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This group exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

The Knothole Freedom Fighters[1] are the main protagonists of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. They are one of the first Freedom Fighters groups to be formed, based and operating out of Knothole Village in the Great Forest, and, like other groups, were opposed to the tyranny of Mobius' former despot Dr. Robotnik, and as such spent over a decade fighting his reign via guerrilla warfare and sabotage.


TV series


The Knothole Freedom Fighters group was founded either in, or after 3224, after Dr. Robotnik carried out his coup in Mobotropolis and seized power. Back then, the original members of the Knothole Freedom Fighters were but a group of tight-kit children consisting of Sonic the Hedgehog, Princess Sally, Antoine Depardieu, Rotor and Bunnie. These children were evacuated to the hidden village of Knothole Village in the Great Forest following the fall of Mobotropolis to Dr. Robotnik.[2][3] While in hiding in Knothole Village, Sonic and his friends formed the Knothole Freedom Fighters with themselves as the teams' main core, all in the name of their primary objective: to defeat Robotnik forever and restore peace to Mobius. Sonic himself became the team's leader,[4] while Sally acted as the team's field leader.

While fighting Robotnik over the next ten years, the Knothole Freedom Fighters believed they were the only Freedom Fighter cell, oblivious to the existence of the other Freedom Fighter groups around Mobius.[5]

Season one

The Knothole Freedom Fighters celebrating their victory over the Buzz-Bombers.

One time, the Knothole Freedom Fighters were preparing catapults, but they lacked some parts. Sonic and Tails thus went to Robotropolis to get these parts. Here, they discovered Dr. Robotnik's plan to reveal Knothole Village by destroying the Great Forest with chemicals. After the duo returned safely to Knothole Village, Sonic warned the Knothole Freedom Fighters about Robotnik's attack. In return, the Knothole Freedom Fighters prepared themselves to defend the forest the next day. Using water balloons and their catapults, the Knothole Freedom Fighters fought off the horde of Buzz-Bombers that were transporting the chemicals to the Great Forest.[6]

Sonic, Sally, Cat and Antoine eventually infiltrated Robotropolis in order to sabotage Dr. Robotnik's Stealthbots. During the mission, they obtained a message that was supposedly sent by the King from Ironlock Prison. During their subsequent escape from Robotropolis, Cat got captured by Swat-Bots and brought to Robotnik. When Cat refused to say anything, Robotnik had him imprisoned. While Sonic went to save Cat, Sally and Antoine went to investigate the message left by the King by traveling to Ironlock Prison. Sonic soon found Cat, but was forced to abandon him in order to save Sally and Antoine from Robotnik's forces. Eventually, Sonic, Sally and Antoine found each other inside Ironlock Prison and continued Sally's search. Although they did not find the King as Sally had hoped, they did find a computer with the King's message on it, which contained a useful map of the tunnels underneath Robotropolis. Escaping then from Ironlock Prison after Sonic took care of a robot attacking them, Sonic, Sally and Antoine found their way back to the Stealthbot hangar in Robotropolis with the aid of the map they had obtained. There, Sally managed to sabotage the Stealthbots as they had originally planned, which caused them to be destroyed when Robotnik sent them after the Knothole Freedom Fighters. However, Sonic was unable to save Cat in time.[7]

The Knothole Freedom Fighters and Sallybot in Robotropolis.

Sonic, Sally and Bunnie later launched an attack on Robotopolis' Swat-Bot factory. However, the mission ended up a failure when Sally got captured by Robotnik's forces before she could arm the bombs they had planted. Unaware of Sally's capture, Sonic and Bunnie returned to Knothole. Once Sonic discovered Sally was gone though, he planned a rescue attempt. In the meantime, Robotnik created a robot duplicate of Sally to infiltrate the Knothole Freedom Fighters with. Soon after, Sonic came and accidentally rescued the "Sallybot" as Robotnik had planned. However, complications soon arose that kept the Sallybot from revealing Knothole Village's location. When the Knothole Freedom Fighters later tried launching a second attack on the Swat-Bot factory, Sallybot would make their mission more complicated. However, they soon realized that the Sallybot was an imposter. After taking it down, Rotor reprogrammed it to aid the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Sonic then used the Sallybot to rescue the real Sally before she was roboticized while Rotor and Bunnie destroyed the Swat-Bot factory.[8] Some time afterward, Sonic and Sally tried to sabotage the Roboticizer. However, they were detected and had to flee. When later meeting up with Bunnie, Antoine and Rotor in Robotropolis' underground tunnels, the Knothole Freedom Fighters found a roboticized Chuck heading to the Crystal Mine in a train. Pursuing Chuck, the group was able to capture him and temporarily restore his free will with the help of a Power Ring. Chuck then showed them that Robotnik was trying to mine a giant Energy Crystal that, when extracted, would destroy Mobius' eco system. With Chuck's help though, the Knothole Freedom Fighters were able to stop the extraction and foil Robotnik's plans. When the Knothole Freedom Fighters made their escape though, they were forced to leave Chuck behind, as the Power Ring's power had begun to wear off, leaving Chuck as a mindless servant of Robotnik once more.[9]

