Knuckles Archives were a series of graphic novels published by Archie Comics. These volumes feature reprints of stories from the Knuckles Miniseries and Knuckles the Echidna comic book series, and is a spin-off series of the Sonic Archives series. The series consisted of four volumes, with two further volumes left unreleased.

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  • Knuckles Archives was first mentioned in Sonic Archives Vol. 14 on a footnote stating to refer to the Knuckles Archives for more information.
  • Like the Sonic Archives, the first five covers are drawn in the same style as the classic Japanese artwork for the Sonic games. The sixth and final cover, however, features 3D art by Rafa Knight.
  • When one compares the remastered art to the original source, many changes can be seen. Shading is more prominent and noticeable. Various small or nearly unnoticeable changes also coexist to uplift the quality. In Sonic Super Special Magazine #3, it is mentioned that the echidna citizens of Echidnaopolis have changed color schemes to match today's standards of echidna fur color in the series.


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