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Knockdown! Balance Battle is a mini-game in Party Mode from Sonic and the Secret Rings.


Hold the Wii remote sideways and tilt it to move it in the desired direction.


Each player is standing on a large red ball. They are all situated on a circular platform in the middle of the sea. The platform tilts with weight, allowing the balls to roll off the platform if weight is unevenly distributed. The player must walk his or her ball in order that it stays on the platform, as falling off the platform eliminates the player from the competition. Bumping into another player's ball will send both balls in opposite directions and deprive the player off control for a few seconds. The last player alive wins the game.


  • Steering is key. The faster you familiarize yourself with the controls and get accustomed to them, the sooner you can master this game.
  • Be ready to react quickly. The game will most likely not proceed the way you would prefer, and the slightest move by another player could possibly eliminate you if you aren't prepared.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Blue Shirt" Fumie Kumatani 1:19