After constructing a plane named the Freedom Stormer, the Knothole Freedom Fighters used the plane to travel to Maga to find the Secret Scrolls, which supposedly lay within this ancient city. Sonic, however, chose to travel there on foot. Upon arriving in Maga, the group tracked down the scrolls and managed to obtained them. However, it was then that Robotnik showed up with his lackeys to take the scrolls for himself. Despite this, the Knothole Freedom Fighters managed to defeat Robotnik once again and escape Maga with the Secret Scrolls.[10] Some time afterward, Rotor began working on a new waterwheel-powered energy source for Knothole Village while Sonic and Sally went to Robotropolis to find spare parts for Nicole. During the latters' mission, Sally discovered the Forbidden Zone, where she had a brief encounter with Lazaar's Guardian, who saved her from a Swat-Bot. After Sally returned to Knothole and told Sonic of the legend of Lazaar, who was asleep inside his lair in the Forbidden Zone, and computer with spells, Sonic decided to go to the Forbidden Zone and obtain Lazaar's Computer so they could use it against Robotnik. After getting into Lazaar's sanctum however, Sonic was captured by Lazaar, who revealed that Robotnik had been there and taken his computer. In exchange from his freedom, Sonic promised to get Lazaar's his computer back. As a safety precaution however, Lazaar took Sonic's speed away magically, forcing Sonic to rely on his wits to get the computer back. In the meantime, Robotnik used Lazaar's computer to teleport Sally and Bunnie to his headquarters and then hypnotize them. In the end though, Sonic got to Robotnik's headquarters where he saved his friends and got Lazaar's computer back before escaping with Sally and Bunnie. Returning to the Forbidden Zone, Sonic gave Lazaar his computer while Lazaar returned Sonic's speed to him. The Knothole Freedom Fighters then parted ways with Lazaar and his guardian, who declined joining the Freedom Fighters in order to guard the wicked computer. After returning to Knothole, the Knothole Freedom Fighters could benefit from the electricity provided by Rotor's waterwheel.[11]

Sally, Bunnie and Antoine in Robotropolis' backup power plant.

Eventually, Sonic, Sally and Bunnie launched an attack on Robotropolis' power plant. Although they managed to destroy it, they soon discovered that Robotnik had a backup generator ready. While planning to destroying this generator as well, the Knothole Freedom Fighters discovered that Robotnik was holding a race to determine the fastest thing on Mobius. Although knowing it was a trap, Sonic decided to participate in Robotnik's race in order to distract Robotnik while the other Knothole Freedom Fighters destroyed the backup generator. Antoine, Sally and Bunnie thus located and snuck into the backup power plant while Sonic was busy racing Robotnik's conies. In the end though, Sonic quit the race in order to save Antoine when others' mission began going south. With Sonic's aid, the Knothole Freedom Fighters saved Antoine and destroyed the backup generator.[12]

