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A former ninja gear like Shinobi, but in air rider form, perhaps used for aerial surveillance.

— Description, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity[1]

The Kunoichi (クノイチ Kunoichi?) is an Air Ride type Extreme Gear that appears in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. It is the equivalent to the Shinobi.


According to its profile, the Kunoichi was once a ninja Extreme Gear. Because it is an Air Ride type, it is suspected that it was used for aerial surveillance. It can be purchased at the shop for 3,300 Rings.

The Kunoichi's shape mostly resembles that of a trident's head. Its outmost edges are colored black and red, with white exhaust ports on the back points, while the remainder of it is colored silver. It possesses as well a yellow windscreen on the front.

Abilities and traits

As an Air Ride type Extreme Gear, the Kunoichi is capable of Air Riding. By being launched from Catapults, the Kunoichi can begin gliding through midair and Dash Rings, gaining Gravity Points while doing so, until the rider loses too much momentum and falls.




Gear Parts

Name Icon Description Requirements
Ghost Ghost Icon.png The rider and the Kunoichi becomes invisible to the opponents
and the rider's character icon disappears from the minimap.
50 Rings
Auto Wall-Run Auto Wall Run Icon.png The rider can automatically access wall-route shortcuts
without using Gravity Control.
70 Rings


  • The word "Kunoichi" is a Japanese term for a female ninja or practitioner of ninjutsu. It is also the original Japanese title of Nightshade, which is a part of the Shinobi series.


  1. Official in-game description.

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