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For the race of creatures in the Archie Comics, see Kraken (species). For the robot squid in the Archie Comics, see Kraken (Sol Zone).

The Kraken is a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series. Once, he was the king of his own underground kingdom, but his land was destroyed and his people killed by Dr. Robotnik, leaving him as the last of his kind.


Once upon a time, the Kraken was king of a beautiful underground world. However, the Kraken's world was destroyed when Robotnik began drilling the area for oil, leaving him as the last of his kind in an underground dump. The drilling blocked the flow of a green water that apparently kept the underground world alive as well as nourished the Great Forest, although it was unknown to those on the surface. As the plants in Knothole began to whither, Sonic, Sally, Antoine, and Rotor went to investigate the cause and discovered the kraken and his now-destroyed underground world. He at first believed all "surface-dwellers" were responsible for the destruction of his home, but cäme to understand only Robotnik was responsible. After Robotnik's operations that polluted his world was stopped, the Kraken gave the Freedom Fighters some of the green water for them to use to plant trees in the Great Forest.


Due to the extermination of his home and people, the Kraken held great resentment towards everyone from the surface and would attack with hostilely. His attitude towards people from the surface later changed when the Freedom Fighters helped, making the Kraken grateful to them for helping him. His anger can sometimes cause him lash out at anyone.[1]

Powers and abilities

Due to his size, the Kraken possesses impressive strength, enough to easily pick up Sonic with one hand. He also knows the underground well.

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