The Knothole Freedom Fighters later witnessed Sonic destroy the Shredder, who was cutting down the Great Forest. When Sonic received congratulations during the following evening, Antoine began to feel jealous. Following an advice given by Rotor, Antoine sought to capture Robotnik by using a Power Ring he stole from the Lake of Rings as bait for the doctor. After getting Robotnik to come to him though, Antoine made the mistake of underestimating Robotnik when trying to capture him, and ended up getting captured himself. Robotnik then took the Power Ring and used it to complete his Sonic Radar. After discovering Antoine's plan, Sonic went to save him, but was almost killed by lasers fired at him from the Sonic Radar. Using his wits though, Sonic evaded the lasers and got to Robotropolis where he saved Antoine from being roboticized. Sonic then returned to the Great Forest with Antoine where he destroyed the second Shredder Robotnik had built and tricked Robotnik into destroying the Sonic Radar. Antoine then retrieved the Power Ring for Sonic, allowing them to escape Robotnik and his forces. Back in Knothole Village, Antoine would brag about his actions, but none of the Knothole Freedom Fighters stuck around to hear his story.[13] During one night later on, the Knothole Freedom Fighters discovered a rocket engine in the outskirts of Knothole Village. They soon after discovered that Robotnik intended to locate Knothole Village using a space station called the Sky Spy. After destroying the Stealthbots sent out for reconnaissance, the Knothole Freedom Fighters repaired the rocket engine. Sonic and Rotor then used this engine to fly into space and reach the Sky Spy. There, the duo managed to make the Sky Spy fall apart while they returned to Knothole in a Hover Unit. The Knothole Freedom Fighters then used Rotor's Super Magnet to make the Sky Spy rash far away from Knothole, thus saving the village and its inhabitants.[14]

Sonic trying to figure out what he should do: save his friends or stop the Cloud Burster.

The Knothole Freedom Fighters soon after intercepted one of Robotnik's transmissions, which revealed that the doctor was going to take the Cloud Burster airship to the Island of Nimbus to fill it up with chemicals that Robotnik could spray into the atmosphere in order to create toxic rain. Disguising themselves as Swat-Bots, Sally, Bunnie and Antoine infiltrate the Cloud Burster in order to stop it. However, they were soon discovered. Meanwhile, Sonic checked out the Island of Nimbus, but found no one there. However, after noticing that his friends were nowhere to be found, Sonic discovered that Robotnik had captured his friends. When Sonic then returned to the Island of Nimbus to rescue his friends, Sonic discovered that Robotnik was already spraying his chemicals into the atmosphere with the Cloud Burster. Despite this, Sonic saved his friends and destroyed the Cloud Burster by flooding it with oil from a nearby oil pump. The heroes then escaped the Island of Nimbus, which exploded and subsequently sank.[15] Later, Sonic, Sally and Antoine sabotaged Robotropolis' traffic control center. During their subsequent escape, they were almost captured by Swat-Bots. Fortunately, they were saved by Griff, who took them to the underground city of Lower Mobius. While there, the heroes helped drive away the Ratbots that were approaching the city. Some time later, Griff drove the trio back to the Great Forest, only for his Hover Sled to seemingly break down upon arriving there. Sally thus offered Griff a stay in Knothole, which he agreed to. However, it turned out that Griff had deceived them in order to steal the Power Rock from the Lake of Rings so he could use it to replace Lower Mobius's dwindling power supply. After discovering the theft, Sonic returned to Lower Mobius, where he helped drive off the Ratbots attacking the city. Getting the Power Rock back, Sonic gave a fragment of it to Griff to keep Lower Mobius running for a while. Griff in turn apologized for what he did, which Sonic accepted.[16]

The Knothole Freedom Fighters later tried to save the trees they had planted, which were dying out for reasons unknown to them. However, Sonic soon arrived with a type of green water that had appeared in the Great River, which caused plants to grow rapidly. Sonic, Sally, Rotor and Antoine thus decided to go to the river to find more of the green water. However, they eventually got sucked into an underground cave, which turned out to be the polluted remains of the kingdom of the Kraken. Antoine, Sally and Sonic were soon kidnapped by the Kraken though, who believed them to be behind the destruction of his kingdom and people. As such, he left the trio to drown in mud pits. However, Rotor managed to evade capture and save his friends. The Knothole Freedom Fighters then met with the Kraken, and explained to him that Robotnik was responsible for the pollution in his underground kingdom. After Sonic destroyed Robotnik's oil platform, which was polluting the Kraken's kingdom, the Knothole Freedom Fighters cleaned the water in the Kraken's underground kingdom. As thanks, the Kraken gave the group a gift, which they used to rejuvenate their tree saplings.[17] Later, Sonic and Rotor worked on Bunnie's mechanical leg-ladders, which she would use to help them collect apples. Meanwhile, Tails befriended a young Terapod named Baby T. Soon after, the Knothole Freedom Fighters discovered a whole herd of Terapods, which was migrating in the wrong direction for reasons unknown to them. Afterward, the team decided to accompany the Terapods to make sure that they made it safely to their destination: Boulder Bay. During their journey, the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Terapods entered the Great Jungle in order to hide from Robotnik, who was after the Terapods. There, the Knothole Freedom Fighters learned about the existence of Scorch Plants, a special type of fauna that could disintegrate metal. While considering using these plant in the fight against Robotnik, Sonic was caught by a wild vine that tried pulling him into some quicksand. However, a Terapod named Momma T saved him. Some time later, Robotnik tried to catch the Terapods, but the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Terapods managed to escape him. They later lost Robotnik and his lackeys after Sonic lured Robotnik and his Stealthbots into a field full of Scorch Plants that destroyed the Stealthbots and distracted Robotnik. Afterward, the Knothole Freedom Fighters collected a few seeds from the Scorch Plants before parting ways with the Terapods when they made it safely to Boulder Bay.[18]

