Knuckles the Echidna is the fourth boss in Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure. He is fought at the end of Aquatic Relix Zone Act 2.

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During this battle, Knuckles fights with all of his trademark maneuvers: he will guard with a flurry of punches, glide through the air, and Spin Dash. Try to attack while he is guarding and Sonic will get knocked backwards. The best time to hit him is in between punches and before he jumps. After six hits, Knuckles will be defeated.

Upon defeat, Knuckles will fall to the ground and drop the purple Chaos Emerald. As Sonic tries to get the Emerald however, but Dr. Eggman crashes into the area and steals it. With the area crumbling around them, Knuckles summons the last of his strength and delivers an uppercut to Sonic, sending the hedgehog flying into the next zone.



Name Artist Length Music Track
N/A Maitaro 1:30

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