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LIVE! is a compilation album by Crush 40. The album contains songs from the Sonic the Hedgehog series and from their past albums performed at the Guilty Live Stage in Shibuya, Tokyo on 30 March 2012. In total, twenty-four songs were performed at the event, but not every song appeared in either the physical CD or digital releases.[1]

Track listing

  1. Sonic Youth (3:55)
  2. Free (3:33)
  3. His World (3:21)
  4. Sonic Heroes (1:51)
  5. Open Your Heart (3:54)
  6. Un-Gravitify (2:36) (ITunes bonus track)
  7. Fight the Knight (2:31) (ITunes bonus track)
  8. Seven Rings In Hand (4:30) (ITunes bonus track)
  9. Knight of the Wind (4:30)
  10. Song of Hope (5:09) (ITunes bonus track)
  11. I Am... All of Me (4:30)
  12. With Me (2:37)
  13. Never Turn Back (4:40)
  14. Fire Women (The Cult cover) (CD exclusive)
  15. Revvin' Up (3:20)
  16. Watch Me Fly (5:27)
  17. Into The Wind (3:45)
  18. Rise Again (4:24)
  19. Sonic Boom (2:36)
  20. All Hail Shadow (2:16)
  21. Live and Learn (5:01)
  22. One of Those Days (4:32)
  23. What I'm Made of... (4:21)


  • “Everything” (Hardline cover) was performed at the event, but was omitted from both the CD and digital releases of the album.