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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (film series) continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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I am an echidna. Trained since birth in all forms of lethal combat, destined to restore honor to my tribe, and willing to destroy anything that gets in my way.

— Knuckles the Echidna, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (film)

Knuckles the Echidna[4] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog film series produced by Paramount Pictures and its spin-offs. He is an anthropomorphic alien echidna warrior with super strength and is the last of his kind;[5] he is also well-known as a lonely traveler and treasure hunter.[6]

A proud and honorable warrior, Knuckles spent most of his life searching for Sonic the Hedgehog, believing him to be the key to finding the Master Emerald, which he saw as his ancestral birthright. To this end, he would form an alliance with Dr. Robotnik—one that would later prove to be a scheme for Robotnik to take the Master Emerald for himself. Knuckles befriended Sonic afterward, and joined forces with him and Miles "Tails" Prower to defeat Robotnik. After this, the trio formed a new order to protect the Master Emerald from evil.

Concept and creation

When voicing Knuckles, Idris Elba looked to mine for backstory and identity, and find "everything that an actor needs in order to create a character and a kind of craft performance". According to director Jeff Fowler, Elba was eager to absorb it all and workshop his portrayal of Knuckles into the definitive version of the character. In Fowler's own words, Elba "absolutely nailed it" when voicing Knuckles.[7]

When it came to including Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Fowler took Knuckles as seriously as Elba did. Accordingly, "Knuckles provides me with plenty of opportunities to just go hog wild with spectacle". Fowler also described Knuckles as someone "who has power, and in his many ways is just better suited for combat than Sonic is" and "whose entire existence is about honor and about being a warrior". Fowler considers that a difficult challenge for Sonic because, as of the end of Sonic the Hedgehog, "Sonic has been in one fight". Fowler would further state "that does not turn you into a superhero overnight". Because of this, there is an interesting dynamic in the movie "where Knuckles is just a force of nature, and Sonic is out of his element at first because Knuckles is just more than he can handle". To Fowler, this dynamic between Sonic and Knuckles creates a dramatic sort of material and a great foundation to build a movie story around.[7]

The inclusion of more iconic moments and elements from the Sonic series in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 also influenced Knuckles' personality. In an interview, Fowler described him as "a heavy, and really just making him the badass that he is in the earliest versions of him, going all the way back to the ’90s". Combining this with the visuals of iconic and familiar moments of action from the Sonic series, is something that Fowler says he would "attribute to the Sonic-ness of it all".[7]

Elba also originally wanted to give Knuckles a "squeaky" voice. However, the idea was immediately turned down by others working on the film, leading Elba to try several other voices and accents for Knuckles until he settled on the final one.[8]


Knuckles is an anthropomorphic echidna with predominantly red fur that covers most of his body, a black and pointy nose on his peach-furred muzzle, a white crescent-shaped patch of fur on his chest, and purple eyes. His eyes in particular glow red whenever he utilizes his chaos energy-based powers. He also has seven dreadlock-like spines around the sides and back of his head, broad shoulders, and a medium-sized, tri-crooked tail.

For attire, Knuckles wears two large white boxing gloves with spikes attached to them. He also wears red and yellow mountain boots. Each has the top folded down to reveal a soft green interior. The soles are light gray and each possess a gray, hextuple-bolted plate on top. When he was much younger, Knuckles donned a wooden tribal mask with feathers on it that was shaped in the form of a skull. On his white gloves and white footwear, he wore grayed-out sports tape. Additionally, Knuckles wore green cuffs on his ankles and wrists, as well as a beaded necklace. On parts of his face, dreadlocks, masks, Knuckles wore some white paint.


Film series


Hailing from Mobius, Knuckles was raised as a warrior amongst his tribe, the echidnas, an ancient order of heroes who had been feuding with the owls for centuries over the echidnas' Master Emerald, a weapon of ultimate power that the owls had hidden away somewhere. During his childhood, the echidnas managed to locate Longclaw, the last of the owl warriors, whom they prepared to go after to get her secrets on the Master Emerald. While Knuckles wished to join his tribe in their battle, his father told him to remain behind and await the true moment where he would honor his tribe. However, Knuckles' father and his tribe died on that very day, leaving Knuckles as the last of the echidnas.