Season two

The Knothole Freedom Fighters meet Ari.

The Knothole Freedom Fighters eventually went out to salvage Dr. Robotnik's machine parts from a swamp so they could use them to create a De-Roboticizer. However, Dulcy and Tails soon spotted a ram named Ari, who was being chased by Swat-Bots. Deciding to help Ari, Sonic lured the Swat-Bots towards Tails and Sally, who destroyed the Swat-Bots with a huge magnet. Later that evening, the Knothole Freedom Fighters learned from Ari about the existence of other Freedom Fighters groups. Trusting Ari, Sonic decided to help him save his Freedom Fighters, who had been captured by Robotnik. Sally, on the other hand, did not trust Ari. When Sonic later got trapped in a fortress by Robotnik while helping Ari get inside said fortress, Sally and Dulcy, who had discovered that Ari was in cahoots with Robotnik, followed Ari to Robotropolis when he fled the fortress. There they rescued Ari, whom Robotnik had deceived into helping him capture Sonic by promising him to release his captured Freedom Fighters, only to break his promise by roboticizing them. All three of them then went back to the fortress where Ari saved Sonic from being sucked into the Void. Although Ari ended up getting sucked into the Void himself, he just managed to give Sonic information about the King's list, which contained a listing of all the Freedom Fighters groups out there.[5] Sonic and Sally later broke into Robotropolis. However, they fled when the Shriek-Bot, controlled by Robotnik, came after them. Back in Knothole Village, the Knothole Freedom Fighters worked on their De-Robotizer. When the device proved successful in de-roboticizing Bunnie, Sonic decided to subject Chuck to the de-robotization procedure. After getting Chuck to Knothole Village and into the De-Roboticizer however, the machine would break down when it got activated. Fortunately, Sonic managed to get some spare parts from the original Roboticizer. After Chuck was returned to his original form, he helped the Knothole Freedom Fighters perfect the De-Robotizer. After some time, however, both he and Bunnie regained their mechanical forms. Chuck proceeded to destroy the De-Robotizer and kidnap Tails and Antoine. Sonic tried to catch up to them, but Chuck trapped Sonic in some Mega Muck before heading to Robotropolis with his captives. With the help of Sally, Bunnie and Dulcy, Sonic caught up to Chuck again and helped him regain his free will. Against Sonic's wishes, Chuck then decided to use his robotic body as a disguise so he could serve the Knothole Freedom Fighters as a spy inside Robotnik's ranks. Sonic proceeded to rescue Tails and Antoine, although not before managing to destroy the Shriek-Bot.[19]

