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Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice
Kodiak Frontier

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Kodiak Frontier is the first level in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. It is a snowy island in the north with several structures from native tribes. Due to Dr. Eggman, the island's environment was messed up by the by-products from the doctor's mining operations on Ragna Rock. This pollution was brought to an end by Team Sonic.



Kodiak Frontier's World Map.

Kodiak Frontier is an evergreen forest-themed island covered in snow with indigenous tribes living there. The island has several giant totems in various designs, a few tipi villages hosting unseen inhabitants, frozen creeks, rustic bridges, ice-covered mountains, plant sprouts and flagged paths.

The first two adventure levels take place within Kodiak Frontier's forests. The paths there are made of ice- and snow-covered stone blocks, and evergreen trees covered in snow and frost (some of which are colossal in size), mountains, cliffs and totem poles cover the background. Along the paths are also frozen mushrooms, sprouts, purple thorns, branch-bridges, wooden scaffolds with horns, and flagged paths.

The last two adventures level are seemingly set inside a giant frozen crevice with snowfall. Here, waterfalls and tipi huts lie in the background. Alongside iced stone blocks, rustic wooden scaffolds make up much of the paths. Aside from frozen purple thorns, branch-bridges and small mushrooms, no flora exist here. Other features include stitched walls sections and flagged paths.


While mining on Ragna Rock, Eggman would pipe the messy by-products from his operation off to Kodiak Frontier. This lead to the creation of fissures emitting Fire and Ice energies, which would mess up the island's environment.

With world-ending weather appearing around the globe, Sonic and Amy traveled to Kodiak Frontier to gets some readings for Tails to analyze. When setting up a monitor, however, Sonic and Amy ruptured a fissure which infused their Communicators with Fire and Ice energy, giving the hedgehogs new powers which they used to seal the fissure. Having seen what happened, Tails had Sonic and Amy meet him on Kodiak Frontier. While sealing fissures on the way, Sonic and Amy discovered a small Eggman robot named D-Fekt, who attempted an attack on them with its magnetic powers, only to lose.

Finding Tails, Sonic and Amy demonstrated their new powers to Tails by sealing a fissure, prompting Tails to update their Communicators so everyone on Team Sonic could use them too. Tails also confirmed that the weather improved for every fissure sealed up, which emitted a mysterious new element. No sooner though, the group had to head to Seaside Island to contain the fissures there and check on Sticks. Along the way, they tried to catch D-Fekt, believing he had a connection to the fissures, only to be interrupted by Dr. Eggman taking Sonic to Thunder Island to discredit Sonic's reputation as the fastest thing alive with a race the hedgehog could not win against his Ragnium-powered EggBot Racers. Sonic still pulled off a victory though and returned to his team's quest.


Kodiak Frontier's adventure levels, like the others, are divided into two parts (the foreground and background) that run parallel to each other, which can be traveled between with the Bounce Pad. Other than the Bounce Pads, standard gimmicks here include Boost Pads, Enerbeam Swings, platforms that move when stepped on, Rails, and disappearing platforms. Most noticeable though, are the blocks of ice/water that can be turned solid or intangible by touching them while using Fire/Ice Mode.

Hazardous obstacles in the adventure levels include stationary rollers with spikes and pits with purple thorns. Touching such obstacles will damage the player and return the characters to an earlier position. The adventure levels also have collectibles scattered about which unlock extra content if collected, breakable obstacles that give extra Rings, and Challenge Room entrances.

Like other adventure levels, Kodiak Frontier's have several character-specific gimmicks for the playable characters. These include dash blocks for Sonic, Air Vents for Tails, pillars for Amy, and Boomerang Switches for Sticks. In addition, Kodiak Frontier features three bonus levels, each with different gameplay mechanics.


Glacier Forest

Glacier Forest is Kodiak Frontier's first adventure level, which takes place in the forest. It is available from the start of the game. When first playing this level, only Sonic is playable. Clearing it unlocks Amy.

At the start, follow the path on the right and keep taking the paths that appear on the right. When sent into the background, keep following the path until it leads back to the foreground and follow the right path from there. When entering a room with a dash block on the right and an ice block on the left, the player can go left for a looping trip past Ice Fishing Cave or stick to the right-orientated paths from there to reach the level's fissure.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Reach goal in 01:45 min Ragnium

Frozen Hollow

Frozen Hollow is Kodiak Frontier's second adventure level, which takes place in the forest. It becomes available after clearing Glacier Forest.