From then on, Knuckles would spent his life searching the galaxy for Sonic the Hedgehog, the apprentice of Longclaw, whom he believed to the key to finding the Master Emerald.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Detecting a spike of Sonic's chaos energy on the Mushroom Planet, Knuckles and his band of alien scavengers went there to investigate. When the scavengers got there through a Ring however, they were taken out by traps set by Dr. Robotnik, who possessed a chaos energy-infused quill from Sonic. Stopping Robotnik from using their Ring to escape the Mushroom Planet, Knuckles approached Robotnik and demanded where he got Sonic's quill from. Explaining that he got from Earth, Robotnik offered to show Knuckles the way. The two then made a deal: Knuckles would get him off the Mushroom Planet and Robotnik would get him to Sonic.

Knuckles stops Sonic's attack, from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (film).

Arriving in Green Hills, Montana, Robotnik led Knuckles to Sonic's house. After Robotnik got Sonic to open the front door, Knuckles stepped in when Sonic tried attacking Robotnik, and punched him through a wall. Unimpressed, Knuckles punched Sonic through another wall when he tried charging at him. As Knuckles criticized Sonic's lack of warrior skills, Sonic charged at him again with a spin attack, only for Knuckles to stop it and overpower Sonic before pinning him against a tree. Knuckles proceeded to proclaim his purpose to restore the Master Emerald to its rightful place, but Sonic had no idea of what he was talking about. Refusing to listening to Sonic's claim and his questions about how he knew about Longclaw, Knuckles prepared to finish Sonic, only for a police car driven by Tails to ram him into a shed. As Knuckles recovered, Sonic and Tails drove away in the car. Setting off in pursuit of the duo, Knuckles eventually caught up to them and began tearing the car apart. In response, Tails drove the car off a cliff, leaving Knuckles to jump off the car and latch onto the cliff face before hitting the ground while Tails flew away with Sonic.

As Knuckles scaled the cliff, he was surrounded by Robotnik's Badniks. Robotnik proceeded to inquire Knuckles about the Master Emerald, but Knuckles insisted that it did not concern him as they had no further use for each other. As Robotnik had his Badniks help Knuckles up from the cliff though, Knuckles was told by the doctor that he needed his help navigating Earth. Furthermore, he would help him find the Master Emerald so that he could kill Sonic with it. Seeing that Robotnik was suggesting an alliance, Knuckles was convinced of his commitment after they shook hands on their deal. Making their way to the Mean Bean Coffee Café, Knuckles met up with Robotnik's assistant, Agent Stone, upon their arrival. Despite a rocky introduction, Knuckles displayed his trust in Stone with a firm handshake. Not long after, Knuckles saw Robotnik and Stone intercept a text message between Sonic and Tom Wachowski. Though Knuckles deduced that Sonic had returned home to Green Hills from the message, Robotnik proved him wrong by tracing Sonic's call to eastern Siberia. After then crushing a hologram of Sonic, Knuckles headed out with Robotnik to intercept Sonic. As they left, Knuckles took notice of Robotnik's disloyalty when he decided to leave Stone behind for now.

Knuckles and Sonic fight on the snow mountain, from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (film).

When the pair and some Badniks found Sonic and Tails inside a mountain in an ancient owl temple where they had found a compass that could lead them to the Master Emerald, Knuckles prepared to fight Sonic again. However, Sonic made the temple cave in when redirecting a missile from Robotnik's Egg Mobile, trapping Knuckles under some rocks. After escaping the temple, Knuckles noticed that Sonic was snowboarding down the mountain on a makeshift snowboard from a destroyed Badnik, Knuckles smashed a Badnik and took a piece from it as well to give chase to Sonic on. Catching up to Sonic, Knuckles eventually managed to topple him and make him lose his Rings over a cliff. Sonic would then banter with Knuckles about how echidnas had a habit of ruining his life, only for Knuckles to tell him the opposite as he revealed his past to him. As Sonic then admitted that they both lost everything that day, with Sonic having lost Longclaw when that happened, Knuckles would lower his guard, only for Tails to bind him with one of his gadgets. Calling Sonic out for being a deceiver, Knuckles broke free. As Sonic then tried passing the compass over to Tails, only for Robotnik to snatch it and knock Tails unconscious with a pair of missiles, Knuckles flew away with Robotnik as an avalanche approached. Before leaving, however, Knuckles noticed how Sonic chose to tend to Tails over the compass and Robotnik's disdain towards loyalty.

Knuckles and Sonic facing off in the temple of the Master Emerald, from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (film).