While on a mission to Robotropolis, Sonic, Sally, Dulcy and Bunnie received a message from Chuck that told them that the Roboticizer was going to be transferred. As such, they had to call off their mission. Sonic, however, decided to head off alone to get a chili dog. Along the way, he saved a group of Freedom Fighters from roboticization. However, he was hit by a Memory Scrambler and lost his memory in the process. Sonic's friends searched for him all over Robotropolis until they discovered that Snively was about to use the amnesiac Sonic to locate Knothole Village. Sally, Dulcy and Bunnie thus returned to Knothole Village and warned the Freedom Fighters about Sonic. However, they failed to inform Tails, who had already led Sonic to the village. The Knothole Freedom Fighters thus hid in an underground shelter from Snively and his Swat-Bots when they arrived, but most of them were soon discovered and hit by the Memory Scrambler. Fortunately, Tails, Sally and Chuck managed to bring Sonic back to his senses with a Power Ring. Sonic then proceeded to take Snively's Memory Scrambler and hit him with it. Meanwhile, Sally and Chuck made the Stealthbots that were sent to destroy Knothole Village return to Robotropolis. The heroes then snuck into Robotropolis and changed Knothole Village's coordinates, which had been acquired by Snively, on Robotnik's computer so that the village would remain hidden.[20]

Sonic and Sally using the Time Stones.

Some time after, the Knothole Freedom Fighters carried out an infiltration of Robotropolis, during which two members were caught and roboticized. After returning to Knothole Village however, Sonic and Sally learned from Dulcy about the existence of the Time Stones on the Floating Island. Realizing that they could travel back in time with these stones and prevent Robotnik's coup before it began, Sonic, Sally and Dulcy traveled to the Floating Island. After arriving on the flying island, they managed to defeat the Gargoyles guarding the entrance to the island's temple. Sonic and Sally then went inside the temple, where they managed to solve the riddle of the Keeper of the Time Stones, who then gave them the Time Stones as their reward. Using the Time Stones, Sonic and Sally went over ten years back in time, but soon discovered that they had arrived a bit too late, as Robotnik was already preparing his coup. Though they managed to warn the King, Robotnik arrived a moment later and surrounded them.[2] Sonic and Sally were soon after captured and put in prison, where they set to be roboticized, along with their younger counterparts from that time. However, Sonic and Sally soon broke free and delayed the scheduled Roboticization procedure by two hours. While shifting through Robotnik's computer and acquiring the original Roboticizer plans in an attempt to find their younger counterparts however, Sally discovered that they had to stop the Destroyer as well before it could destroy the Great Forest (which did not happen in the original timeline). Along the way, Sonic saved Dulcy's mother Sabina. With her help, Sonic and Sally destroyed the Destroyer. The two then proceeded to save their younger counterparts from roboticization. After then ensuring that the children were safely evacuated to Knothole Village, Sonic and Sally returned to their time. Back home, they realized that though they had failed to change history the way they wanted, they had managed to save their nanny, Rosie, from roboticization.[3]

Later, Antoine was supposed to retrieve a message from Chuck in Robotropolis. However, he almost gave away the hiding place for their messages when he was noticed by a Swat-Bot. After saving Antoine, Sonic retrieve the message for him. Returning to Knothole Village, Antoine tried to learn martial arts from Bunnie in order to better himself, but he did not do well. Later, he came across the Nasty Hyenas, who made him his king. The Knothole Freedom Fighters soon after found Antoine after a lengthy search, but he did not intend to give up his life as a king and announced his reassignment from the Freedom Fighters. The Knothole Freedom Fighters subsequently left him, but later found out that the Nasty Hyenas ate their kings. They thus returned to Antoine and saved him from being eaten. Back home, Antoine would brag about his prowess in the fight with the Nasty Hyenas.[21] Sonic would later train Tails in the art of tracking with the aid of Antoine. During the exercise, the trio decided to spend the night in the middle of the forest. Tails, however, became afraid of the ghosts he had heard from the campfire stories Sonic had told him. Tails would later mistake a glowing moss-covered Antoine for a ghost, but Sonic and Antoine eventually showed him that he had nothing to be afraid of. The next day, however, the heroes found evidence of the Gopher Highwayman's existence that terrified the group and got them to flee.[22]

The Knothole Freedom Fighters concerned with Dulcy's behavior.

