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Koco[1][2] (ココ[3] Koko?) are creatures that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are a mysterious stone-like species and the ancient inhabitants of the Starfall Islands.[4] They used to be "lucky charms" for the Ancients, which ended up holding the souls and part of the memories of their creators[5][6] and currently roam the landscape of the Starfall Islands.



Koco are small, stone-like creatures with holes for their eyes and mouth that resemble haniwa statues. Koco cannot evolve like Chao do. However, they do express polymorphism, as the tops of their heads seem to vary depending upon which of the Starfall Islands they hail from. Additionally, the Elder and Hermit Koco differ dramatically in appearance, having beady eyes, stone protrusions from their heads, and moss-like beards. The Elder Koco are stout and wide, with their facial hair coating their body from their mouth downwards, whereas the Hermit Koco are relatively tall and have their drooping beard growth thin down to a single point.

Characteristics and culture[]

Koco used to be "lucky charms" for the Ancients.[5] However, after the latter were wiped out, their souls and memories began inhabiting the Koco. They believe these memories to be what is currently happening instead of realizing that they are from the past, and will recreate the events from them as such. It is because of this that they can experience emotions like love and fear[7][8], and why Koco with professions[9][10][11] and families[9] exist.

Most Koco are driven by a faint dream or a fleeting emotion, but they can also be driven by deep regret. Once a Koco is brought peace by having their issues resolved (Usually due to the help of Sonic and his friends), its body will fall to the ground lifeless[12][13], presumably due to the soul and memories it housed being freed. When this happens, a symbol that represents the Ancients' god will appear in the sky.

Elder Koco serve as the leader of the Koco, wishing to protect them and bring them peace. They are unique compared to other Koco in the sense that they are aware of their current situation instead of being stuck reliving the past, and lack any memories, the only trace of their past being a feeling of regret for previously failing the Koco. They are also able to communicate with Sonic, and increase the speed and ring count of him and his friends through unknown means.

Like Elder Koco, Hermit Koco can perceive the reality around them, but they spend most of their time sleeping while they visit the Digital Dream, which seems to be recordings of the past inside of Cyberspace. Another similarity between the two is their ability to enhance Sonic and his friends' abilities, with the Hermit Koco being able to unlock and grant the power inside of Red Seeds Of Power and Blue Seeds Of Defense to them. They are also able to exchange levels for speed and ring count for each other, which does not require any items.

In Another Story, the Koco of the four Titan's pilots can be interacted with, as well as the Koco of the Master King. They are aware that they are preserved snapshots of who they once were, but they retain all of their memories, unlike the Elder Koco. They also seemingly have the power to transport Sonic into Cyberspace and summon enemies to attack him, although this could be a result of the towers that they are located on top of instead. Master King Koco, in addition to these powers, also has the ability to turn Cyber Corruption into an extremely strong form of energy by synchronizing it to the recipient's form.


In Sonic Frontiers, Sonic can locate a number of Koco and deliver them to the Elder Koco, who can increase his speed or maximum Ring count. (12 Koco are need for one level in a stat, 2386 are need to reach maximum level). They may also be used in gameplay to quickly transport the player to their location on the island after being initially discovered. To provide audio hints for the player of finding one of them in wide Open Zone areas, Koco will make bell noises when Sonic is close to them.[14] Some Koco can also be found in capsules scattered across the islands, excluding Rhea Island.

In the second update of Sonic Frontiers, Sonic's Birthday Bash, a new type of Koco were added.[15] These type of Koco are bigger than their regular counterpart and can be found across all Open-Zone areas except Rhea Island, though less frequent than regular Koco. They can be delivered to the Elder Koco, increasing Sonic's Boost Gauge.[15]

In Another Story, many new types of Koco are present, serving several different gameplay purposes. Skill Piece Koco are Koco wearing large backpacks that can be colored pink, red, or yellow, and grant varying amounts of experience when interacted with by Amy, Knuckles, or Tails respectively. Map Koco function similarly, revealing large parts of the map when approached by the character that corresponds to their color. Impact Tech and Koco Devices function the same, serving as objectives for Knuckles and Tails that they need to interact with in order to progress, similar to the decorated versions of the Elder and Hermit Koco that Amy must interact with. Lookout Koco are used to unseal the Trial Towers, and can be collected by completing objectives in Cyberspace stages or Cylooping treasure spots. Finally, the Koco located at the top of these towers transport Sonic into their respective trials, with the Master King Koco also allowing the player to switch characters and begin the finale of the game.

List of Koco[]


Sonic Frontiers JP statue

A statue of Sonic and two Koco.

A 5.5" statue of Sonic defending two Koco will be available to be won from Sega Prize! amusement facilities in Japan from November 2022.[16] The Limited Edition of the game also comes along with Koco omamori, while a separate DX Pack (DXパック?) contains goods including a stuffed toy pouch of a Koco.[17] A 2" bag clip will be included in limited numbers in a blind bag series by Monogram in July 2023.


  • According to Takashi Iizuka, the Koco are different from Chao.[18] Key differences include Koco coming in different shapes as well being able to affect the player's progression and power up Sonic's abilities (kind of like the Wisps) in comparison to Chao, who the player has to nurture and play around with outside the main game.[19]
  • In Japan, pre-ordering the game from Rakuten Books will give an exclusive skin for the Koco that will change their appearance to resemble Listener-san (リスナーさん?), the overly easy-going mascots representing fans of the Vtuber and Sonic series ambassador, Inugami Korone.[17][20]
  • The sound effects when they step around is taken from the NiGHTS series, specifically when NiGHTS flies through a ring.
  • The design of the Koco are based on Japanese Haniwa,[citation needed] which literally translates to "tubes of clay".
  • Although Koco are different from Chao, the two are actually connected in a way, as Egg Memo 11 heavily implies that exposure to the Master Emerald's energy over an extremely long period of time transformed the surviving Ancients into Chao.
  • The Elder Koco and Hermit Koco are siblings, as stated by the latter. However, this statement might not be literal, as it could be referring to the fact that they both are aware of their current reality unlike the other Koco.
  • There are no evil Koco.[18]


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