order to obtain Laevatein so he could use it to negate the immortality King Arthur was granted by Scabbard of Excalibur. As soon as they met each other at Molten Mine, Percival and Sonic engaged each other in a duel with swords, with Percival using Laevatein and Sonic using Caliburn. Sonic managed to defeat Percival, and after saving her life, he obtained Laevatein.

Sonic later used Laevatein in conjunction with Arondight, Galatine and Caliburn to neutralize the immortality granted by the Scabbard of Excalibur's during his final battle with King Arthur and succeeded, thus allowing Sonic to finally defeat the evil king.

When Merlina betrayed Sonic and tried to take control over the kingdom, Sonic gave Laevatein back to Percival, who used it to help the others set up a barrier to contain Merlina's power, though the barrier proved to be too weak. During Sonic's final battle with the Dark Queen, Laevatein was used along with Arondight and Galatine to help Sonic and Caliburn transform into Excalibur Sonic and Excalibur.


When Laevatein is equipped to Percival, she obtains the following Skills:

Name Description
Quick Step Improves left/right movement while running.
Quick Air Improves left/right movement while jumping.
Ring Present Rings increase with each Soul Surge attack.
Lunge Attack Move forward and flick the Wii Remote to Lunge Attack.
Aerial Attack Move back and flick the Wii Remote to Aerial Attack.
Perfect Guard Guard with just the right timing.
Attack Step Attack becomes possible when using a short jump.
Soul Surge Press the B button when there is energy in the Soul Gauge.


  • No: 218
  • I.D. Point Price: N/A
  • Rarity Level: 0/10
  • Item Type: N/A
  • Location: Molten Mine (Mission "Defeat the Boss: Sir Percival)

Real world background

Much like the other Sacred Swords, Laevaitein was never given any real name in the original Arthurian fiction as it was not the custom in the medieval romances. In fact, the original Percival was known to carry a lance rather than a sword. This might however have inspired Laavatein to designed as a rapier, since it too has a long outer blade.

Laevatein's name may originate from Lævateinn, a mythical flaming sword from Norse mythology, also known as the "Wounding Wand", the "Staff of Destruction" or "Damaging Twig." The elf Volund had forged a sword so lethal that it imperiled the very gods themselves. The sword made its wielder invincible in battle, could fight without being held and was forged for the hand of a god. Mortals that dare touched the sword were met with an unpleasant fate. The sword was taken from Volund, brought to Asgard, and passed into the hands of the god Freyr, who traded Laevateinn for the hand of the giantess Gerðr. At Ragnarök, Surtr (the lord of the fire giants) wielded Laevateinn and severed the roots of the world tree Yggdrasil, instigating the destruction of the world. Freyr would ultimately fall to his own blade during Ragnarök at Surtr's hand.


  • Laevatein is the only one of the Sacred Sword besides Caliburn to be wielded normally; Arondight is wielded backhanded, and Galatine are two swords.
  • Laevatein is sometimes known as the Sword of the Grail, because Percival is the Knight of the Grail.


  1. Though Sonic cannot equip Laevatein, he uses it to make King Arthur a mere mortal.
  2. In-game description of Laevatein in the Treasury.

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