Using a Ring, Knuckles and Robotnik traveled to an island hundreds of miles away from Hawaii. There, they found a recess to insert the compass into, which in turn revealed an undersea temple in front of them. Entering the temple, the pair found themselves inside a labyrinth filled to the brim with deadly traps. After barely avoiding a number of traps however, Robotnik used an reconnaissance Badnik to map out the labyrinth for them. Eventually arriving in the central chamber, Knuckles punched down a wall blocking their way and found the Master Emerald on an altar right in front of them. As Knuckles proclaimed pride in what he and Robotnik had accomplished together however, Sonic arrived on front of them and made his stand against Knuckles. Though he tried going after the Master Emerald at first, Knuckles intercepted him and two began a long fight with the balance of power constantly shifting between them. When Knuckles got him pinned down however, Sonic made Knuckles see that Robotnik was stealing the Master Emerald.

Furious, Knuckles called Robotnik out for betraying their friendship, only for Robotnik to mock Knuckles' gullibility and lack of foresight before grabbing the Master Emerald and disappearing in a flash of energy that destabilized the temple. As the temple began collapsing, Knuckles got pinned down by a stone column in the rising water, which ultimately caused his to lose consciousness. As Knuckles recovered, however, he found Sonic attempting to save him. Together, they got Knuckles free, who in turn saved Sonic when he almost drowned due to his inability to swim. Back on dry land, a depressed Knuckles refused to answer Sonic's question about why he saved him until Sonic provoked him into answering. Knuckles told Sonic that he was repaying him for saving him despite not understanding his tactics for doing so. Sonic replied that he just could not let him die, which Knuckles did not understand given their past conflicts. In return, Sonic told him that heroes take responsibility for others and not themselves, which Knuckles could see the wisdom in. As Tails then showed up in the Tornado, Sonic encouraged Knuckles to come along with them and stop Robotnik. While Knuckles wondered how Sonic could move past his losses, Sonic advised him to find new friends to help him through it like he did, which convinced Knuckles to join Sonic's team.

Using a Ring, Knuckles, Sonic, and Tails flew back to Green Hills in the Tornado, just in time to see Robotnik finish constructing the Giant Eggman Robot with the Master Emerald's power. Soon after though, Knuckles jumped off the plane to deal with Robotnik alone. Charging at the Giant Eggman Robot head-on, Knuckles hit its fist with his best attack, but it did no damage. Reconvening with Sonic and Tails on the Main Street, who had faced similar failures, Sonic convinced them to work together as a team against Robotnik. As the Giant Eggman Robot unleashed Badniks upon them, Knuckles and his team tried coming up with a plan. As they discussed finding the Giant Eggman Robot's weak spot, Sonic realized that he was Robotnik's weak spot: if he could get Robotnik's attention, Knuckles and Tails could sneak into the Giant Eggman Robot and get the Master Emerald back. Beginning their plan, Knuckles got carried onto the backside of the Giant Eggman Robot by Tails while Sonic lured it out of Green Hills. After then cutting a hole into the cockpit, Tails distracted Robotnik long enough for Knuckles to get into position and knock the Master Emerald out of Robotnik.

However, this caused the Giant Eggman Robot to shut down, resulting in Knuckles and Tails sliding out of the robot and landing on the ground hard, causing them to lose consciousness. After recovering, Knuckles watched as Sonic and the Wachowskis seemingly got crushed by the Giant Eggman Robot. However, Sonic saved them all by transforming into Super Sonic with the seven Chaos Emeralds that fell out of the shattered Master Emerald, before destroying the Giant Eggman Robot and defeating Robotnik. When Tails and the Wachowskis tried approaching Super Sonic, however, Knuckles warned them that Sonic had gone mad with power. However, he was proven wrong when Sonic conjured celebratory chili dogs, with one of them landing in Knuckles' face, and relinquished the Chaos Emeralds. As the others celebrated, Knuckles took the Master Emerald's shards and fused them back together, although he wondered what he should do now that his quest had been fulfilled. Following Tails' suggestion, Sonic had the three of them form a new order, like the owls and echidnas, to guard the Master Emerald, which Knuckles agreed to upon making their oath, sealing it with a power-bump.

Some time later, Knuckles had a baseball game with Sonic, Tails, Tom and Maddie, although Knuckles had trouble grasping the game. Regardless, he managed to have fun with the game, even though he made them lose their only ball. Afterwards, the group decided to go for ice cream.


Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Official Movie Pre-Quill

Knuckles fighting an alien monster champion, from Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Official Movie Pre-Quill.

Seeking Sonic the Hedgehog, as he was the key to restoring "what was lost", Knuckles would scour the galaxy for him using Rings, assured that he could find him on his own. His search eventually took him to a volcanic planet. There, Knuckles climbed a cliff, only for a volcanic eruption to make him lose his balance and fall into a ravine. Though Knuckles survived the fall, it left him greatly weakened. Immediately after, a group of "scavenger scum" emerged from a Ring, who chained him up with energy shackles and took him to Casino Night to fight in a gladiatorial arena against the establishment's champion: a giant alien monster. As the monster plucked Knuckles up by his shackles, Knuckles managed to break free, run up along the monster's arm, and take it out with a single decisive blow to one of its heads when he utilized his chaos energy. Afterwards, Knuckles was released and received a bag of Rings as his reward. Realizing now however that he may not be able to capture Sonic by himself, Knuckles approached the scavengers, who were good at finding things, and offered them Rings to come with him on his search for Sonic.[5]

With their aid, Knuckles and the scavengers would track someone whom they believed to be Sonic across different worlds. Upon reaching Hill Top Zone however, they realized that they had hit a dead end by following the wrong target. Regardless, Knuckles had one more place in mind where they could find a lead.[9]


Sonic Drone Home

Knuckles and Unit, from Sonic Drone Home.

One time, Knuckles and his team were entrusted to return some library books for Maddie, which Knuckles swore to return safely. On their way to the library however, Sonic took Knuckles and Tails on a detour to the Green Hills Junkyard in order to investigate some strange noises. After arriving there, Knuckles and his crew found Unit, a self-aware Badnik in the process of upgrading himself in order to conquer the world. When Knuckles made his presence known however, Unit fired lasers at him that destroyed Maddie's books. Disgruntled, Knuckles ignored Sonic's attempt to make a plan and charged at Unit, only for the Badnik to catch him in a refrigerator and eject him from the junkyard, which let to Knuckles getting stuck in a sign. Eventually though, Knuckles returned and smashed Unit's body to pieces with an ambush. However, Sonic and Tails told him that Unit was no longer evil. As Tails was allowed to keep Unit's core module, Knuckles had his doubts about Unit, who vowed to make him submit to his prose once he had master poetry. Taking this as a sign that Unit was still evil, Knuckles demanded justice for Maddie's books.

Game appearances

Sonic Dash

In Sonic Dash, as promotion for Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Knuckles makes an appearance as a playable character under the name "Movie Knuckles". In this game, he can be unlocked after participating in his character event.

Image Unlock Requirement Upgrade Profile
Power-Up Highest level
Collect 250 Movie Knuckles tokens
(14 April 2022 - 21 April 2022)
(7 June 2022 - 14 June 2022)
Dash Boost 10
x2 Multiplier 11
Magnet 9
Shield 11
Headstart 9

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

In Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, as a promotion for the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 film, Knuckles first appeared in the version 4.3.0 update as a bot-controlled rival that can be encountered randomly during the "Tail Spin" Event. In this game he is referred to as "Movie Knuckles".

Movie Knuckles was soon after added as a playable character to the game's roster during the "Fists of Rage" Event. He has the following gameplay characteristics:

Image Rarity Stats Items
Projectile Boost Trap

Speed: 9/10

Acceleration: 3/10

Strength: 9/10

Fearless Strike
SFSB Ring Portal.png
Ring Portal
Spear Trap


Knuckles isn't really a bad guy. He's just a little... mixed up.

Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (film)

Knuckles is described as being serious in nature, yet still naive at times.[4] Being better suited for combat than Sonic in many ways, his entire existence is about honor and about being a warrior, to the point where he appears to be a force of nature.[7] Proud of his heritage, he tends to be somewhat overconfident and arrogant, looking down upon Sonic for his inexperience as a warrior and claiming that he does not need Sonic's powers because he has his own.[10]

Knuckles is very determined and meticulous when he is pursuing his goals, never letting go of his task or accepting the possibility of giving up. He is also very much a loner by instinct and prefers to do things on his own. However, he is willing to betray his own instincts and ask for help if he recognizes a task that may be beyond his capabilities.[5] Despite this, being as honorable as he is, he is fair and possesses his own strong sense of justice, which compels him to come to the aid of even his enemies if he feels that he owes them a debt. Due to holding honor and loyalty in such high regard, he will express dissatisfaction if he sees a lack of an honorable attitude in other people. He is likewise very direct and bluntly honest.

