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Knuckles the Echidna, "If You Build It They Will Race"

Knuckles' monster truck[1] is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a red monster truck belonging to Knuckles the Echidna.



Knuckles' monster truck is dark red monster truck standing on large black wheels. It has a narrow front engine section with wide covers extending over the top of the front wheels, and three hood exhausts on each side of the engine that extend down the sides. The hood is covered in a grey metal plate with spikes, and the windshields are flat with a metallic visor. The vehicle also has red wing mirrors with spikes, a trunk in the back, and large headlamps. On the roof it carries its own complete set of wheels.

Features and abilities

Knuckles' monster truck is a powerful machine that can barge through large plants and over tree trunks without slowing down.[1][2] It also comes equipped with an airbag and possesses its own "maximum overdrive". Enerbeams can also be attached to the rear of this vehicle.[1]

The monster truck has its own pizza oven. This feature eventually had a throttle put on it so would only work when the vehicle is parked.[1] Also, the wheels on the roof allows the monster truck to continue driving even when it is flipped over.[2]


TV series

Season two

The monster truck being designed.

Originally designed by Knuckles and created using Tails' extended Build-it Box, Knuckles sought to pit his monster truck against his teammates' cars in a race. Eight months after its creation, Knuckles used his monster truck in the race on Race Day, until he crashed it in the jungle. However, Sonic salvaged it and his friends' cars for parts that Team Sonic used to make a new car which Sonic won the race with.[2]

Knuckles eventually used his monster truck again, this time in a drag race with his friends in their vehicles.[3] He would later also use it to pull Sonic and Tails around on their Hoverboards. Due to being distracted by a hot pizza he took out of his monster truck's oven however, Knuckles crashed into a tree, which fell and injured Lady Walrus. In order to prevent another pizza-related accident, Tails put a throttle on the oven, making it only work when the monster truck is parked. Afterward, Knuckles used it to pull off another stunt with Sonic and Tails.[1] Knuckles later used his monster truck to face Sonic in a drag race, which ended when Sonic got sent to another dimension.[4]






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