The Knothole Freedom Fighters later helped Chuck get into Robotnik's headquarters so that he could plant a bug. However, Sonic was detected and had to flee from Robotnik's forces that were chasing him. He was eventually caught in Mega Muck, but Dulcy saved him. Upon returning to Knothole however, the Knothole Freedom Fighters noticed that Dulcy was behaving strangely. When Dulcy later flew off in the middle of the night like in a trance-like state, Sonic and Sally ran after her and ultimately saved her from Robotnik's machines. Afterward, they learned that Dulcy was being summoned to Dragon's Nest, the place where the dragons went to lay their eggs. Ultimately, Sonic and Sally could not stop Dulcy from flying to Dragon's Nest. However, they went after her when they learned from Chuck that Robotnik was going to Dragon's Nest as well. Upon arriving at Dragon's Nest, they saw Robotnik kidnap a Mother Dragon. Afterward, they found Dulcy taking care of the Mother Dragon's egg. The heroes transported the egg to Knothole Village, where Bunnie looked after it. Then, with the help of Chuck, they freed the Mother Dragon when Robotnik was taking her to the dragon Roboticizer. When they returned to Knothole Village, a small dragon hatched from the egg, whom the Mother Dragon took with her to a safe place.[23]

Sonic would later run through the Great Unknown when a portal into the Void suddenly opened in front of him. Regardless, Sonic escaped the portal. Along the way, he also found a mysterious artifact which he took with him. Back in Knothole Village, Sonic gave the artifact to Sally and Bunnie, with the former noting that the artifact could be valuable clue in her research of the Mandaras. Not long after, Sonic was called to Chuck. Meeting up with his uncle in Robotropolis, Sonic learned that Robotnik was planning an operation known as the Doomsday Project. At the same time, Nicole determined that the artifact Sonic had found was a forgery. While studying the artifact however, the object would kidnapped Sally and Bunnie and take them into the Void. Finding Nicole abandoned and Sally and Bunnie gone upon his return, Sonic had Nicole tell him that he could possibly find the girls in the Void. Sonic thus took Nicole with him to the Great Unknown, with Robotnik's forces hot on his heels. In the end, Sonic found a portal into the Void which he let himself get sucked into. Inside the Void, Sonic met the sorcerer Naugus. It turned out that Naugus needed Sonic's help getting out of Void, and that he had been holding Sally and Bunnie captive so that Sonic would come to him. While trying to escape Naugus and find a way out of the Void, the Knothole Freedom Fighters found the King and Ari. In the end, Sonic got everyone out of the Void, including Naugus. However, Naugus and the King had to return to Void because they bad been in the Void for so long that they would die if left outside it for too long. Before the King left though, he let the Knothole Freedom Fighters obtain his list of all the Knothole Freedom Fighters groups on Mobius.[4]

Antoine struggling to live with Sonic.

When Sonic and Antoine tried helping Dulcy land during a snowstorm, the dragon would crash, destroyed Sonic's hut. Because of this, Sonic had to stay with Antoine for some time. However, his behavior kept pushing Antoine's buttons until he finally snapped and entered a hysterical fit. This convinced Sonic to leave and rebuild his hut right away.[24] During one night later on, Rotor would work on his robotic assistant, Ro-Becca. However, Antoine messed up Ro-Becca's hardware when he helped Rotor create her. Now smitten with Antoine, Ro-Becca would chase Antoine around until she was turned off by Rotor. Though Rotor tried to reprogram her the next day, it turned out that she was permanently broken and in love with Antoine. Rotor thus decided to dismantle her, but before that could happen, Antoine made Ro-Becca run away when she spoke to her in a rude accent. Afterward, Ro-Becca temporarily fell in love with Sonic when he used Antoine's French accent to mock him, although she soon fell in love with Antoine again when Sonic ran away from her.[25]

Not long after, Sonic, Sally, Antoine and Dulcy came to the Great Unknown in search of the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters so they could establish a Freedom Fighter network. After finding the Wolf Pack, they helped them destroy Robotnik's test Doomsday Pod, which was devastating their lands. Afterward, with the help of the Wolf Pack, the Knothole Freedom Fighters made contact with the Southern and Eastern Freedom Fighters. Returning to Knothole Village, the Knothole Freedom Fighters and the other four groups' leaders formed an alliance and swore to fight Robotnik together.[26] Sally and Dulcy later met with Chuck and learned that Dr. Robotnik was searching Drood Henge for the Deep Power Stones, which he planned to use for his Doomsday Project. Sally and Dulcy subsequently searched for Sonic to tell him that Nicole would not tell them about the Deep Power Stones because of a time block the King had put into her long ago. In the meantime, Sonic and Tails infiltrated Drood Henge and delayed Robotnik's operations by forcing Snively to turn off the main generator. After returning to Knothole and hearing Sally's story, Sonic convinced Nicole to tell them about the Deep Power Stones. After the Knothole Freedom Fighters received the King's information about the Deep Power Stones, they went to Drood Henge and tricked Robotnik into thinking that they destroyed the second Deep Power Stone (with the first one having already been acquired by Robotnik). They later found the real Deep Power Stone and decided to keep it for later. In addition, due to his pivotal role in securing the Deep Power Stone, Tails was made an official Knothole Freedom Fighter.[27]

Sally and Bunnie infiltrating the Doomsday Machine.

