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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Underground continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Lady Windermere is a character in Sonic Underground. She is an aristocrat and Sonia the Hedgehog's foster mother. She was eventually arrested and roboticized due to her connection to Sonia.


During a stormy night, Windermere discovered the infant Sonia on the steps of her estate where Queen Aleena had left her. Taking the hedgehog in, Windermere raised Sonia as her own daughter. While Sonia grew up, Windermere tutored her in playing the piano, though she was troubled by the child's energetic nature.[1] During this time, she became well-acquainted with Sonia's fiancé Bartleby.


Lady Windermere (middle) in her roboticized form.

When Sonia hit her teen years, Windermere was arrested by Swatbots and Dingo due to her connection to Sonia, who posed a threat to Dr. Robotnik. As she was taken away, Windermere told Sonia when she saw her to run, promoting Sonia to make her escape. Afterwards, Windermere was roboticized and turned into one of Robotnik's slaves.[1]

During one of their infiltrations of Robotnik's headquarters in Robotropolis, Manic and Sonia were able to see Lady Windemere in her roboticised form, acting as a servant. Sonia wanted to help her, though Manic held her back, reminding her that there is no way to help someone who has been roboticised.


Windermere is a fine, kind, and proper lady. She is not much for outgoing and dangerous behavior, being very much alarmed by Sonia's athleticism and adventurousness. Regardless, she is not a strict parent and allowed Sonia the freedom to be herself.[1]


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