Knuckles the Echidna is the fifth boss in Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble. The player fights him in the underwater tunnel of Tidal Plant Zone Act 3. The battle is slightly different if the player has either Sonic or Tails.

Boss guide

The battle at Tidal Plant Zone Act 3 is set entirely underwater. As such, the player is susceptible to drowning. After breaking the Super Ring monitor, the player faces off with Knuckles, who will be using a submarine craft decked out with explosive weapons against Sonic/Tails. The battle takes place on an auto-scrolling screen as Knuckles moves backwards, firing at the player.

During the battle, Knuckles will attack by throwing two bombs that explode upon impact with the ground, followed by a homing torpedo that is fired toward the playable character. After using both attacks twice, he will temporarily rise off the screen to the surface to breathe. At the same time, an Air Bubble will conveniently rise from the ground, thus allowing the player to breathe and keep their oxygen supply topped out. Knuckles then returns underwater and will repeat the same pattern again.

Whereas Sonic must face the challenge of keeping his oxygen supply filled during the boss fight, Tails can use the Sea Fox for an one-on-one submarine fight, making the fight much more easier as the Sea Fox can attack Knuckles from a distance while also having an infinite supply of oxygen for Tails. However, Knuckles has the same attack patterns and if he manages to hit the Sea Fox four times, the Sea Fox will be destroyed and Tails will be forced to continue the battle like Sonic would.

If the player can land sixteen hits on Knuckles' vehicle, his underwater mobile will explode and Knuckles falls off the screen. After that, the player will onto the Atomic Destroyer Zone.


Name Artist Length Music Track
Sonic - Triple Trouble - Boss Theme Yayoi F 1:12
Sonic - Triple Trouble - Boss Theme



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