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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Kron Colony

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The Kron Colony (クロンコロニー Kuronkoronī?) is the eighth area that appears in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, and as well the first area encountered in the Twilight Cage. It first appears in Chapter 7.

A massive planetoid floating in the spacial spacial void of the Twilight Cage, the Kron Colony is the current home of the Kron, an alien race of rock-people and builders, who was banished to the Twilight Cage. The Kron Colony was one of the colonies in the Twilight Cage that taken over by the Nocturnus Clan when the clan of echidnas rose to power. The people of the Kron Colony were then enslaved and used to build weapons for the Nocturnus Clan, until the Kron Colony was liberated by Sonic the Hedgehog and his team.

The Kron Colony also plays host to Nestor the Wise, an exile from the Nocturnus Clan and a famous echidna historian. During Chapters 7 through Chapter 9 the player can ask Nestor for aid in deciphering the Precursor Tablets.


The Kron Colony is a massive, rust-coloured, worldlet of a planetoid that are rich in ore. On the surface, the entire Kron Colony is a rocky desert region that, apparently, lacks any kind of native organic life. There are as well several rock formations found all over the colony, with wide paths carved through the cliffs. The landscape itself is littered with various forms of mining equipment, machine parts and sculptures of the Kron's spherical rock abdomen. Due to the laborious nature of the Kron, the Kron Colony also features mining factories and underground caves that are testaments to the Kron's hardworking nature. The occassionally residents for the Kron that can be found are simple, square, rock buildings or caverns.


Thousands of years ago, the Kron Colony was originally a part of Planet Kron, the homeworld of the Kron. Then one day, the entire Kron race and a fragment of Planet Kron was pulled into the Twilight Cage by a mysterious force, presumably because the Kron was too powerful of a species. The fragment of Planet Kron that was pulled into the Twilight Cage would then become the Kron Colony.

Inside the Twilight Cage, the Kron Colony became the new home of the Kron, who settled down there and reestablished their civilization. Thanks to the Kron Colony being rich on the ores of Planet Kron, the Kron were able to maintain their mining lifestyle for thousands of years (according to time flow in the Twilight Cage). After arriving there, the Kron were later on joined by the Zoah, the N'rrgal and the Voxai, who the Kron began to war against in an attempt for conquest.

After the powerful Nocturnus Clan arrived in the Twilight Cage, however, the Kron Colony was invaded by the echidnas of Nocturne. The Nocturnus Clan's leader, Pir'Oth Ix, wanted to conquer the Kron Colony due to its many valuable resources, but the Kron did not intend to let the Nocturnus Clan steal their resources and began a war against the Nocturnus Clan. Eventually, the Kron were defeated, and the Nocturnus Clan conquered the entire Kron Colony, forcing its inhabitants into slavery and making the Kron build weapons, armor and other machines for the Nocturnus Clan. Despite this unquestionable victory for the Nocturnus Clan, however, the Kron insisted that the war was far from over. At some point, Nestor the Wise was exile to the Kron Colony for speaking out against Pir'Oth Ix's plans of conquest of the Twilight Cage.

After Pir'Oth Ix stole the seven Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald from Earth, the leader of the Nocturnus Clan placed a Chaos Emerald inside the main factory on the Kron Colony to power it for more efficient weapon manufacturing. Around this time, Foreman Krag, the leader of the Kron, realized just how much slaves the Kron were, with the abuse of their main factory being too much, and him and his people began to stage a rebellion against the Nocturnus Clan and reclaim the Kron Colony. Meanwhile, Sonic the Hedgehog and his team had pursued Pir'Oth Ix into the Twilight Cage to keep him from taking over their world by taking back the stolen emeralds. Unfortunately, their vessel, the Cyclone, became damaged during the interdimensional transit and began to lose power, forcing the team to crash-land on the Kron Colony.

After receiving a hostile welcome from the local Kron Warriors, who thought that Sonic and his team were allied with the Nocturnus Clan, Sonic and his team explained they were against Ix as well. Sonic and his team was then taken to Foreman Krag and the alien leader tasked Sonic to gain access to the main factory, force out the Nocturnus Clan, and deactivate the forcefield protecting it, so the Kron troops could recapture their facility. After they completing the task, the heroes discover that the echidnas were using a Chaos Emerald to power the forcefield, which was just the thing Tails needed to repair the Cyclone's engines and allow the team to leave the Kron Colony. Foreman Krag then allowed Sonic and his team to keep the Chaos Emerald and travel on, while the Kron remained and protected the factory.

After Sonic's and his team's next course of action was to invade Nocturne, the Kron Colony became the site for the Twilight Conference. After some debates, the Voxai, the Zoah, the Kron and the N'rrgal agree to combine forces for Sonic's attack on Nocturne.


Name Price
Med Emitter 20 Rings
Health Root 12 Rings
Refresher Wave 20 Rings
POW Drink 12 Rings
Ring of Life 20 Rings
Cure All Spray 20 Rings
Rock Salt 15 Rings
Clover Juice 15 Rings
Psychic Water 15 Rings
Immunity Booster 15 Rings
Steel Toe Boots 100 Rings
Iron Hydraulics 80 Rings
Serrated Claws 150 Rings
Golden Gloves 150 Rings
Nocturne Blade 150 Rings
Earth Ring 100 Rings
Immunity Idol 150 Rings




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