The Knothole Freedom Fighters later received information from Chuck about a fuel convoy that was heading to Robotnik's Doomsday Machine. As such, they launched a sneak attack on the convoy while Sonic distracted the guards. However, the heroes had to flee when they were discovered. A little while later, Rotor presented Sally and Bunnie with a restored Hover Unit and an protective transponder, which they could use to break into all of Robotnik's buildings. Using these resources, Sally and Bunnie managed to get to the Doomsday Machine and get the information they needed. However, they also learned that Robotnik had plans to catch a spy in Robotropolis, which they realized meant that Chuck was in danger. After sending a warning to Knothole Village, Antoine decided to pass this warning on to Chuck himself, and had Dulcy take him to Robotropolis. Meanwhile, Sonic met up with Chuck and helped him replace the bug in Robotnik's headquarters. Antoine followed them, but he was soon caught by Snively and was interrogated by him. Eventually though, Sonic saved Antoine and had Dulcy take him back to Knothole Village. Sonic then headed back for Chuck, but when he reached his hideout, he discovered that Chuck's cover had been blown and that his uncle had now been caught by Robotnik, who had begun interrogating him. Fortunately, Sonic saved Chuck, with some aid from Sally and Bunnie. Afterward, Chuck showed the Knothole Freedom Fighters his new hideout and disguise so that he could still spy on Robotnik.[28]

Not long after, Knothole Village was attacked by a Doomsday Pod, which Sonic managed to destroy with a Metal-eating Balloon prepared by Rotor. As it turned out, Robotnik had already started the Doomsday Project, which meant he had to be stopped as soon as possible. The Knothole Freedom Fighters thus called upon the other Freedom Fighter groups, who helped them launch an attack on the Doomsday Machine. While the other Freedom Fighters provided distraction for Robotnik, Sonic, Sally, Antoine and Bunnie snuck inside the Doomsday Machine. However, they soon parted ways, with Sonic taking Nicole and heading further into the Doomsday Machine to destroy its generator, while the others returned to the outside. Sonic, however, failed to destroy the generator and barely escaped roboticization at Robotnik's hand. As Sonic regrouped with the other Knothole Freedom Fighters, Sonic followed Chuck's advice and went to Robotropolis to steal Robotnik's Deep Power Stone so that they could use it to destroy the Doomsday Machine. After succeeding in his mission, Sonic and Sally snuck into the Doomsday Machine together. Using the power of both Deep Power Stones, Sonic and Sally destroyed the Doomsday Machine and defeated Robotnik. After returning to Knothole, the Freedom Fighters celebrated their victory.[29]


The Knothole Freedom Fighters have various useful gadgets, weapons and vehicles. They choose guerrilla tactics, espionage and sabotage over direct combat as they do not have the numbers or the resources for a proper army.


In other media

Archie Comics

The Freedom Fighters in the Archie Comics.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, the Knothole Freedom Fighters started as a band of young and talented children hidden in the secret village of Knothole. They were inspired by the Original Freedom Fighters and carried on in their stead. Their early adventures were like grand games, despite being perilous at times. The Knothole Freedom Fighters remained the standard to which all other groups looked to for over ten years. They fought to protect Knothole, later New Mobotropolis, and the world at large from the Eggman Empire and other threats. The team was finally broken though by a series of tragedies, but gave rise to Team Freedom and Team Fighters.

After the Super Genesis Wave rebooted the multiverse, the Freedom Fighters became a group of Freedom Fighters that were formed by a group of young children who had to evacuate from their home of Mobotropolis after the Eggman Invasion. Their original objective was initially to liberate Mobotropolis from Dr. Eggman, but they soon took on the duties of defending their world at large from the Eggman Empire and all other kinds of threats.

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