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Chaotix1207 4.png

Knuckles' Chaotix 1207 Beta is a prototype of Knuckles' Chaotix dating from 7 December 1994. As it is the earliest known playable prototype, there are a lot of leftovers from Sonic Crackers in this build, including the presence of a Tails 1-Up Monitor. The Special Stages are very different and incomplete. Sonic Crackers art also exists in this version, proving that Sonic Crackers was a legitimate "alpha" build. There are a lot of changes between this and the final. It was leaked on 23 February 2008, along with other prototype versions from a later date.


  • The main menu is wildly different to the final.
  • Sound test has no background and is text based.
  • Data select does not have a background yet.
  • The level select has extra options removed from the later builds and the final version.
  • There is a blank slot in the Time Attack menu, which is possibly reserved for Wechnia as it is in the final version's level select.
  • Wechnia, unlike the later builds and the final version, actually uses a similar palette to Tails in Sonic Crackers. In the later versions Wechnia uses Mighty's palette. Unlike the final version which uses Mighty's wall kick, Wechnia can actually fly and tire out just like Tails in this build.

Bonus Stage

  • The 3D sprites used in the final for the bonus stage are not used. Instead it just shows the character's "hurt" animation.

Special Stage

  • The Special Stage in this build is extremely empty. There are no rings or objects.
  • The Special Stage loops itself continuously.
  • Although the level layout is half implemented, there are no "get blue spheres" messages, no animations when finishing a lap of the special stage and no ending.

In-Level Differences

  • Not all of the levels have their bosses yet.
  • Speed Slider is very similar to the stage found in Sonic Crackers.
  • The boats in Marina Madness Act 4 and Act 5 do not move yet.
  • Speed Slider and Amazing Arena can only be accessed through level select.
  • All five acts of Speed Slider are the same.