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The Kukku Cruiser is the fourth boss in Tails Adventure. It is a anti-submarine cruiser with a trio of Rock Throwing Combatants operating it. The player is able to fight this boss in Lake Rocky after finishing the Mecha Golem 5-gou.


In Lake Rocky, the player has to enter the upward pathway with the Proton Torpedo added on the Sea Fox in order to blow blocks on the path out of the way. Once arriving on the surface of the sea, Tails comes across the anti-submarine cruiser from the Battle Kukku Empire.

Tails Destroyer

Tails facing the Kukku Cruiser.

Two Rock Throwing Combatants will drop oil drum-looking projectiles into the sea, which are able to hurt the player. Tails, in his Sea Fox, has to keep avoiding them while staying below the cruiser, while the camera keeps moving into different direction. It is recommended to stay right below the cruiser and fire multiple Proton Torpedos on the cruiser. After numerous hits, the anti-submarine cruiser is defeated, along with the Rock Throwing Combatants. The player is then able to enter the Green Island.


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