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The Kron Warrior (クロン戦士 Kuron senshi?) is an enemy that appears in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. They are members of the Kron species who live on the Kron Colony. As a part of their culture, the Kron Warriors have been selected amongst their people's best laborers to be soldiers in their military forces.


The Kron Warriors can only be encountered on the Kron Colony, where they will attack Sonic and his friends because they believe them to be in league with the Nocturnus Clan. Once Sonic and his friends gain the Kron as allies when they obtain the Chaos Emerald on the Kron Colony, the Kron Warrior cannot be encountered again.

The Kron Warriors have the strongest armor stat of all the enemies encountered in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. As such, regular attacks will not have any noticeable effect, and will usually only cause the Kron Warriors to lose one Health Point when damaged. To best defeat a Kron Warrior in battle, the player has to bypass the Kron Warriors' armor stats with special POW moves (particularly POW moves with Armor Piercing properties) or other abilities.

The Kron Warriors' basic attack is shooting the rock orb in their torso at their opponents, which can additionally damage opponents next to their target. Their POW move is Bash (ストーンクラッシュ Sutōnkurasshu?, lit. "Stone Crash"), which can inflict Distract.


Number of actions 1[1]
HP 410[1]
Speed 26[1]
Attack 26[1]
Defense 31[1]
Luck 15[1]
Damage 45[1]
Armor 75[1]
Resistance Fire (25%)[1]
Earth (75%)[1]
Weakness Ice (10%)[1]
Wind (25%)[1]
Lightning (10%)[1]
Water (25%)[1]







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