Knuckles was very persistent when it came to his supposed destiny to take down Sonic, even going so far as to be judgmental towards him when fighting. He also takes great pride in his species, and as a warrior, as he was somewhat offended by Agent Stone misidentifying him as a "porcupine".

Knuckles is quite melodramatic and has a habit of making lengthy speeches; for example, he claimed that Sonic attacked him during his "hour of sorrow" when he threw a couple small piles of sand at him. He is likewise far from tech savvy, having no idea about the thought process of machines and would even refer to holograms as magic. While this makes Knuckles seem somewhat unintelligent, he is in truth just oblivious due to the absence of such elements in his daily life and his straightforward worldview. He is also rather socially awkward, especially when it comes to Earth customs, such as a handshake or the concept of how baseball works. However, he does enjoy having fun in his own way, as he took great pleasure when he prematurely ended the Wachowski's baseball game despite not fully understanding it. Knuckles also has a habit of referring to people by their species instead of their name, such as calling Sonic “Hedgehog” and Tails “Fox”.

Powers and abilities

Ugh! You're really heavy!
That's because I am one million percent muscle!

Miles "Tails" Prower and Knuckles the Echidna, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (film)

Described as the "most dangerous warrior in the galaxy," Knuckles is an incredibly strong combatant, having trained since birth in the ways of combat. Notably, he is easily able to keep up with and even overpower in Sonic in a fight.

Knuckles' main trait is his superhuman strength. He can casually crush a human hand with a light grip, punch through solid rock, cause tremors by punching the ground, smash Badniks to pieces with one hit, and even hold back Sonic's chaos energy-enhanced spin attack with just one hand. To match his strength, Knuckles is also extremely durable: he received no injury after getting rammed by a police car at high speed and got right back up after getting hammered through solid stone several times by Sonic's chaos energy-infused attacks, ready to continue the fight as if nothing happened. His gloves also appear to be quite durable, as he is able to hold Sonic in place while he is actively spinning without getting burned by the friction. He also possesses amazing reflexes, being able to track and react accordingly to even Sonic's high-speed movements and intercept his high-speed charges with a punch at just the right time.

Knuckles is an very experienced fighter, having trained from birth in all forms of lethal combat. Thanks to his experience, he was able to outmatch Sonic in virtually all of their fights when it came to raw skills. The spikes on his fists also make Knuckles a skilled climber, as they allow him to plant his fists into any surface and scale them.

Like Sonic, Knuckles has the ability to generate chaos energy. When tapping into this ability, Knuckles will start generating red energy that causes his quills and eyes to glow red and his body to unleash surges of energy. Should Knuckles harness these energies for himself, they seem to amplify his speed, strength and striking power. Notably, he can use his chaos energy to increase his speed to the point where he can keep up with a police car, even running on all fours while doing so, as well as Sonic's mundane running speed. He can also boost his strength to the point where he can smash a giant rock several times his size with one hit, take out a monster several times his size with a single punch,[5] and amplify the speed of his punches to the point where even Sonic has trouble dodging them. He is even able to channel his chaos energy into his fists and then release it as a shockwave powerful enough to blow away anything loose in the vicinity.[10]


Knuckles' father

Knuckles seemingly had a close relationship with his father before he died along with the rest of his tribe. He wanted to join their attack on Longclaw, but his father refused to let him join, leaving him behind after telling him that his moment to honor both him and the echidna tribe would come in the future.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Even before meeting Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles resented him because of his association with Longclaw alone due to the fact that the owls and the echidnas were ancient enemies and that their conflict ended up costing Knuckles his tribe. As such, Knuckles' lifelong goal was to get the Master Emerald from Sonic and destroy him. Treating Sonic as virtually his arch-enemy, he would spend most of his life scouring the galaxy for him.

During their first few encounters, Knuckles would gain the upper hand due to being more experienced in combat and constantly belittle Sonic's inexperience by calling him unskilled, untrained, and unworthy. However, he did briefly seem to sympathize with Sonic after learning that he had lost whom he held dear too due to the owl-echidna dispute until Tails accidentally intervened by trying to restrain him, causing Knuckles to think that Sonic was trying to trick him. Despite this, Knuckles was surprised when Sonic was more concerned with the well being of Tails after he was attacked by Robotnik than he was with retrieving the compass.

