The Krondor, also called the Vulture,[1] is an enemy that appears in both versions of Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball. It is a Badnik model created by Dr. Robotnik.


The Krondors share key similarities with condors (hence the name). They have a large gray head with a pointy yellow-green beak and two eyes with red pupils and black sclera. Their body, however, is fairly small in comparison to their head. Their torso is yellow-green with a long thin neck and legs, and instead of wings they have a rectangular cyan hover engine, with two exhaust pipes on the sides, on their back.


The Krondors are a rarer type of enemy that only appear in The Machine and in the 16-bit version's Showdown. In the lower section of The Machine, Krondors or Busters serve to block the opening to the high-speed warp tube. Two Krondors also appear in the higher room of The Machine, close to the boss room. Depending on which Krondor the player chooses to destroy, a hatch below the two Krondors will open that will lead to a specific route the player can take; destroying the left Krondor (and then the right one) will open the hatch to a flipper which will shoot the player into the above pipe and into the boss room, while destroying the right Krondor (and then the left one) will lead to a high-speed warp tube that will take the player to the lower animal prison room of The Machine.

Krondors also appear in the boss room of the Veg-O Machine. Here, Krondors will pop out from the bottom hatch of the Veg-O-Machine and will try to block the player's way to the machine's animal pipes.

To destroy a Krondor, the player either has to hit it while Sonic is curled into a ball by launching him with a Flipper or by using the Spin Jump, which will free the animal inside of it. In the 8-bit version of the game, destroying a Krondor will reward the player with 45,000 points.

Powers and abilities

Due to possessing a hover engine on their backs, the Krondors are capable of flight and can also hover in mid-air.


  • When defeating a Krondor, the player is still given the victory message "Buster Busted".


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