At the beginning, go right. Upon reaching the second pillar, ride it to the bridge above and go right; going left on the bridge takes the player for a loop past Crystal Grotto. Follow the path from there and keep going right when the road splits. Eventually, the player gets sent to the background, only to return to the foreground soon after. After that, when the path splits on a bridge, go right; going left leads the player down a looping path instead. Follow the right path until the characters enter the background. Upon arriving there, go either left to enter a looping route or keep going right to reach the fissure in the foreground.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Reach goal in 02:10 min Ragnium

Darkened Depths

Darkened Depths is a bonus level where the player must navigate an undersea section with mines and breakable obstacles in the Sea Fox and find the lone Trading Card within the level in time. It becomes available after clearing Frozen Hollow.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Clear level in 00:40 min Ragnium

Cliffside Blizzard

Cliffside Blizzard is Kodiak Frontier's third adventure level, which takes place in the crevices. It becomes available after clearing Frozen Hollow.

At the start, follow the path until the characters reach a wooden bridge with a Checkpoint. Going left here takes the player around for a loop past the Whispering Caves. Going right here on the other hand will eventually take the player to another split path at a bridge with ice blocks on the right and a open path on the left, the latter of which leads across another loop. By taking the former path there and sticking to the right-orientated paths from there, the player will find the fissure.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Reach goal in 01:40 min Ragnium

Unga Bunga

Main article: Unga Bunga#Battle

In this level, the player encounters the local boss, Unga Bunga, a giant totem statue brought to life by D-Fekt. It becomes available after clearing Cliffside Blizzard. For this boss battle, the player controls Sonic and Amy. Clearing it unlocks Tails.

In battle, Unga Bunga attacks with arm rolls and fire-engulfed claps. Hit its hands when they are vulnerable to inflict damage. Then, when Unga Bunga's arms get stuck in the ground, use Amy to turn them into pilars for Sonic to climb and hit D-Fekt. After four hits, Unga Bunga will be defeated.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Clear boss in 03:00 min Ragnium
Clear boss with 20 Rings Ragnium

Frozen Pipeline

Main article: Fissure Tunnel

Frozen Pipeline is a bonus level where the player must race to the end of an obstacle course while dealing with fire and ice elements. It becomes available after clearing Unga Bunga.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Reach goal in 01:25 min Ragnium
Reach goal with 200 Rings Ragnium

Snowy Peak

Snowy Peak is Kodiak Frontier's fourth adventure level, which takes place in the crevices. It becomes available after clearing Unga Bunga.

At the start, keep going right. Along the way, the player will reach a large room with a Checkpoint on the path to the right. Here, there will be a path on the left that leads down a looping road. If the player follows the path on the right with the Checkpoint instead, they will be sent into the background. Upon entering the background, the player can go left to find Frostbite Cave. By going right after entering the background instead, the player will come to a Checkpoint on a bridge. Going left here leads to a looping path while going right here will take the player back to the foreground. Keep going right from there and the fissure will be found.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Reach goal in 02:05 min Ragnium

Crafty Maneuvers

Crafty Maneuvers is a bonus level where the player must clear an iceberg passage filled with destructible ice bergs, indestructible mines and whirlpools in the Hovercraft and collect the Trading Card at the end in time. It becomes available after clearing Snowy Peak.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Reach goal in 00:50 min Ragnium

Boulder Speedway

Boulder Speedway is the Bot Racing minigame of Kodiak Frontier where Sonic or a Bot Racer competes in a circuit race against Burn-bot on Thunder Island. It becomes available after clearing Snowy Peak. To clear it, the player must complete three laps before Burn-bot.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Win race in 02:00 min Ragnium
Win race with 200 Rings Ragnium

Tails' Plane

Tails' Plane is the landing area for Tails' personal aeroplane. It becomes available after clearing Boulder Speedway. Here, the player can access the Cloud Map to reach other levels in the game.


  • Kodiak Frontier may be based off the Pacific coast of North America where there are many evergreen forests and very cold winters. This area is also know for have hosted native American tribes.


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
N/A (World Map) Richard Jacques 1:04
Kodiak Island
N/A (Glacier Forest and Frozen Hollow) Richard Jacques 2:06
Kodiak Forest
N/A (Challenge Rooms) Richard Jacques 0:58
Kodiak Caves
N/A (Cliffside Blizzard and Snowy Peak) Richard Jacques 2:02
Kodiak Cliffs

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