After Dr. Robotnik betrayed Knuckles and took the Master Emerald for himself, Knuckles saved Sonic from drowning in the Master Emerald's collapsing temple after the latter did the same for him. This opened Knuckles' eyes to how Sonic never held any ill will against him. Knuckles questioned Sonic about why he showed him compassion after all the times he tried to destroy him, to which the hedgehog merely replied that was what a hero did and encouraged him to come along with him and Tails, to which he accepted. Knuckles has since come to respect Sonic not only as an ally, but as a friend, too, as evidenced by him acknowledging Sonic as a brave and noble warrior when he offered himself as a distraction for Robotnik during their fight with the Giant Eggman Robot. He also agreed to form an order with Sonic and Tails to guard the Master Emerald alongside them. In addition, he enjoys spending time with Sonic and learning how to just relax and have fun, although he continues to have a friendly rivalry with him. Despite this, he still sometimes calls Sonic "Hedgehog" instead of using his name.

Dr. Robotnik

But I trusted you! You were my friend!

— Knuckles the Echidna, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (film)

When he met Dr. Robotnik, Knuckles only saw him as a lead to tracking down Sonic, and so treated him dryly. Upon learning that Robotnik wanted revenge on Sonic as well however, he joined formal forces with the doctor. Once their initial deal had been completed, Knuckles insisted that they had no further use for each other until Robotnik convinced him that he wanted to help him ensure the destruction of Sonic after he got away from him by tracking down the Master Emerald. While he did not understand Robotnik's gestures, Knuckles got the impression that they were friends after they marked their newfound alliance with a handshake. However, due to his gullibility, Knuckles did not see that Robotnik was using him to as a means to getting to the Master Emerald.

Despite their alliance and believing that Robotnik had good intentions, Knuckles often disapproved of the doctor's dismissal of the concept of loyalty. He similarly took notice of his maliciousness when Robotnik showed no care when Sonic tended to Tails instead of going after the compass they stole from them. Regardless, Knuckles trusted Robotnik until he stole the Master Emerald, causing their supposed friendship to break apart. From then on, Knuckles became convinced of the doctor's true intentions and personality as he proclaimed what he really thought about him. This prompted Knuckles to see Robotnik as an deceiver and set out to stop him with the aid of Sonic and Tails.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Knuckles initially treated Miles "Tails" Prower as an enemy when he allied himself with Sonic during his fights with the latter. He also seemed to be somewhat upset at him for hitting him with a police car, saying that his revenge would come when he least expects it. After being betrayed by Dr. Robotnik and joining forces with Sonic however, Knuckles came to view Tails as an ally and friend, teaming up with him, playing baseball with him, and even carrying him on his shoulders. Despite this, he often calls him "Fox" instead of using his name.





"Do I look like I need your power?"
—Knuckles the Echidna, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (film)
"I was expecting more of you. You're unskilled, untrained, and unworthy!"
—Knuckles the Echidna, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (film)
"It is my destiny to do what my ancestors could not: to restore the ultimate power to the home of my people."
—Knuckles the Echidna, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (film)
"Surrender the compass! You're no match for me. I've been training for this my entire life!"
—Knuckles the Echidna, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (film)
"So, we make our stand here, on the field of battle."
—Knuckles the Echidna, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (film)


  • Before Idris Elba was confirmed to voice Knuckles, it was reported in February 2021 that the studio was originally considering Jason Momoa for the role.[11]
  • Italian is the only language where Knuckles shares his voice actor with his video game counterpart.
  • Juan Carlos Gustems, voice of Knuckles for the film in Spain, previously participated in the Sonic franchise as the Announcer in Team Sonic Racing.
  • In past licensed media based off the franchise, Sega has prevented Sonic characters adapted from the video games from having new family members not in the games introduced in said works. Knuckles' depiction in the movie is a rare exception to this, as he has a father, albeit a deceased one, with no known name.
  • Knuckles' fondness of grapes is a reference to his mainstream counterpart's fondness for this fruit.
  • In the Amazon description of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Knuckles is erroneously referred to as a long-time friend of Sonic and Tails.[6]
  • It was revealed in the second film that Knuckles used to wear green cuffs on his wrists and ankles as a child. This is in reference to his mainstream counterpart who is known to wear green cuffs.

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