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"Lady Liberty" is a marching band style song played in the Sonic Underground episode "The Pendant".


Lady Liberty salutes the green and blue
Liberty’s working hard for me and you
She always does her part
She’s a Mobian at heart
Lady Liberty’s working hard for me and you
When Liberty runs Robotnik out of town
It’s gonna be a thunderous sound
Oh, first she’ll make him pay
Then she’ll send him on his way
When liberty drums Robotnik out of town
Liberty's gonna rock again someday
Liberty’s gonna let the music play
Every song she will allow
Be it soft or be it loud
Liberty’s gonna rock again someday
Lady Liberty’s gonna rock again someday
Liberty Rocks!


  • This song implies that Mobius has its own flag, the colors of which are green and blue.
  • This is an instance where any of the characters' singing voice actors does some speaking, when Sonia calls Manic's name to take a turn, Manic calls Sonic's for the same reason, and Sonic concludes the song with "Liberty Rocks!"