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A stubborn carpet-maker with years and years of experience. Labib snuck into the workshop and made his first carpet at the tender age of five, flooring the other carpet-makers at the time. His pet peeve: flamboyant youngsters.

— Directory, Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)

Labib (ラビーブ Rabību?) is a character that appears in Sonic Unleashed. He is a human resident of Shamar and the father of Shadi. Labib works as a local carpet-maker and takes his profession very seriously.


Xbox 360/PlayStation 3

When Labib was five years old, he snuck into a carpet workshop and made his very first carpet. Proving himself as a prodigy carpet maker, Labib's first product outdid the other carpet-makers at that time.

Over the years, Labib became the owner of his own carpet workshop, where he could spend his days making carpets. At some point, Labib had a son named Shadi and became set on making Shadi a rug maker so he could take over his business, believing it was a son’s duty. As Shadi grew up, Labib had his own fair share of fights with Shadi as he insisted his son became a rug maker, though the two of them still managed to keep a good father-son relationship.

During the events of Sonic Unleashed, Labib met Sonic the Werehog and Chip during the night at the time of their arrival in Shamar, where he told them of how he hated Hallowmoon as he did not feel like himself and that he had a rug to finish. Regardless, he told Sonic and Chip that he could do nothing about it as Hallowmoon was a tradition where they had to give thanks to the moon. During one of the following nights, Labib met Sonic and Chip again, where he told them of how he wanted Shadi to become a rug maker and take over his business because he was his son.

The following day, Labib got into a heated argument with Shadi, as he confronted Shadi with his plans to make him a rug maker, which Shadi strongly disapproved of. Eventually, Labib told Shadi that he would become a rug maker, whether he liked it or not, only to hear that Shadi wanted to become a singer in response, which only made him even angrier. Not believing what he was hearing, Labib reminded Shadi of how he had told him that it was his duty to follow in his footsteps, when Shadi then dragged Sonic, who was listening nearby, into their argument. Labib then voiced how Shadi could never become a singer, which he wanted Shadi to accept. Despite Sonic agreeing with Shadi's choice, Labib turned a deaf ear to his son's pleas before saying that he now felt sick and was going home. After that, Labib told Sonic how Shadi had never rebelled against him like that, while wondering why Shadi wanted to be a singer against his whishes, which he found unacceptable.

After his argument, Labib went back to his daily work in his shop, telling Sonic and Chip when he met them that he did not have time to talk. Not long after, Labib argued with Shadi about his choice of career again. This time, however, their fight got so heated that Shadi ran away, making Labib regret the way he acted. During the night, Labib met Sonic and Chip again, where he told them of what had happened and that he needed to say sorry to Shadi. He then asked Sonic if he could find Shadi so he could apologize to him, and thanked Sonic when he agreed to. When Sonic later returned with Shadi, Labib yelled at Shadi before apologizing and saying that he was wrong. Though Shadi apologized as well, he still wanted to become a singer more than anything, which made Labib think. Eventually, Labib admitted to Shadi that he had always been a good boy and never rebelled against him before now, before allowing to pursue his dream.

After Shadi left Shamar to become a professional singer, Labib met Sonic and Chip again, where he told them of how he doubted that the son of a carpet maker could become a professional singer. Regardless, he still wanted Shadi to try as hard as he could and to prove him wrong by becoming a professional singer.

During Sonic and Gaia Colossus's confrontation with Dark Gaia, Labib watched on in horror with the rest of his town as Dark Gaia began to cast the world into darkness while maturing into Perfect Dark Gaia.

Wii/PlayStation 2

Labib never made an in-game appearance during the Wii/PlayStation 2 version of Sonic Unleashed, and only appeared during a pre-rendered cutscene. During Sonic the Hedgehog and Gaia Colossus's confrontation with Dark Gaia, Labib watched on in horror with the rest of his town as Dark Gaia began to cast the world into darkness maturing into Perfect Dark Gaia.


Labib is very stubborn and set in his ways. He likewise believes that it is the duty of a father's son to follow in the latter's footsteps, whether he likes it or not. This attitude also makes him very shortsighted, as he thinks that the son of a carpet-maker cannot amount to anything more than that. Also, his pet peeve is flamboyant youngsters, making his relationship with his son all the more difficult. Deep down, however, Labib cares for his son and respects his determination.


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