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Labyrinth is a racecourse that appears in Sonic Drift. It is a racing track located on the top surface of the Labyrinth Zone. It is the fourth course in all three Chaos GPs available in the game.


The main setting for Labyrinth is nearly identical to the environment structure in the zone of the same name from the original Sonic the Hedgehog. The area is an amber and bronze field (striped in gameplay, checkerboard patterned on the map) containing several ruins and red crystallites. The sky of Labyrinth is orange with yellow-tinged clouds, and in the background there are colossal hills of neatly stacked sculpted beige blocks, some which are made of smaller blocks, have recesses or are in the shape of columns. Amongst the blocks in the background, there are also large red crystallites that sprout out of the ground.

The racing tracks through Labyrinth are mainly colored in alternating blue and electric blue horizontal stripes, with similarly colored rose and white edges. On the sides of the tracks, there are also occasionally beige blocks with faces on.


In Labyrinth, the objective for the player is to race along the laid-out asphalted racetrack against other racers for a top position in the race. Racing outside the border of the asphalt track will cause the player to lose speed immediately. Additionally, the blocks on the outside of the racetracks will cause the playable characters to come to an immediate stop and lose a Ring if they collide with them.


In Labyrinth, the player races on a circular racing track encompassing the entire map. The layout of the racing track in Labyrinth depends on which circuit in the Chaos GP the player chooses. Additionally, each racing track is littered with different power-ups and objects that the player can utilize. On each of the layouts for the Labyrinth racecourse, the player's objective is to complete three laps of the racetrack.

Chaos GP
Map Power-ups
Rings Red Monitor Blue Monitor Spring
Green Labyrinth Green Chaos GP 3 2 1 0
Yellow Labyrinth Yellow Chaos GP 3 1 2 2
Red Labyrinth Red Chaos GP 4 2 1 1


  • Unlike the original Labyrinth Zone, this course does not feature any underwater sections.


Name Artist Length Music Track
N/A Masayuki Nagao 1:05
Labyrinth drift
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