Knuckles Soccer

Knuckles Soccer, one of six McDonald's handheld games from 2003.

Knuckles Soccer is a handheld LCD game that was distributed as a McDonald's Happy Meal toy for a limited time in 2003. This was one of six such games.


In Knuckles Soccer, the player takes control of Knuckles the Echidna as he protects his goal from oncoming soccer balls, courtesy of Dr. Robotnik. After catching ten balls, Knuckles will progress to the next level where the speed increases. If Knuckles misses five balls in the same level, the game ends. There are five levels total.

E3 2003

Knuckles Soccer was one of the four McDonald's LCD games available for free in the Sega area of E3 2003 in Los Angeles, California. In the SEGA area, there was a large Sonic Happy Meal Box with holes in the top, allowing visitors to reach in and receive a free LCD game.


  • In 2004, SEGA and McDonald's released a similar game in a 2004 cross-promotion. This game was titled Tails Soccer and had the same concept except Tails is the goalie, instead of Knuckles.
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