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Lady Goat[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom franchise. She is an anthropomorphic goat who lives on Bygone Island.


Lady Goat is a thin humanoid goat of average height with cream fur, a tan muzzle with a black nose, and blue eyes. She has long hair that she keeps together in a ponytail, curved ears and stubby white horns on top of her head, and a short bushy tail. For attire, she wears a blue headband with light blue flower patterns on it, white gloves, a long red dress with a pink collar that depicts yellow butterflies, a rope belt with a buckle resembling a cat's face, and small brown and pointy shoes with white straps and soles. On her right wrist she has a rope-like bracelet.

In the Archie Comics, Lady Goat is given an entirely different color scheme where she has aqua fur, a green dress and headband, and shoes with pale yellow stripes.


TV series

While Lady Goat was passing through the Village, she and the other villagers were attacked by Dr. Eggman's Anti-fire Bot. Before she could get roasted through, Lady Goat was saved by Team Sonic who destroyed the robot.[3] Lady Goat was soon after caught in another crisis when meteors fell rained down on the village until Sticks fended them off. Not long after, Lady Goat came to the Awardy Awards as one of the guests invited to this event where the award was handed out, where she witnessed Eggman arrive after having cheated himself to be a nominee.[4]

Over the subsequent period, Lady Goat would spend her time visiting Meh Burger a few times, trek through the Village where she would watch a horrible street act by Orbot and Cubot, and visit T.W. Barker's Circus of Wonders for a show.[5][6][7] Eventually though, Lady Goat and the rest of the villagers were cornered by Dr. Eggman as he invaded the island and were left at the mercy of the Mega, but were saved by Knuckles, whose bad luck streak made the Mega destroy itself when he tried to join Eggman.[8] When Eggman sued Sonic for injuring him, Lady Goat was one of the villagers who served as the jury for the subsequent trial. At the end, Lady Goat and her fellow jurors had deliberated, but before giving their verdict, Eggman was revealed to be okay and the trial was stopped.[2] Later on, Lady Goat found Eggman selling his product "Eggman's Tomato Sauce" but Sonic stopped her from tasting it in the belief it was poisoned, until Eggman proved to them that it was untainted.[9]

During a trip to Meh Burger, Lady Goat and existences itself were caught in a time loop created by Dr. Eggman. Unaware of what was happening, Lady Goat relived that day several times until the loop was broken.[10] Lady Goat later helped deliver deli products to the Village, but while on the delivery route she found a sleeping Granifier Giganticus blocking her path. Thankfully, Team Sonic helped her by moving the giant to another place.[11]

Archie Comics

Lady Goat Archie Comics

Lady Goat in the Archie Comics.

When Dr. Eggman held the first anual Eggtoberfest at his lair, Lady Goat came to this event, along with several others amongst the villagers.[12]



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