The Lady Bug Boss[1] (グレート・バネモトラ・ゴールド[2] Gurēto Banemotora Gōrudo?, lit. "Great Banemotora Gold") is the Master Robot of Turquoise Hill Zone in Sonic Chaos. It is a slightly redesigned, super-sized model of the Boing-o-Bots built by Dr. Robotnik, and is the first boss of the game.


Lady bug boss sprite

The Lady Bug Boss.

Turquoise Hill Zone Act 3 has two pathways where in both the player finds Rings for the battle. When the player arrives to the wide area with palmtrees at the background, the Lady Bug Boss slowly arrives and starts moving around back and forth at low speed.

Obviously, the spring protects the Lady Bug Boss from being harmed from the top by bouncing the character in the air. The player is only able to damage it by performing a Spin Dash to its head, where it does not have any defense. The player has to be careful not to be pushed into the corner, as the Lady Bug Boss can crush the player, making them lose a life instantly. After eight hits on Master System or five hits on Game Gear, the Lady Bug Boss is destroyed and the player moves to the next Zone.


  • The Lady Bug Boss was originally unnamed in the Master System manual; however, in a Sonic The Comic Q Zone that covered the game, it was alternatively dubbed The Tracked Bug.[3]




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