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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Kodos Lion (died 3236) was a large, muscular, anthropomorphic lion who served as the Kingdom of Acorn's Warlord (Minister of War) in the days when Ixis Naugus was still the Royal Wizard. He was a deranged murderous psychopath who carried selfish intentions. He carried a battle axe at all times, and had a deep hatred of Overlanders.


Warlord Kodos' hatred of Overlanders caused him to greatly resent the presence of Nate Morgan in the Kingdom. In an attempt to frame Nate, he allied with Ixis Naugus. This led to an attack by Overlander troops, which resulted in the deaths of many of Kodos' own ground troops as well as Nate's eventual exile from the kingdom.

Some time later, a young Overlander named Julian Kintobor (who would later take on the name Doctor Robotnik) arrived in the Kingdom, willing to share his knowledge of the Overlanders and help to defeat them once and for all. Kodos sensed Julian's great ambition, and attempted to recruit him. Kodos showed Julian the entrance to the Zone of Silence, only for Julian to betray him, trapping him in the Zone and taking his position as Warlord.

He survived alone in the Zone until the arrival of Naugus, to whom he pledged his loyalty, serving as Naugus' enforced alongside Uma Arachnis. He quickly developed grudges against those back on Mobius, particularly Robotnik, but also against Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally Acorn. When King Acorn arrived in the Zone as well, Kodos attacked him, only to be attacked in turn by the giant Feist and seemingly destroyed. Nevertheless he managed to survive.

Kodos escaped the Zone of Silence with Uma and Naugus, and engaged in a battle against Sonic and Geoffrey St. John. Naugus transformed him into a crystal warrior to improve his fighting abilities, but when Naugus' staff was destroyed the effect left Kodos petrified.

Kodos and Uma were sent to Devil's Gulag, only to be mysteriously released and join the future Destructix in their efforts to kidnap Nate Morgan. After a battle with Sonic and King Acorn's Secret Service, Kodos stole Sonic's biplane and the remains of Crocbot to escape, and the Warlord was later exposed to pollution from Robotropolis and driven mad. He fell into a ravine in the Great Forest while attempting to capture the Sword of Acorns, and seemingly perished either from the fall or from the poison of Robotropolis.


Kodos was known for being violent beyond reason, attacking enemies without thought for strategy or future plans. This berserk method made him a dangerous foe, but it was also his biggest flaw. As one of Naugus' minions, he was given the ability to shift back and forth between his Mobian form and that of a crystalline being, the latter of which gave him greater fighting strength and protection from the effects of the Zone of Silence. In addition, the combined effects of years spent in the Zone of Silence and exposure to Robotropolis' poisons made him a dangerously unpredictable attacker. Kodos craved nothing more than violence and power, which led to him betraying anyone in order to attain his goals.

Kodos has yellow/orange and brown fur and red eyes. He is extremely strong and highly skilled. He was killed falling into a fissure in the Great Forest.



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